Au Chien qui Fume

Au Chien Qui Fume…Here we are again…Me with a glass of something in front of me – the beer is not mine – and D taking pictures of me. The thing with French terraces is that most of the time the tables are so small that you have to order taking that into consideration. Apparently the French do take care of your silhouette. Another low point about French terraces is that usually, you feel like you are sharing your plate with the stranger next to you. All this happened to us the last time we were in Paris and ever since we have promised ourselves to never stop and eat at those types of terraces.


But, what do you know? When hunger strikes, there is no reason behind any choice you make. Luckily for us, hunger struck near this lovely French restaurant that actually had a terrace. It is called Au Chien Qui Fume and it’s the only terrace I’ve seen throughout Paris that actually has space between tables. This immediately made both of us want to give it a nice review so that other tourists visiting Paris will experience amazing French food in a very nice environment. So, moving along to the food. The menu consists mainly of French cuisine, but it doesn’t exclude anyone, so you can find vegetable based dishes, poultry, fish and basically anything your heart desires, all with a French twist, which is exactly what we wanted for our last lunch in Paris.


Obviously, both of us had to order some specifically French dishes, therefore I ended up with my favourite – The Onion Soup, and D chose the chicken casserole. What can I say? My soup was absolutely delicious and I knew at first mouthful that this place deserved a review on the blog. If you ever find yourself in Paris, make sure you give this place a try and especially the Onion Soup that was absolutely amazing. D loved his chicken casserole that not only looked amazing, but you could feel the taste of real free range chicken and fresh potatoes. Really, his dish reminded me of a chicken stew that my grandmother used to make me when I was little. Those were the days where you cooked whatever you grew in your yard, all natural, hormone free food.

For dessert I chose the Creme Brulee because, hey, we are in Paris, right? and D chose Ile Flottante which is a dessert I know from when I was little and again, my grandmother used to make it. It does seem like my grandmother was a specialist in French Cuisine, doesn’t it? Well she used to call this dessert ‘Bird’s Milk’ but it’s basically the same thing. The Creme Brulee was magnificent and I love the fact that great quality vanilla was used as that seems to be a rarity lately. I have to say that we were very satisfied with our lunch and we were actually sorry we only discovered this place on our last day in Paris as we really wanted to give a few other dishes a try.


The cheque came at about 70E which is more than decent considering the area as well as the fact that it’s full tourist season in paris right now. I also loved the decor and the fact that the whole restaurant was open and you couldn’t really feel where the inside area was ending and the terrace begins. It was very nice to feel like we were the only ones at our table especially taking into consideration our other experiences in Paris. This place is defiantly a must-try!



The Square

Finally our last post from Milan and I really do hope that we haven’t missed any details. This one is all about the lovely place we stayed in. And come to think of it, lovely is a very understated word to describe the beauty, perfect location and great service this place had to offer throughout our four night stay in Milan. The place I am talking about is called The Square and it’s located right near the Dome area – 5 minute walk.


You know by now that I love hotel rooms and that is very much an important part of any good vacation, and D was the one that chose this amazing place knowing right from the start that I will love it. And I did! A lot! Now I’m not going to go all the way and say that it was more beautiful than the one we stayed in Madrid, but this came close enough and this one is one of those hotels that I would love to come back for another few nights. Being one of those hotel fanatics, you know that this is very hard for me to say that as I always like to see new and exciting hotels.



This one offered a buffet breakfast with everything you needed for a healthy and nutritious first meal of the day. The only part where it lacked were the egg varieties, only offering hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. I love those places where you have a whole egg counter and you get to choose what type of eggs you’d like. Other than that, it didn’t lack anything where breakfast is concerned, on the contrary, this is the first place where the bread rolls were hot every single morning. Who doesn’t love warm bread? I could’ve moved near the bread basket. They also supplied a very complete and well served breakfast in bed service, that we never miss wherever we go as that’s part of the whole judging process.


On our third night there, because my feet were killing as that was the day we decided to go shopping, and for some reason shopping is always the one activity that gets me in all sorts of pain (muscle, as well as money pain), we decided to try their 10th floor terrace – La Terazza Dei Cavaleri. This little gourmet terrace has a very nice view over Milan and, to be honest, the food was way better than we had expected. We rarely ever eat dinner at the hotel we stay in mainly because we always imagine that most of the food consists of leftovers form the breakfast buffet – actually is the other way around, but, let’s move along… We will never do that mistake again, as the food here is, dare I say, gourmet, actually, and we both left the terrace very satisfied and happy with our choice.


As you can see from the photos, the place looked amazing, and being on top of Milano really tends to keep the mosquitos at bay, which made up for a lovely dinner. We had the cold cuts plate as an appetiser, which, as we expected had some sort of special prosciutto crudo and to our surprise, it also contained two bread rolls (warm, obviously!) with a sort of pistachio butter that was absolutely amazing. For the main course, I chose the vegetarian rainbow risotto which was made to perfection by the cook, and D chose the bacon wrapped beef with home made potato chips that he described as very, very good. Naturally the night wouldn’t have been complete without dessert. I had the Panna Cotta and D had some sort of Mediterranean Citrus Parfait with fruits and they were both delicious. The entire check was a bit over 60 Euros but we did get to enjoy Milan from the 10th floor, the food was exceptional and we only had to take an elevator a few floors down to our room, so no more effort on our feet.

Staying and eating at this amazing hotel definitely bettered our vacation and made us want to come back to Milan as soon as possible. Maybe next year for Fashion Week? Keeping my fingers crossed!!! I hope you have enjoyed our roaming posts through our Milan getaway, and stay in touch as more abroad adventures are soon to come.