Despite the fact that our seaside season is over thanks to all of the rearrangements we have to do in our house to make sure it is ready to welcome our little bundle of joy, we haven’t left there without having a great lunch at one of the first places we tried out in Constanta: Integra. This place was recommended to us by one of my best friends and the thing I loved about it even before arriving there is the fact that they have a raw-vegan menu packed full of delicious dishes. Naturally throughout the years I have tried most of the raw menu and I have to say, that thanks to this place my mind was changed when it came to the raw-vegan cuisine.

I do not think we ever went to the seaside once without having a meal at this lovely place. True, it does have the location advantage, meaning that it is at about a 10 minute walk away from our place there. At first glance, the place looks very nice and the interior design is a nice combo of fresh plants and lovely marble which immediately make you want to take a seat. The menu has about everything you could ever crave, somewhat of an international cuisine with a little turkish mix of dishes. And then, of course, there is the raw-vegan menu, where you literally can find everything from appetisers, soups, pasta, pizza, desserts and even a few amazing fresh cocktails.


Back to our last experience there…unfortunately, we couldn’t take as many inside pictures as we would’ve liked as the place was quite full at the time we were there and there’s always that uncomfortable feeling when you take pics of total strangers, but you can find quite a lot of photos on their site. Normally, this is the place we choose for our before the road lunch or brunch, depending on how early we wake up. This time it was definitely lunch time and because we knew we had next to nothing in our fridge at home, we decided on a full lunch: soup, main dish and a shared a raw dessert. As usual when we eat there, we start off with one of their amazing fresh raw juices, this time choosing Green energy and Fountain of Youth. These two cocktails are amazing and very healthy especially after a busy night at the seaside. Like I said, we both ate a soup, I went for my usual tomato soup which is a must-try and D chose the lentil soup which turned out to be better that I expected. As main courses I needed something savoury and light so I went for the oven cooked feta cheese with tomatoes and onion that was absolutely delicious. D chose the beef Iskender that besides looking amazing it tasted like heaven, and that, coming from me during this period where meat is the last thing that I crave, is something! As for dessert we chose to share the Rainbow Tart from the raw-vegan menu. As with all their raw-vegan dishes, this was delicious!


Despite the restaurant being full, the food came decently quick and the staff was very friendly and professional. This place is not among the cheapest nor among the most expensive, our three-course lunch cost us about 40 E tip included which is really good for Constanta, especially since the food is so amazing. We will definitely come back here as often as we will come to Constanta!



Spring awakening

Back to a fashion post, but this one is closer to my comfort zone. Since spring finally decided to come, well not in a very decisive way, but at least there are some rays of sunshine, the first ones this week, I have to start really prepping for swimsuit season. I never really took a break from the gym, but you know how things go when the weather makes you want to wear big chunky clothes, you do workout, but you always have it in the back of your mind that you have enough time to get in tip-top shape. But now, the shitty weather is gone, for good I hope, and I’ve got to get back to my summer body. The easiest way for me to find my motivation is to wear neon. Really, garbage-man-neon-yellow! If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I rarely, if ever, wear black at the gym.

My absolute favorite gym wear is the Victoria’s Secret sport line. 

Why i love it?

  1. Because the fabrics used are top quality and to be honest with you better than any other specialised sports-brand that I’ve tried so far
  2. The amazingly fun prints!

That being said, my absolute favorite print they have (had actually, as they’re always changing the prints), it’s the neon-lace combo you can see in the pics. I usually go for the Knockout tight, honestly because it’s the only model with a low-rise (which on my pint-sized frame is not that low). I also pick my sports bra with great care as through the years I’ve come to the conclusion that even B-cupped girls like myself need to choose a  maximum support bra, especially for high-intensity workouts. My favorite bra is the Incredible front-close and I chose the front-close ever since, after a cycling class I tried to pull my bra over my head and my hair got tangled in it, resulting in the end, after looking like a complete caged animal, in me losing a diamond earring in the locker-room (it somehow got tangled in all that mess and snapped out of my ear disappearing forever).

The sneakers are also very important to me because

  1. Performance
  2. Colour (they have to match my outfit)

  For a few years now, I’ve been loyal to Nike Free3, but as of this year, they’re only making the Free5 model for women (which I hate) so I’m thinking of switching to another brand (I’ll keep you posted).

Among other absolute essentials, for me in the gym, you need a good pair of gloves as nobody likes calloused hands on a woman and I tend to do weight training.

Another gadget i can’t train without is my iPod packed with cool 1 hour mixes (Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Armin and Steve Aoki are among my favorites), and I must say that the Beats ear pods were a major game-changer from the apple ones (which are very good as well). If you like to zone-out everyone while you’re doing your workout (just like me), then these Beats are really good without being too bulky.

I never wear any makeup at the gym as I personally think it’s pointless and looks rather stupid. A little lip balm is all I need-currently Guerlain’s Baume de la Ferte. Other than that, hair in a ponytail and lots of energy (which i’ve lacked lately).


I usually go to the gym with D, but once we’re there, it’s like we don’t even know each other. We’re each training in opposite corners of the gym and that’s mainly because we both hate the idea of having a training partner, as we find that rather disturbing more than motivating. The one thing we do together while we’re at the gym is think about the nice glass of wine we’ll enjoy once we get home.

The fact is, that I’m no fashion addict, but when it comes to workout attire I hate boring and I even try to incorporate a bit of colour into D’s workout clothes (though he fights me every step of the way).

I hope that you’ll find this post motivating enough to not only use your credit card on gym wear, but to actually use that cool gym wear for a fitter, healthier life.