Speedy Lemonade!

This is going to be one of those ‘barely-any-text’ posts, as today is mad, mad,mad! You’re going to find out soon enough why, if you haven’t already from our Instagram accounts and our Facebook page. Bottom line is that there’s no better way to cool down than to wear fresh colours like yellow and blue.



The dress I’m wearing is yet another dress designed by the one and only Anca Maxim and, as with any of her designs, this one can take numerous shapes. It has an elastic band underneath that allows you to give it this intricate form. That can be adjusted in any way you (I) wish. I paired it with these lovely yellow Sophia Webster sandals that I got a few years ago and my gold Mihaela Glavan clutch bag. Accessory wise I opted for a Swarovski ring and bracelet to compliment my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings.




On me:

Dress – Atelier Anca Maxim; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Mihaela Glavan; Bling – Swarovski (ring and bracelet), Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch –Tissot



On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Lacoste; Shoes – Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also kept it in the same colour palette, choosing to pair his yellow H&M shorts (yes, another pair!) with his dark blue Lacoste t-shirt. Yup, we discovered he has two identical Lacoste t-shirts in his closet. That never happened to me, so the balance for the most thoughtful spender leans into my direction. He wore his Polo Ralph Lauren sneaks that perfectly match both the shorts and the t-shirt and only chose his Fossil bracelet as an accessory. We both wore our Tissot PR100 watches just to keep things to a minimum.

All in all, we are preparing a bunch of posts from abroad with impressions, places to eat and fashion, so please excuse today’s short post!




Watermelon season…

…well not yet here, but it better hurry up and come already as watermelons are my favourite fruits during summer. As much as I’d like to have a slice (or a whole one) I know that until July they simply taste like water.


As you can see in these photos, we’re back to the whole Rose Quartz trend. Funny, it was so big a few months ago that I actually thought that it’s here to stay, like last year’s colour of the year, but it would appear that despite the fact that this year we have two colours to rely on, the fashion industry just isn’t very fond of either of them. In all the stores I looked (online or not), I could barely find anything pink. I mean this dress here has been lying in my closet for a few years now, tags on and everything.



On me:

Dress – Mango; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Tissot

Trying to keep in topic…the topic being this damn heat wave…Yup, it still hasn’t decided to leave us alone, and we still have temps hitting 40 degrees. The only solution to actually survive is to wear loose clothes and as few accessories as you can. Oh! And drink lots of water! The moment I stepped out of the car and left the comfort of my air conditioning, I realised that these Sophia Webster shoes, adorable and comfy as they are, were not really a good idea in this heat and humidity. I mean, I’m telling you, anything plastic in this heat and you are a dead man walking. Good thing we only spent 30 mins taking these pics and then I was back in the comfort of the AC. As for the dress, you know by now that it’s not a new addition and now it’s time to let you know that it’s from Mango (apparently I have a lot of stuff from Mango as well). The bag you’ve already seen a hundred times and it’s from Furla and the bling, aside from the usual, I wore the big Nirvana ring from Swarovski. Pretty clean and simple if you ask me, though I would’ve preferred to be on a beach somewhere. 



On D:

T-shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren; Shorts – H&M; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also went a bit on the pink side with his pink Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt with, obviously, H&M grey shorts. I’m telling you, he has a hundred colours worth of shorts from H&M. He decided, unlike me, on wearing his very comfortable and weather appropriate boat shoes from Tommy Hilfiger and as for the accessories, he only wore his Fossil bracelet. Naturally, we both wore out paired Tissot T-Race watches to finish our looks.

With all the watermelons in mind, I am one degree shy away from starting to actually do the dance of the rain in order for the temps to actually become a bit more bearable. On that note, I’m off to hug the AC in our living-room.




Raspberry Temptation!

I finally gave into the ‘culottes’ trend, but not before extensive searches for shorter versions with the mandatory high-waist. Obviously, no matter how short they were or how high the waistline was, I still would’ve looked like a fat midget if I had not paired them with high stiletto heels. Trust me, I’ve tried loving them with flats or wedges, but the mirror kept showing a fat baggy version of myself.




It’s reaspberry season, and make no mistake, I don’t know this because I’m a green-fingers fanatic, because I’m not, as I realized quite soon in my adult life that gardening and mannicures don’t go hand in hand. I know all about this period because my parents bring me lots of garden grown raspberries from the countryside house they own. Since it’s the season, I decided to do a colour theme and luckily I found these pants to match.



On me:

Culottes – Mango; Top – ZARA; Bag – Furla; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bling – Swarovski (bracelet and ring), Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch – Daniel Wellington

These culotte pants are the ones I bought last week, when I was whining about not having a proper lunch, from Mango, and they have them in three other colours as well. Deciding on raspberry pink was rather hard and I do feel that I’ve betrayed the other three colours. But, considering the fact that I felt really good in them, maybe I’ll decide to splurge on another colour, just don’t let D know about it! To freshen up the look, I opted for my favourite white blouse from ZARA, and after seeing the pics, I instantly decided than no matter how many other white blouses I own, this will probably be my number one pick always.



On D:

Pants – ZARA; Shirt – H&M; Shoes – Benvenutti; Bling – Fossil, Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

In order to make my legs look longer and get an overall not-bulky apparence, I chose to wear Sophia Webster’s Portia pumps in pink petent and silver accents, that perfectly match my pink Furla bag. Basically I ended up looking like a huge raspberry, and even though you can’t really see it in the pics, I also wore a raspberry hue on my lips. The nice thing I noticed, besided my fruity looks is that the whole ensemble matched my new tattoo nicely. Jewelry wise, I didn’t go overboard and only wore my Nirvana pink ring and my Stardust bracelet both from Swarovski, not forgetting my Tomorrowland and my Pandora rings.

D also went along with my not so masculine raspberry theme and wore his pink shirt from H&M that perfectly matched his espadrilles from Benvenutti. In order for me not to be the only one with the funny-length pants, I convinced him to wear his Frodo-pants from ZARA. Truth be told, he didn’t need much convincing, as these pants are among his favourites this summer. Bling wise he was more conservative than me, and chose his ever-present Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets. We seem to be really boring where watches are concerned as lately we’ve been rotating between out Longines and Daniel Wellingtons, with the latter being the winner for this photoshoot.


I’m really glad we got to do this photoshoot at sunset, as the warm light really played well with our colour palette. Looking more carefully at these culottes, I’m seriously considering getting them in a bunch of other colours because they are really confortable and airy and therefore perfect for those long warm summer nights.

Legs out!

I just love it when the weather is warm enough and I can switch from my regular office pants to high-waisted shorts. For some reason I’ve always loved this silhouette partly because it does miracles for people on the shorter side such as myself. It is true, legs do tend to look longer with any high-waisted pants or skirts, but if you choose a mini length and pair it with high heels, then you’ve got yourself both an hourglass silhouette and Victoria’s Secret model legs.


Officially this is my go-to attire for summer in the city. And not just starting this year, my love for these type of shorts started a few years back hence I have them in loads of colours and prints but that’s not to stop me from buying new ones. You can pair these shots with any blouse or t-shirt and converse sneakers if you’re looking for a casual outfit.


For the outfit here I chose to combine teal-green with a bit of orange. I’m happier than ever as I got to wear my Sophia Webster pumps that I got last winter from The Outnet. To match the orange tip of thse beauties, I chose my orange Furla mini bucket bag, that despite the fact that it’s small, it can fit a lot of stuff inside thanks to its shape. As accessories I only wore a Constantin Nautics bracelet alongsite my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings. Watch-wise, we both wore our Longines.



On me:
ShortsZARA; BlouseMango; ShoesSophia Webster; BagFurla; BlingConstantin Nautics, Pandora and Tomorrowland; WatchLongines

D also went for a teal-green outfit, without the orange, but paid with his office Tommy Hilfiger jeans. I think you’ve seen this shirt in most of our old office posts, and yes, this is the one shirt that he has in six or seven colours. You can find this incredibly soft and easy to iron shirt at H&M for an amazing price. Like me, he didn’t bother with lots of accessories either and only wore his Fossil bracelet alongside his Longines watch. The lovely shoes that he’s wearing are from Bigotti and he had to wait for them to be shipped for over a week. Do not get this the wrong way, a few weeks ago you could find these shoes in any of their stores, but it takes my man a while to decide on whether to buy something for himself or not. By the time he decided that he had to have them, there was only one store in the country that still had them in his size. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite with more than half the things in my wardrobe bought on the spur of the moment. Do not get me wrong! I REGRET NOTHING!



On D:
Jeans – Tommy Hilfiger; Shirt – H&M; Shoes – Bigotti; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines

Ever since I dyed my hair blue, I tend to want to match my outfit to my locks, but this time I managed to only mildly do it with teal green. Naturally, my first instinct was to wear my blue Loubs, but I’m so glad I chose these Sophia Webster pumps as they are extremely comfortable despite the 100 mm heel.

I loved the fact that D matched my outfit and I hope we’ll be able to do this matchy-matchy game for many times to come!



Gourmet Saturday!

I woke up yesterday morning with a killer headache, and I just hate it when that happens… When you have a whole Saturday ahead of you, the weather is nice outside and you just sit there contemplating on whether or not to cut your head off or just accept your fate. By the time the afternoon came I was definitely feeling better, so D and I decided to go and see what the Gourmet Festival was all about. Naturally, being foodies we couldn’t miss this food fest.


When we go there, we realised that the atmosphere was very relaxed, we saw a lot of food stands from restaurants we really love and it took us about an hour to decide whether to stay on the safe side and eat from places we already knew or take a risk and eat from food joints we didn’t know. In the end I chose a Frenchie Burger from the Burger Van which was absolutely delicious, and D chose an Oudon soup from Kan Pai that he loved ( I didn’t, but that was due to the fact that it contained algae). Tummies all full, we still couldn’t leave the place empty handed, so we bought a whole lot of pies from a place called Placinte Boieresti which were absolutely amazing, just like my grandmother makes them.



Since we were dressed in a decent manner, we decided to actually have a quick photoshoot in the park near the festival, just to take advantage of the fact that the weather turns out to be better and better with each passing day. Since I’d just dyed my hair blue, I needed an outfit to match it, so I chose my light blue Pepe Jeans London and my new shirt from ZARA. I paired everything with Sophia Webster Lacey sandals and my Furla Metropolis bag. I decided to wear my Daniel Wellington watch, even though D chose another one, paired with a Constantin Nautics bracelet and rings from Swarovski, Pandora and Tomorrowland. Obviously, midway through the Gourmet Festival, I started regretting my skinny jeans choice as I couldn’t finish my burger because of them. Next time I’ll just go with a flowy dress on or a large t-shirt and baggy jeans.



On me:

Shirt – ZARA; Jeans – Pepe Jeans London; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Furla; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Bling – Constantin Nautics, Swarovski, Pandora, Tomorrowland

D also chose a light coloured ensemble, though he did choose to mix his ripped ZARA jeans with a grey t-shirt from Replay and light blue-grey Converse sneakers. Overall, he was a lot smarter than me when choosing baggier clothes as he could eat more stuff from the festival. He opted for his Aviator watch paired with a Fossil bracelet, and he wore his Constantin Nautics  necklace to finish the outfit. 



On D:

T-shirt – Replay; Jeans – ZARA; Shoes – Converse; Watch – Aviator; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil

Since this is a Sunday post, I do not want to bore you with text anymore and I’m just going to finish off by advising you to wear comfortable (baggy) clothes when you decide to go to a food festival. 


I got the blues…

…no I don’t! I’m actually really happy that winter is finally over! Anyway, I did it! I rocked pale blue…at the office, no less! And even my mani matches my outfit today! I’m feeling quite proud of myself! So much so, that now, after wearing both colours of the year, I can finally say that I’ve done my fashion part for the year, right?

I did go a little bit overboard with the blue, but it felt nice to not wear any neutral color as I’ve worn neutral all winter long (black mostly). It amazes me that I have sooooo many different clothes as I never seem to actually go shopping for them (damn you, online shopping! You’ve taken the workout part out of shopping). All the stuff I’m wearing is from a few seasons ago, but who’s keeping track?

The pants are ZARA from last year’s spring collection, but they have something very (VERY!) similar this year as well. The blouse is from MANGO and yes, it’s identical to the pale pink one I’ve worn here. I do tend to buy stuff in multiple colours if I like it, and as it turns out, I do like this blouse mainly because it doesn’t need ironing. Any blouse that needs ironing goest to the trash bin as I hate that activity. The jacket is also from MANGO and I think I’ve had it for over 8 years (their premium collection), from before I met D-like I said, I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes. I have no idea where the scarf is from as I usually cut the tags off scarfs, but I do know that I’ve had it since I was 16 or 17, so it’s basically vintage if you look at my ID card.

The shoes are Sophia Webster, the Portia in turquoise. I love Sophia Webster shoes (I think I have a dozen) because they are very comfortable. Aside from having stupid skin, I also have stupid feet. While they look nice (my feet), every type of shoes (aside from workout shoes) hurts them-yes, even flip-flops! That’s mainly the reason I love Sophia Webster (and Christian Louboutin) shoes! I feel absolutely no discomfort while wearing these and they have an eleven (11!) cm heel. I can spend up to 14 hours in these ones and that’s the reason I also got them in pink (told you, multiple colours for various loved items).

The bag is FURLA and yes, apparently I have a thing for FURLA bags. Of course I have a similar jelly one in pink! The thing that caught my attention about this model is that you can fit a weekend-worth of stuff and on a busy day at work, that’s the amount of stuff I carry around. The downside about it is that it doesn’t have a shoulder strap but it does work the biceps really good (girls know exactly what I’m talking about). So it’s a win-win, I’m both trendy and staying fit while wearing this bag.

As you’ve noticed, I love cocktail rings, any time of the day. The ring featured in the photographs is from Swarovski and I got it two years ago. And no, I don’t have it in any other colour.


The shades are Ray-Ban, the classic Wayfarers, and I got them from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam (gotta love duty free shopping) about 5 years ago. At first I thought it would be really complicated to wear them because of the pattern, but I always end up wearing them all spring and summer long. They just scream vacation and poolside cocktails!

The reason I had my hair in a low bun is because of the high shoulders of the jacket. I feel like R2D2 wearing this jacket with loose waves.

This concludes the fashion post for the second colour of the year. Again, I have no idea why 2016 is so special that it deserves two colours of the year, but I’m guessing that fashionistas out there know that answer. I just need to spend more time training to be one!