Rome wasn’t built in a day…

…and apparently it will take a lot longer to get rid of my post-pregnancy tummy…or ass! I am not complaining in any way as getting back in my pre-pregnancy size this fast after giving birth was a big and welcome surprise, but that doesn’t mean that I do not want my abs to get back to where they were asap! I am well aware that this will take time as it took nine months of expanding to deliver the miracle that soundly sleeps in her bed as I am writing this, but I am willing to start working hard to get back to where I was in March last year. I am also well aware that this will be a long and hard road especially since I plan to continue to feed Leia with breast milk and the moment I start dieting (not some sort of crazy diet, but rather a light one) my milk starts to decrease in quantity so I have to be careful with that. So, on that note, my tummy and ass will have to wait a bit because…priorities!


As I mentioned before, I feel quite lucky that mom jeans and high waisted anything is fashionable right now as I have an extra layer to cover up and keep everything in place. These jeans I was wearing last Saturday when we took these photos are not the coveted mom cut, but rather a relaxed crop cut, but I love them nonetheless for the fact that they are crazy comfortable, a light wash (perfect for spring) and because of the cool catus embroidery that immediately got me thinking about summer. Yes, they are also a size 34, which means that I am still not wasting money on clothes that I will not wear once I’ll be back in shape and surprisingly they are from Bershka. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I can’t remember the last time I shopped from them mainly because I think that I am over their age-target (read that : ‘I feel too old for their stuff’).IMG_7742


On me:
Jeans – Bershka; Sweater – Bershka; Sneakers – MTNG; Bag – Atelier Lemnia; Bling – Tous (bracelet and ring); Watch – Apple

Since I worked up the courage to go into their store, I also bought this lovely spring sweater (that does absolutely nothing to keep me warm), specifically choosing this colour to match my rope sneakers that I bought in Madrid last spring. This lovely bag that I am sporting is my second addition from Atelier Lemnia (I just LOVE them!) and was a gift from close friends. It is the perfect size to fit my upmost necessities: phone, lipliner, lipstick, keys and gum and it is the perfect size to allow me to have my hands free and care for princess Leia.



On D:
Jeans – ZARA; T-shirt – Replay; Sneakers – Replay; Vest – ZARA; Bling – Fossil and Tous; Watch – Apple

D also went for the same color scheme : khaki and blue. He chose his distressed khaki pants from ZARA – yes, like I said, ZARA makes some amazing pants these days – and paired them with a Replay t-shirt. He added a little twist to his attire by adding a splash of orange with his belt and sneakers (also from Replay). Since last Saturday was a bit chilly and he still is in the healing process of his (almost) finished sleeve, he decided to keep warm with his trusted vest from ZARA. Btw, notice how cool his tattos are? I can’t wait to see the finished sleeve in about a week or so… and I also can’t wait to share it with you! Accessory-wise, beside the all-present Anex Sport stroller, we both wore our Apple Watches, D chose both his Fossil and Tous bracelet while I opted for my now-omnipresent Tous bracelet and ring set as well as my sapphire ring.

Since yet again I am on active mommy-watch (as I probably will be for the next few years) I will have to conclude this post right now, but, as a sneak-peak into our next post, I have to say that it will probably be about princess Leia if she decides to give me enough time to put together a post worthy of her (text and photos). There are also a few things that I want to share with you about what we’ve learned during these first 10 weeks of having a kid as there are some lessons that I would’ve gladly not learn the hard way. Until then, I’ll just leave you with these pics!




Note: These photos are two weeks old…. Hope to post newer ones soon!

Besides the obvious reason why I’m feeling lucky these days, the particular subject of this post is why I’m feeling lucky fashion-wise this past year… throughout my pregnancy, loose dresses and over the knee boots were the norm in fashion and right now there is a new trend arising: the mom fit jeans! I can’t emphasize how much I love this cut right now! They are way more comfortable than super skinny jeans – which were my basic – and they are very forgiving with my post-pregnancy body shape! I totally love them and I think I already have 4 pairs in my closet. I seriously wear them all the time. Now these pics were taken two weeks ago – yeah, it takes me this much time to actually edit them and put together a post – so, right now I can say that they fit a whole lot better since my tummy has gotten smaller, my hips are starting to get back to their original shape (lots of walking and baby-handling, but no real workouts yet). I see the light shape-wise!


Since I am writing these post while actively watching baby-Leia, not much text will be found here as she is quite a handful, more active than most babies, but she still sleeps well throughout the night, from around 23:00 until 9:00 most days so we are quite happy with that as we get a lot done during the early mornings. Other than that, she is quite a happy kiddo, with episodes of colics from 19:00 until 21:00, but they have gotten a lot better these past few weeks, which actually means that we can enjoy our evenings more and more… True, she still has her wild moments from time to time, but nothing too notable or too often for us to not be able to happily handle. Right now, despite the sleep deprivation, we can’t imagine how we ever felt complete without her in our lives.
Our dog also fully-feels the effects of a small baby in the house as she seems very tired and snores all the time when she actually gets to sleep, but when baby-Leia is awake, she is always in the room with her and always watches her every move. I think that our girls will be best friends as soon as baby-Leia starts walking!



On me:

Jeans – ZARA; Sweater – Mango; Shoes – Vans; Sunglasses – Dior; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tous (ring and bracelet); Watch – Apple

Thus far I can’t say that I feel the effects of the baby-blues, nor do I feel or ever felt depressed in the past two months. I did have two or three days when I felt a bit anxious, but that passes quickly as soon as I lay my eyes on Leia’s face. As time passes, it appears that she resembles D more and more, but she definitely took my blue eyes. Naturally, we take pics of her almost every day and soon we will post them – like I said, time is a luxury we do not have right now.



On D:

Jeans – ZARA; Jacket – SuperDry; Shoes – Converse x John Varvatos; Bling – Tous; Watch – Apple

Back to the fashion bit… obviously I love the Mom Fit jeans and I hope it stays fashionable until I am fully back in shape and beyond because these jeans are so, so comfortable! I found this particular pair at ZARA (and three other pairs as well) and for someone that loved Replay and Diesel jeans, I have to say that lately ZARA seriously upped their game in the denim department. I ventured in buying quite a few pairs mainly because my pre-pregnancy size fits and I just know that I will wear them for a long time to come. Since they are high-waisted jeans, I found the courage to actually wear a cropped sweater and proudly show you my (still) expanded belly. This lovely sweater is from Mango from last year’s winter collection, but there are quite a few options online right now. I went full-mom and wore my Vans white sneakers to complete the comfy outfit. The lovely bag I am wearing all the time right now was a gift from D for my birthday, and you can find it at Furla. I just love how versatile it is thanks to the brown-black-white combo that just goes with everything. The sunnies are my beloved Dior and the big ring you’ve been seeing lately on my finger is a push-present from my parents. My mom got one from my grandmother when she gave birth to me (or so she says) that has rubies and the one my parents gave me has sapphires and diamonds. I will keep this tradition alive and when Leia decides to give us our first granchild we’ll probably choose emeralds. The lovely bangle and ring set that I am also wearing is from Tous (just love them!) and I can’t seem to be able to part with my Apple Watch these days.

D also decided to go for casual jeans and chose a pair of ZARA ripped jeans (told you they upped their denim game a lot lately) and his leather Superdry jacket. As you will see soon (don’t really know how soon) this was probably the last time he got to wear long sleeved anything as he almost finished his full-arm tattoo sleeve and I can’t wait to show you just how amazing it looks. He wore my favorite Converse x John Vavatos sneakers and even though you can’t see it, he also opted for his Apple Watch and the Tous bracelet I gave him a while ago.


As you can see, we are surviving this new-baby period and, to be completely honest, despite it being very hard, we simply love taking care of our little bundle of joy. She really fills our hearts with happiness every single minute.


Stroll, stroll, stroll in the park – Anex Sport

Wow! Two blog posts in one week…we are really getting the hang of this baby/us balance! It is about time to start reviewing all the baby stuff we bought pre-Leia and give you some insight on what was important for both of us upon buying everything. Today I want to talk about our stroller, the Anex Sport. Naturally, since the lovely spring weather started, we have been testing this stroller every day and on Sunday we actually decided to take some photos for old times sake. Nope, this will not be a review where we show you all the ways this stroller pulls apart and all the very practical gizmos it has. For those types of reviews I suggest you do as we did and watch some YouTube videos. Nope, we did not do a video either mainly because I find video editing to be some sort of alien activity for me right now. This review covers our own personal experience with the Anex Sport stroller and why we chose it as we both had some pretty strong boxes to tick and if you’ll continue reading you’ll soon realize just how different we are when it comes to this matter. Of course, none of us wanted to compromise on quality and safety, but other than that we both went in totally different directions when it came to making a list of our ‘musts’. I have to also mention that this stroller ticked all the boxes on the below lists and that it was actually the only one that managed to do that, or at least that was the situation last autumn when we bought it.


We both wanted the following things from the stroller:
– Coconut mattress
– Height adjusting mattress as we noticed baby-Leia likes her head a bit higher than the rest of her body-though we did not know that at the time, but we thought that it was a great feature.
– UV resistant materials.
– Waterproof bag in the lower part of the stroller – this allows us to safely store stuff without having to carry an extra bag everywhere. It is unbelievable how few strollers have this amazing feature as most of them just have a basket and in my opinion everything you store down there gets covered with a thick layer of dust – MAJOR NO-NO!
– Antibacterial and non-allergic materials all over.
– Light and easy folding system.
– Waterproofing all over.
What I wanted in a stroller:
– No velcro anywhere – I think that velcro is the worst for hands and nails as it just scratches everything. Again, you have no idea how many companies use this type of material for their stroller. On top of it all, I dread the thought of baby-Leia’s skin coming into contact with velcro.
– A comfortable breaking system – for most strollers, in order to unbreak the damn thing, you have to put your foot underneath the break which usually means that your shoes get dirty and scratched and I love my shoes too much to put them through that.
– Big, easy to push buttons for all the pieces that come apart – I have to think about my manicure because with a small baby there is virtually no time to fix chipped nails!
– Light and small frame as it has to be able to fit into my Mini – this was actually the only one we found that matched this criteria, but this was not mandatory as I have a lot of space to walk around our apartment complex without having to actually drive anywhere with the stroller, but it is nice to know that it fits.
– Detachable bedding for obvious sanitary reasons.



On me:

Jeans – Replay (yup, pre-pregnancy); Sweater – ZARA; Boots – Ugg; Jacket – Mango; Scarf – Hermes; Bag – Furla; Hat – Mango; Sunglasses – Dior; Watch – Apple

What D wanted:
– Big, rubber wheels because a) they look cool and b) for those moments when we want to go off-road.
– Great suspension because his little princess can’t be disturbed while we walk on the horrible pavements of Bucharest
– Easy access to the front wheels blocking system – with most strolles you have a button in the middle of the wheel which means that your hands get really dirty when you need to block the wheels while this stroller has this button on top of the wheels and far away from the growd or the dirty parts.
– Light aluminum frame.



On D:

Jeans – ZARA; Sweater – O’Neill; Vest – ZARA; Shoes – ZARA; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Apple

The Anex Sport stroller was the only one that ticked all the boxes, but there was no way of saying that we will love it or that baby-Leia was going to love it until we tried it-though I did try to convince D that we can test it with our dog inside but he just thought that I was under the influence of pregnancy hormones and ignored me. Come warmer weather, we couldn’t wait to actually get the little pincess and go out to test it! After a few weeks of testing it, we decided to take some photos and post this review here. This stroller is just great!!!! It is very easy to fold and unfold, easy to assemble and great for long walks thanks to those suspensions and the big wheels. I find the bag underneath it especially great since, being spring, there is no actual way of knowing how warm or cold it will be in 15 minutes and I can just toss a blanket there knowing that it will not get dirty and nor do I need an extra bag to protect it. It ‘drives’ wonderfully both in a straight line as well as on a curvy alley. All the usual bumps and kerbs are virtually non-existent for the sleeping baby-Leia so those suspensions really serve their purpose. She seems to enjoy her walks quite a lot and we have actually used the stroller inside our apartment to help her ease those horrible colic episodes. We both love the zip closing system as well as the way all the exterior materials feel. We are beyond happy with our choice and we sincerely recommend this stroller! As a price point, this is not the cheapest, nor is it the most expensive option out there, but it does feel and look like those really expensive strollers that you can find, but as we have discovered, it is more practical that most of them!


Stroller – Anex Sport

When it came to buying baby stuff we approached things with a ‘divide and conquer’ state of mind meaning that D took it upon himself to buy most of the tech-y stuff (stroller included) while I chose everything else (feeding stuff, matress, furniture, carpet etc). This does not in any way mean that we did not talk about each option and we always took the other ones wishes very serious. Since he was the one that had to watch/read 1000 reviews on strolles he got to choose the colour and he decided on this lovely elegant brown and black combo. Obviously for this photoshoot we had to match with it. With the new 2017 collection, Anex offers a very wide variety of new and exciting colours, so if you are in the stroller-buying stage check them out!

That about covers the princess’s means of transport and our first baby stuff review. We will try and post as many reviews as possible, but time is something we don’t really have so bear with us until we really get into a routine with baby-Leia.




Countryside chic!

Lately, I found myself loving shirt dresses, especially when combined with gladiator sandals.for some reason, this combo just screams festival-relax-fun. I especially love a shirt dress that has a masculine feel to it, if it’s light blue, than it’s a must-have in my closet. The only downside for rather short people like me (I’m 1,65 m) is that they can drown you so the obvious solution is a belt.


For this outfit I chose a ZARA shirt dress which is a) very cheap and b) very versatile. As with any trendy purchase, if it’s not a classic piece that will withstand the test of time, then just go for a cheaper version from that you can find in most shops right now. As for the versatility of this shirt dress, you see it here in a festival environment, but pair it with Loubs and you get an dinner-ready outfit and if you un-button it and combine it with a neon swimsuit you’ve got a very trendy cover-up. I will at some point shoot this exact shirt dress in the above mentioned combos.



On me:

Dress – ZARA; Belt – Massimo Dutti; Shoes – Gioseppo; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorroland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Daniel Wellington

Today my choice were these wonderful gladiator sandals from Gioseppo that I got in Madrid. These sandals were pretty popular in Madrid, as I had to run all over the city to find them because they were sold out everywhere except for one store. Obviously a braided brown belt was the best choice to perfectly match the hippie feel of the sandals. I decided to wear my Furla mini Metropolis and my usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings paired with a Swarovski cocktail ring, because I felt like I needed a little bling. Both D and I wore our Daniel Wellington watches with matching straps, as we bought at least a dozen straps for our very versatile watches.



On D:

T-shirt – Calvin Klein; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Vas; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Daniel Wellington

D also chose a blue festival look. He paired his ‘Frodo’ pants from ZARA with a polo t-shirt from Calvin Klein, which in my opinion, is the perfect age-appropriate combo for summer festivals. To match my outfit all the way, he wore his brown leather flip-flops that he also got from Madrid, but fortunately, we didn’t have to run all over Madrid to find them. Naturally, he wore his bracelets from Fossil and Constantin Nautics. For some reason, we just love Constantin Nautics bracelets because they’re beautifully crafted, you can find them in hundreds of colour combos and therefore you can match them to any outfit and they are seriously affordable.

We had a great time shooting these outfits and even though I didn’t really like the setting, in the end I loved the way the photos turned out. I can’t wait for all those summer festivals but I also can’t wait to shoot this shirt dress with stilettos.


Two years have passed…

Two years ago, on this day, I wore a lot of white pouffy veil and D wore the lightest coloured suit in his closet, and we both were younger and fatter!

So here’s the deal, to end the confusion, two years ago we had our religious ceremony, but, as a matter of fact, we signed the marriage license a year before (we’ll do an anniversary post on that too when the day comes). You’re probably wondering if I was pregnant or if we needed the benefit of being married… Well, none of those versions is right! We really wanted to have the date we met written in our marriage license (july) and ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a May bride. The only way that could happen, was if we had the two ceremonies a year apart. Today, we are celebrating the 2014 big wedding party, hence the white dress and the yellow bow-tie.



The past two years (all seven of them actually) have been the best anyone could ever ask for. I’m certain there will be many more to come, filled with joy, love, harmony and new adventures. Never in my life could I have imagined a better life partner to share with all my happiness and my sorrow. D always supports every idea I have, no matter how stupid it sounds and he always puts up with my crankyness and my moods. He never put down any of my ideas and always encouraged me and helped me to pursue every little dream.

The same went for our wedding party. Not once did he tell me that something I wanted wasn’t doable, on the contrary, he always did everything in his power to make sure that my exact vision would become reality. It is thanks to him and his constant support that I was able to have my dream wedding and I really hope that it fulfilled his expectations as well.



The entire party took us almost a year of planning because there were a lot of custom made details that usually implied a lot of handwork. A big help we had was our wedding planner that Marriott allocated for our event. She was really a miracle worker as a lot of the stuff I wanted was really specific. I had a very clear image in my mind on everything about the event, starting with the theme and ending with the napkin ribbons. Thanks to hubby dearest and our wedding planner, everything was in accordance to our ‘lemon-lime’ theme.
As opposed to the crystal clear picture I had in my mind regarding the decorations, the wedding dress was a real blur and three months before the event, I had no idea what I liked. That is until I went to Anca Maxim, that designed the dresses I wore for my civil ceremony, and she totally enlightened me and helped me find inspiration in one of Elie Saab‘s collections. I needed a custom made dress because I wanted it to perfectly match our theme, therefore, we had a yellow bow attached on the corset. I will be forever thankful to mrs. Maxim for making my dream dress a reality! The craftmanship and the tailoring were superb and I was sad to realize that I was only going to wear the dress for that one event. D got his suit custom made at Ego. We chose them simply because they’re the best at customizing suits. Since our theme required a certain colour combo, we needed the best and, honestly, working with them, we really felt like they are the best at what they do!



The obvious shoe choice for me was Christian Louboutin. The only problem with that was that he had nothing green in the current collection, but I had my eye on the Rosazissimo sandal for a long time. Finding the only green pair online, and in my size alone, made me think that those shoes were meant for me! As with all my Loubs, these sandals being 100mm heels were perfect for dancing an partying for more than 12 hours. D had his shoes custom made at Mihaela Glavan because finding the perfect combo of shape, colour and comfort was virtually impossible. Since my shoes were green, his had to have at least a little yellow in them, so we opted for a grey-yellow combo.
Since it was our wedding, we needed to have Converse sneakers in it no matter what! Custom made Converse, that is! Luckily, at the time we were planning the wedding, my best friend was in New York and we were able to have her send them to me as Converse doesn’t ship to Romania.


The photos you see here were take by our favourite wedding photographer, Constantin Butuc, in Balcik for our ‘Trash the Dress’ photoshoot. Maybe next year, I’ll upload some photos from the actual wedding party and we’ll discuss a bit about caterers, decorators and florists.
I will stop rambling now as today we have a lot of celebrating to do, so we’ll probably be rather busy toasting for amazing years to come!


A day to remember!

Saturday was the perfect late spring day. When we woke up, the sun was shining, and for the first time this year, I was happy half of our Saturday was filled with errands that required us to be outside. The other half of the day was all about D‘s birthday party. We both couldn’t wait to feel the warm air and the hot rays on our faces, so right before we started our to-do list, we decided to have a photoshoot in the park. Obviously, since the weather is this nice, we are determined to have as many photoshoots as possible.


I decided to embrace the bare shoulders trend coupled with espadrilles. The dress is from ZARA and I love it as I feel it is a combo between two very popular trends: the shirt dress and the peasant bohemian dress. I felt very comfortable while wearing it even though, from time to time, I did feel like I was dressed in a paper bag. I went for the espadrilles because I knew we had a lot of running around to do and wedges or heels simply would not have been practical. True, I could’ve opted for ballerinas, but right now I love everything with a rope sole.




On me:
Dress – ZARA; Shoes – Vidoretta; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski (ring and bracelet), Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Longines; Shades – Ray-Ban

I found these wonderful multicoloured espadrilles in Madrid at Vidoretta and simply loved the fact that they’re extremely versatile and comfortable. The bag is from Furla and right now, the only thing that bugs me about it is that it doesn’t have a shoulder strap. I have to wear it on my left arm constantly until my tattoo heals and I hate that because most of the time my left arm is useless. As blings, I wore my Longines watch, my usual Tomorrowland and Pandora rings and my Swarovski bracelet and ring.



On D:
T-shirt – Massimo Dutti; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Pull and Bear; Watch – Longines; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics

I kept my hair as casual as possible as I decided in the morning that I don’t feel like doing anything to it. To finish the look, I wore my flowery Ray-Ban sunglasses, which feel like I have summer on my face.
As opposed to me, D chose a darker blue combo, but he also chose espadrilles. He wore a pair of printed chinos from ZARA, paired with a t-shirt from Massimo Dutti. What I love about this t-shirt is the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional polo collar, but rather a non-collar. He got his espadrilles from Pull and Bear a few years ago, but since this trend is here to stay, you can find loads of options online and in stores right now.

D also wore his Longines watch and as usual paired it with his Fossil bracelet and his Constantin Nautics necklace. Since he’s our personal photographer, he rarely has the chance to wear sunglasses.

That stop on the park, on our way to the market really gave us the energy to complete all our tasks for the day and also helped us enjoy the party that came afterwards (not that we needed anything to help us enjoy a party). Literally, thanks to our friends and the lovely weather, Saturday the 28th is a day to remember for us.




Daydreaming Rooftop Party…

The last couple of days have been hectic and filled with all sorts of activities that required our full attention… I really wanted to be able to post this yesterday as this is the first of many festival fashion posts to come this summer. Since the Daydreaming Rooftop Party is the intro to Untold festival, we just had to be there, especially since Satoshi Tomiie was mixing.


Luckily, the weather turned out to be ok in the evening, as opposed to Friday morning when the weather was horrible. Despite this being a party on the rooftop of a shopping centre, both D and I decided on a relaxed festival look. I chose a peasant dress and gladiator sandals while he chose chinos and a v-neck t-shirt. Unfortunately, you can’t find these Rachel Zoe beauties that I’m wearing online anymore, but there are literally hundreds of options as gladiator sandals are quite big this summer. The same goes for the Michael Kors bag, but I found a pretty close alternative online.




On me:

Dress – ZARA; Shoes – Rachel Zoe; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Shades – Woodfellas

We took these pictures right before the party, and D was very excited about them as he just loved the sunset light and said that this is the perfect light for creative photos. Once there, we both enjoyed the party so much that we really forgot to take any pics of the event, but hey, it really opened our appetite for this summer’s festivals.



On D:

Pants – ZARA; T-shirt – Tommy Hilfiger; Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Shades – Ray-Ban

As today is Sunday, and therefore, it is ‘barely-any-text-day’ I will shut-up now, and let you enjoy D‘s creative photos!





Austrian wonder!

I’ve thought long and hard about what to write about this wine, I’ve done my research and to be quite honest, I’m afraid this post might turn out like one of those Sunday posts with barely any text, but only a bunch of photos and some shopping information.

D found this gem of a wine a few months back and the guy at the wine shop warned him that this is really a very special Riesling, so we dicided to save it for a very special occasion. What better occasion is there other than your man’s birthday? None, I tell you, none! Once back from our late luch at Norma on Monday, we opened the ‘unicorn’ wine and our wine chart was changed forever. This is definately the best white wine we’ve ever drank. You absolutely have to try this one, especially if you are a wine lover!

The reason I was having second thoughts about writing a detailed description about it, is that you simply can’t put into words the great quality and the superb taste it has. And I am also afraid you are going to miss my point about having to try out this wine!
I’m talking about an Austrian wine and as much as we love Romanian wines, our top three wines are all Austrian. For some reason we both feel that this country gives to the world some of the best wines out there. However, this Rudi Pichler Riesling is out of this world good. True it is a wine from 2012 and currently you can barely find it anywhere, and true, it is a bit more expensive than other wines we’ve reviewed here, but it is worth both the search and the money!

We have come to the moment I was torn about in the begining of this post… Should I brag about all the research I’ve done on this Riesling or should I just URGE you to try it for youtself to get my point?
Not being in a hurry to finish this post, I am going to give a swift description about my experience with it. I’m not going to talk about the winery or the winemaker, just about the three essential consumer issues: colour, smell and taste. First thing I noticed about this wine when D pored it into the glass is the clear pale green-yellow colour that immediately tells you about its crispness and character. The frangarnce is also very impressive, at first you feel a mandarin smell which is uncharacteristic for a Riesling. Once I took a second sniff I was astounded that the mandarin fragrance was joined by peach notes and a faint floral bouquet. At this point, I couldn’t wait to have a sip. But you should never take that first sip in a hurry, you should let it linger and release all its flavours. From the first moment, I felt this was a full-bodied wine with a pronounced acidity that had subtle citrus notes. The aftertaste is fruity, making this wine one of the most complex Rieslings I’ve ever tried.

In order to not bore you and get my point across, I’m going to stop writing now and leave you with this:



This Monday, for D‘s birthday, we both received the gift of finding another one of those few amazing places to eat in Bucharest. Don’t get me wrong, this city hosts a lot of ‘above-the-average’ restaurants, but only a few really good ones. Well, we found a good one and as much as I dislike writing restaurant reviews (because I’m only a food lover with no special schooling in the matter), this place deserves all the praising it can get.
First thing’s first, though, it was actually D who found the place as he finds all the great restaurants no matter where in the world we are. The same goes for wines! I’m just the consumer.

Back on topic… The place I’m talking about is called Norma and I’m not going to give you all the boring details about location as you can find that online just by clicking the bolded name. All I’m going to tell you about location is that it’s situated in a quiet, central area, in an old house, remarkably brought back to life thanks to the skills of architect Ioana Viziteu who also sketched the interior design keeping as much of the old house as possible. The result is a warm and calming place where the old is perfectly balanced by the new.




That is exactly what’s going on with the food as well. The kitchen is run by chef Sidia Sissoko (who also owns the place) and for foodies out there, this name should be familiar as he was one of the contenders at the MasterChef title a few years back. I mentioned a fusion between the old and the new where food is concerned because it’s obvious at the first glance on the menu that every dish is based on classic french cuisine but with a very actual twist. Neither of us is really a big fan of the french cuisine, but this fusion with new and exciting cooking techniques definately brought it back into our top 3 favorites. We both liked the fact that, unlike other fine dining restaurants we’ve been to, so far, this one has a wide variety of dishes in the menu. From appetizers to all sorts of meat-based foods, you really have a lot of thinking to do before ordering. Like true foodies that we are, we couldn’t resist and had three courses each. Seeing the menu, I was very thankful that I hadn’t had much to eat that day, because I really wanted to try as many things as possible (seroius drooling going on!).


As a first course, D chose the eggplant appetizer while I went for the tomato soup. What impressed me most about D‘s eggplant salad was not the way it looked (though the plating was amazing), but the fact that it tasted just like my mother’s eggplant salad that she makes out of her own garden grown eggplants following an old recipe that implies them being cooked over wood fire. That way of cooking is like an unicorn where restaurants are concerned, and to be quite honest, I’ve never had eggplant salad cooked this way at any other restaurant we’ve ever been to. All my close friends know that tomato soup is my favourite soup in the world, therefore choosing my first course was easy. Usually, this type of soup is served with mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. What is really unfortunate about most places is the fact that you can actually feel that the tomatoes (or most of them) came out of a can. Well, this one was different! I think that most of the tomatoes used for this recipe are plum tomatoes that were slowly cooked to perfection. Another interesting thing thing about this place is that it serves the tomato soup with goat cream cheese and basil caviar. Yes, I was a bit scared of the whole caviar thing as I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when the soup came I realised that it actually containd small balls filled with basil oil and fresh basil, which gave the soup amazing texture.



As a main, I chose the duck breast salad, while D went for the boneless beef ribs. My salad was perfection on a plate as it contained a lovely mix of greens, grapefruit and orange slices, dried figs and a lot of pieces of duck breast (A LOT!). What I didn’t expect, but was a lovely surprise, were the two mini-toasts on the side with goat camembert which deeply satisfied the cheese lover in me. D‘s ribs were a masterpiece. Everything from the meat quality to the way they were cooked, simply cannot be put into words. As D put it, they topped his number 1 ribs from Bistro Viena in Cluj.



Moving on to dessert. I was really thankful Norma serves only three types of desserts as at that point I really wanted to make an easy choice and start planning our next visit here. We chose the apple tart and the lemon tart. Every time we order dessert, the silent agreement between us is that we share them, that way we both get the best of the menu. The lemon tart was delicious and I honestly have no idea what the green cream on top of it is. Now, about the apple tart… It was heaven in my mouth! And I’m not really a fan of apple tarts, but this one was out of this world! Anyone going to Norma should really give this dessert a try.



Since it was basically late lunch time and D was driving and we had a fine bottle of wine prepared in the wine-freezer (details tomorrow), none of us had any alcohol to go with our meal. However, what anyone crossing Norma‘s doorstep should try is their Refresh lemonade! I’m not even going to put in the effort of describing this drink, I’m just going to say that it’s one of those MUST-TRY non-alcoholic drinks!

To conclude, this place has definately become one of our favorite places to eat in Bucharest right now, if not our number one already… As a price point, I’d say it is on the expensive side, but not very expensive. Our entire meal plus drinks and tips cost about 80€. In my personal opinion this place deserves every cent! We know we’ll come back at Norma as often as possible!


Birthday afternoon…

As you’ve figured out by now, yesterday was D‘s birthday, and quite frankly that was the first Monday of 2016 that was actually nice. After work, I decided to use this as an excuse for a lovely afternoon. Since we take photos most days, I was determined to do a birthday photoshoot, so when we’ll be old and wrinkly and nobody will belive how stylish and good looking we used to be, we’ll have these pics to prove it.


Since Mondays are usually unbearably busy, I only had time to do a top-bum in order to look decent in pics. We did however take the time to do a little matchy-matchy in light blue and white. This is yet another combo I’ve started to love and it seems to be quite fashionable these days. I did go a bit out of trend with my lilac Metropolis bag from Furla. Even though it was D‘s birthday, he still made time in his busy schedule to stop on the way home and buy me the lovely white tulips bouquet you can spot in the photos.



On me:
Blouse – Mango; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

Even though it was a mad day, I decided to make my feet suffer even more with this lovely pair of 120 mm white python Louboutins (killer heels!). Although I love these shoes a lot, whenever I wear them I have to constantly repeat to myself ‘small steps, you’re not in a hurry!’ just to keep myself from falling down. Like I said at some point in an earlier post, this year I’m determined to learn how to walk casually in skyscraper heels (I’m usually feeling most comfortable in 100 mm heels). The top is from Mango (real shocker! It’s not from ZARA!) and although the embroidery and the overall light feeling of it is lovely, I had to constantly arrange it so that people wouldn’t see my (yes, lovely!) lace LaPerla bra. I think I’m going to make the most of this top during our seaside vacations with a swimsuit top underneath it.



On D:
Shirt – H&M; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Longines

D opted for his light blue striped pants from ZARA and a white shirt from H&M. Though it might seem that you have seen this shirt again, it’s actually new, but my man decided to start buying doubles. His condition is starting to be worst than mine actually, as, at least, I tend to buy doubles in different colours, whether he started buying identical doubles. He does have a point, however, where this shirt is concerned, as it is very comfortable, extremely affordable, the tailoring is rather good and you can never have too many white shirts. Still, as many arguments (good ones) as he might have, I’m still going to use this against him when I’ll buy a new pair of Pigalles.

We both wore our Longines Hydroconquest watches as D doesn’t seem to want to take his off. I don’t really blame him, as it is one of my birthday presents for him and we can now proudly say that we managed to pair our Longines (I got mine for my birthday, so I really wanted to be able to get his asap). Normally we buy all our watches in pairs, but for my birthday he decided to surprise me, so I returned the favour and he really wasn’t expecting it.

I wore my Swarovski cocktail ring paired with my two daily rings from Pandora an Tomorrowland, while D wore his Constantin Nautics and fossil bracelets. I’m never mentioning our wedding rings mainly because we always have them on and I don’t really consider tham fashion accessories.
We ate a late lunch/early dinner at a lovely, lovely place that deserves an entire post, so I’m not going to tell you here about it, but I hope to have it done by tomorrow or Thursday, but I can say that it’s a must-try in Bucharest!
We ended D‘s birthday with a glass (bottle) of amazing (AMAZING!) wine, but more on that on Friday. I was delighted to see that D had a lovely time on his birthday, even though it was on a Monday.