Hair greatness – L’Oreal Pro Fiber

You know how when you are pregnant you are supposed to have dream hair, skin and nails? But you are also supposed to feel nauseated 90% of the time and your rings are not supposed to fit you anymore and nor are your shoes? Well none of that happened to me thus far… nor the good or the bad! The jury is still out on whether I should be happy or not about all that, but I guess that feeling normal is a good thing, and by normal I mean brassy hair, a few zits, weak nails but topped by an overall good feeling about myself with rings and shoes that still fit despite being 32 weeks pregnant.That said, during my pregnancy I did not feel the need to ignore all my hair treatments and even tried a few new ones. You know how hair treatments work: you feel a slight improvement but not really that much – and right now I am talking about the really expensive ones as the ones that are mid-ranged from a price point of view do no more than a quick fix of your issues that usually lasts five minutes into the late autumn humidity. Well, not the one I am going to talk about in this post! This one, despite being a medium priced salon treatment was very impressive and three days later it still is very impressive despite the humidity levels hitting 85% in the past few days!

I am talking about the L’Oreal Professionel Pro Fiber Reconstruct treatment. While I always avoided L’Oreal because of the high silicone content, I thought I’d give this one a try because it is receiving quite the rave online. As I stated this one is a reasonably priced salon treatment (about 35 $) but it promises big results. And it does just that! Now, I have no idea if the other treatments in the line work, I can say that this one did miracles on my blonde-damaged hair despite me being quite the skeptic at first and hence not thinking about taking any before of after pics of my hair. You are just going to have to take my word for it and go ahead and try it yourself. My hair before the actual treatment was a mess. By mess I mean 90% of my top crown was brassy and it lacked shine, especially when it was not styled properly – yes, throughout the years I learned a few tips and tricks on how to style it so that it does not look like a hay stack. Going in with the mindset that I should not expect much, I totally skipped the photo/video phase of the treatment but did take a few snaps of the actual products, mainly so that I know what to buy for home if I thought the products were ok-ish (I recently ran out of shampoo and hair mask) – so this post will have to work solely on those pics.

The procedure in itself is very easy and quick and right now, given my current situation I was happy with that because I can not sit in one place for more than two hours and I dreaded the thought of having a long and complicated treatment done. Basically, the stylist washed my hair twice with the shampoo, applied a full vial of the treatment (I currently have a lot of hair with my extensions and all – otherwise you only need half) and on top of the vial applied the activation mask and all I had to do was wait 15 minutes before she gave me a good rinse and the treatment was over – all in all, about 20-25 minutes. This is so easy to do at home and the thing that impressed me the most thus far is the smell – this is perfect for the winter months – spiced vanilla, but a very intense and comforting spiced vanilla! That alone helped me decide on my next at-home haircare!Then it was off to drying but not before applying the line’s serum on wet hair (no pic unfortunately!). This is when I really started to believe that this treatment actually works wonders as you know when your hair is in a bad place it’s always complicated to style it because the brush keeps getting tangled in the damaged parts of the hair no matter how much oil or serums you put into it? Well that never happened during the drying part after this treatment and by the end my hair looked and felt healthier and stronger than ever. I was hooked! especially since, even today, three days later my hair feel amazing, looks amazing despite wearing a beanie twice a day – for the dog walks – and still smells divine!

Obviously that made me buy the at-home products instantly and I even bought the vials just to see if I can fully re-create the results at home. I will keep you posted on that in a later post as I really feel that this new treatment line deserves all the praising it can get especially since it is on the cheaper side and actually delivers the promised results. I really hope that all you ladies out there that, like me, have damaged hair and a skeptical approach to hair treatment will be convinced to give this treatment a try as it really and unexpectedly delivers great results for half the price compared to other ‘luxury’ in-salon treatments.


The mask!

Taking into consideration my stupid skin, of course I need two completely opposite face masks/treatments in order to keep my dryness and my oiliness under control (yayyy! More money spent on beauty products!). As a complimentary (quite the opposite, actually) product to my Glam Glow Moisturising mask, for the last few years I’ve been using CHANEL’s Purifying Cream Mask.


Yet again, a sample made me switch from my clay-powder and water combo which has been effective ever since I was 14. True, it was cheap, while this is actually far away from the term, but what made me do the switch was the texture and the way it left my skin afterwards. While the simple clay had a mattifying effect that lasted a few hours, this one lasts a few days and my pores are way less noticeable. It is a lot less drying and more comfortable as it doesn’t feel like a cast that cracks with every facial expression. However, although it feels less aggressive, this little mask does wonders for my adult pimples which I get from time to time and absorbs all excess oil. The biggest downside with this product, as with any CHANEL product is the price. However, it has a lot of lasting power as you only need to use a little bit. The tube I hold in the photos has been almost weekly used for the past year and a half and I’m nowhere near finishing it, or even reaching its half. So it will go a long way. Because of the price and the fact that it will stay on your bathroom shelf for a long period of time, you should start by requesting a sample just to be sure your skin is comfy with the treatment. 


D always makes fun of me whenever he sees me with any type of visible mask on, but this one is way better than my previous muddy-green mix. But most importantly, he actually notices the result this one leaves behind, and if a man sees a difference in complexion after a treatment, that in my book that treatment is a winner. Don’t think that D is the type that never notices anything, as he’s quite the opposite, especially when it comes to changes I make, but still seeing complexion improvements, that’s something, CHANEL nailed it with this one. In his defence, I will admit that I’m not exactly a looker while wearing it, but it does help me be a looker after 10 minutes, though I think these photos will stay online for quite a while, helping me always remember that in order to look a certain way, one must risk public humiliation to tell others little black-capped double ‘c’ secrets.

Let’s talk a bit about my experience with the texture of this great product. It’s quite creamy on application and when it dries (10-15 mins later) it doesn’t have that cast feeling most clay masks have. It’s very easy to rinse off which makes the entire process a lot more pleasant as I dreaded the moment I had to rinse off any other similar product I’ve tried. Since it’s not as drying, I can use it on my currently-dry skin and it’s great for pimples and for making my pores less visible.

I use it once a week during the spring-summer season and once every two weeks during the colder months as I don’t want to push my luck moisture-wise. Basically I do masks twice a week nowadays, the Glam Glow Moisturising Treatment and this little CHANEL wonder and this combo helps keep my skin balanced. 


In my opinion, it’s worth every penny and you won’t run out of it very soon plus, because being a tube package, you’ll be able to squeeze out every last drop of product without actually putting germs into it and therefore altering the product. 

I’m not going to insist on what CHANEL says it does, as you can find all that info here, and all I wanted to do is share my personal experience with it.



Moisture maniac…

Remember when I told you about my stupid skin? And the fact that this winter it seemed to me that it was really putting an effort to annoy me? Well, in the battle of me vs my face I’ve found the perfect ally to get me a sure victory! I’m talking about Glam Glow’s Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. Because when times get desperate, you gotta call in the big boys! I’ve always been keeping steer of intensive hydrating masks as I always used to get pimples from them. But this year, my skin was horribly flaky, as much so that I couldn’t even put on a tinted moisturiser to even out my freckles- yes, most of this winter’s selfies on Instagram are without any sort of foundation or tinted moisturiser.

One night I was desperate so I started looking for a solution in my samples box (yes, I have such a thing) and found three samples of this self-proclaimed miracle worker. I decided to give it a try, thinking what the hell, I can deal with any type of pimples, but I can’t deal with flaky skin anymore. At first, I discovered that you don’t really need to put a lot of product on, therefore, a sample lasted me for about two applications. It says on the package and online that you can sleep with it on, so being desperate, I did that. The next morning, when I woke up, aside from the fact that a little bit of product smeared on my pillow (I tend to sleep on my left side), my skin was definitely in a better condition and there seemed to be no zits in sight. I did this every night for about one week (until I ran out of samples), and I have to tell you, I was truly amazed at how good my skin looked and felt. I’d even go and say that a few of my superficial wrinkles looked better (and by that I mean they were no longer noticeable), however, as it’s not an anti-wrinkle treatment, it had no effect on all the others. 


I’m not really into trying to bore you with any info you can find on the official site. Just give this link a click and let’s move along.

After that week of nightly use, as I said there were no flakes and no pimples anywhere on my face and I was extremely happy about that. So I decided I needed to incorporate this mask in my beauty routine asap, therefore I bought it full-sized from SEPHORA (you can also find there a travel-sized version). For the small quantity you get in the full-sized version, I’d say it’s on the pricey side, but since you don’t need to apply a lot of product, it will last you a long time. 


On week two, I slept with it on every other night and even though the temp outside was freezing my skin kept its great appearance. Nowadays I use it once per week, and I’ve kinda mastered the art of sleeping on my back when I have it on. This product is a great one to try out, no matter what you skin type is. Apparently when it comes to Glam Glow products you can really trust all the positive reviews you see o line, unlike other products I’ve tried (talking from my own experience).

Ooooooo, I forgot to tell you about the smell (as you can see the texture from the photos)! It smells divine… Coconuts on the beach! It’s a treat especially after a hard day at work.