Not switching to maternity…yet!

Well, back in burning Bucharest… I kinda like the seaside more during the hot summer months, but from time to time we have to get back to reality. The truth is, the only clothes I find bearable these days are flow-y summer dresses which is just perfect as I have to say, anything skin-tight makes me feel like a sausage. My belly is not yet at the point where it actually looks like a pregnant belly, no, on the contrary actually, right now it resembles more a belly stuffed with two large pizzas and three beers, so not really a pretty sight.


Taking this into consideration, my go-to clothes right now – thank God it’s summer – are summer dresses. As a matter of fact, I don’t really have any other option. Most of my clothes are tailored for my by-now-forgotten small waist. That’s actually the only style that really appeals to me but it requires a toned tummy. Besides the summer dresses that cover the pizza belly, another great thing about summer are the sales. For example, both me and D are wearing clothes that don’t go over 20 E together excluding accessories, shoes and bags.



On me:

Dress – H&M; Shoes – Calvin Klein; Bag – Obag; Shades – Dior; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora, Swarovski and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Tissot

thing that attracted me to this 7E H&M dress was the print and the fact that it was very appropriate for hot summer days. I think that this dress might fit me perfectly when I’ll be 9 months pregnant, so even if you have a more advanced pregnancy, go ahead and buy it as it will last you throughout the entire period and it’s not even maternity. Apparently this is my M.O. where shopping is concerned these days. I haven’t yet changed sizes where clothes are concerned, so I can still invest in pieces that will last me way beyond my due date. Though, this 7E dress can’t really be called an investment as log as it costs just as much as a McDonald’s large menu.

Moving along to the parts of the outfit that were a bit more expensive. I wore this pair of Calvin Klein platforms for the first time now, after I bought them last autumn. It would appear that the fact that my thighs have gotten fatter, I feel the need to always wear something that will give me a bit more height and proportion. This is one aspect of the pregnancy that will get an individual post –  getting to the point where you understand that you will put on weight, and that’s a good thing. To keep things on a blue theme I wore my Obag, and naturally, the never absent Dior sunglasses.




On D:

Shorts – Pull and Bear; T-shirt – Bershka; Shoes – Pull and Bear; Bling – Constantin Nautics; Watch – Tissot

D kept the same colour palette, but a very different print, and I love that he was brave enough to pull off stripes on stripes, especially as he looks so good wearing them. His shorts are from Pull and Bear and were the astounding price of 9E while his T-shirt is from Bershka and was about 5E. The amazing thing about these two pieces is the fact that they work together so nicely, as if they were made to be worn together. He also opted for his ancient espadrilles from Pull and Bear that complimented the outfit nicely.

We both wore our Tissot T-Race watches and it would appear that we have no intention to switch to any of our other watches for now as we are a bit obsessed with them. Bling wise, we both wore a Constantin Nautics bracelet each, while I completed my look with my usual Tomorrowland and Pandora rings and another multi looking ring from Swarovski. D did not wear his Fossil bracelet this time, to my surprise, despite the fact that it would’ve looked great with the brown shade in his T-shirt and in my dress.

I have to say, that even though I am in my fourth month of pregnancy, I do not intend to switch to maternity clothes as long as I can find alternatives. I really hope that I will not have to until very late in my pregnancy.




Channeling our inner royalties!

Finally in Disneyland!!! While both of us have been to Paris several times, once together, but we haven’t reached Disneyland together until this time around. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be with D in Disneyland. I loved Disneyland ever since I first came here 10 years ago, this is the place that makes every trip to Paris totally worth it! This and the shopping! I just couldn’t believe it, we were finally here, together! While I will give you more details about the wonderful park and how we felt there, tomorrow, today is all about what we both decided to wear to meet our childhood (and adulthood) idols! I don’t know about you, but for me, Minnie is #goals so my age makes no difference nowadays.


Obviously, we tried to take most of our photos in one place, and we chose the Haunted Mansion for it because, even though I would’ve loved to take pics in front of the (my) castle, that would’ve been way to cliche! The Haunted Mansion seemed like a right fit, especially since we didn’t have our royalty robes on. We did however manage to match and I really do not know why we chose teal for Disneyland, especially since there is online proof that we can both sport various shades of pink. Looking at the photos, teal does tend to look nice and it contrasts my blonde hair quite powerfully.



On me:

Dress – ZARA; Shoes – Vidoretta; Bag – Obag; Sunglasses – Dior; Bling – Pandora (bracelets and ring) and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

As unexpected as this is, all the dresses I wore in Paris are old ones and it’s quite possible that, for all of the fashion posts, I am going to have to search for alternatives. And I’m telling you, finding an alternative for this one was very hard and the dress I found doesn’t come close to this one, but it will have to do. I chose to wear my Vidoretta espadrilles, and good thing I did that, as there was a lot of walking involved that day and these espadrilles are made for these types of days. Naturally, my outfit was finished off by my Obag basket bag that seems to go everywhere with me these days. There are two reasons for that: I am too lazy to actually change bags and this bag is very versatile, and you know how I love all things versatile!



On D:

T-shirt – Lacoste; Shorts – H&M; Shoes – Converse; Bag – Barcelona; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Longines

As promised, I am nowhere close to taking off my Dior sunglasses, and make no mistake, Disneyland was not the place to take your glasses off! Just ask Minnie!!! I did keep it simple in the jewellery department and only wore my two Pandora bracelets and a ring, and naturally my Tomorrowland ring as well. As stated in the other fashion post, we both decided to wear our Longines watches for this trip.

D being the nice and loving husband that he is, just like Mickey (told you I forgot to grow up!), also went for the teal colour scheme. Or at least he tried to because apparently he doesn’t own a piece of teal anything in his closet, so we had to make do with what we could find! Obviously, this time around, he couldn’t leave home without a pair of H&M blue shorts, and to be honest, I was very happy that he has this habit of buying various colours of the same thing. He paired the shorts with a khaki polo from Lacoste and his always present bag from Barcelona! Jewellery wise, he kept it just as simple as me and went for his Fossil and Constantin Nautics bracelets.



Obviously, tomorrow is going to be all about the 1000 photos we took while at the park and it’s probably going to contain very little text, because if the photos can’t convince you to visit this amazing place than it means that you are way too adult-y for me!




French Pyramids…

Well, here we are in the city of love…Again! Both of us have seen Paris numerous times and for some reason we keep coming back. It’s not that we like it, or anything, quite the contrary, there are at least 7 cities that we like more than Paris that we’ve managed to visit less often, unfortunately. To be honest, we came to Paris because in March we had tickets to the Euro 2016 final, but our team needed to be qualify in a significant knockout stage. Naturally, football in Romania is on a downward spiral and therefore we were left with paid hotel and flight and basically 4 nights in the city’s most crowded period. Lucky for us, the weather was nicer than in Bucharest, and by that I mean more bearable heat-wise and we were able to enjoy long walks and an overall relaxing time. We didn’t want to visit anything as we both did that in our past visits here, so all we had to do was take pictures for our blog and just enjoy each other’s company.


The first day we got there, I desperately needed to get the new lipgloss from Christian Loubutin – yeah, desperately!- so off we went to find the much coveted lipgloss. To our surprise, for the first time in our lives, we found the square in front of Louvre empty. I suspect that occurred because everyone in Paris was getting ready for the upcoming semi-final match. Since we couldn’t be bothered with the crowded FanZone, we decided to tick that place off our photo bucket-list. Luckily for us, the light was just perfect, semi-dawn and clear skies all the way and the pyramids all to ourselves.



On me:

Dress – Mango; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bag – Obag; Sunglasses – Dior; Bling – Pandora (bracelets and ring) and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

I decided to take advantage of the perfect temperature (about 25 degrees)  and wore a maxi dress for the first time this year. I opted for an old floral dress that I got from Mango, and that unfortunately isn’t available anymore, but fear not, I found a decent alternative. In my opinion, nothing works better with a maxi dress, especially a floral one, that flat sandals, therefore I chose to wear this very comfortable pair from Tommy Hilfiger that I bought two years ago. Since I chose a blue theme for our first day in Paris, my new blue Obag couldn’t be left at home and as for accessorising, I told you I’m never taking the Dior sunglasses off. I also opted for my two full Pandora bracelets, one entirely filled by D before we got married and the other filled by friends and family. Obviously, I couldn’t leave my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings at home.



On D:

T-shirt – Calvin Klein; Shorts – Pull&Bear; Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil and Costantin Nautics; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban ; Watch – Longines

D kept in theme and wore his Calvin Klein blue t-shirt that I just love, and a pair of Pull&Bear light blue denim shorts. He also chose a pair of very comfortable shoes from Polo Ralph Lauren and his newly acquired Ray-Ban sunglasses. As usual, he wore his Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets, and, big surprise, we both decided to take out Longines watches for this long weekend instead of the usual Daniel Wellington. In retrospect, knowing the chaos that occurred at the FanZone, I sure am happy we both decided to see the matches in much more civilised conditions.

More from our match-watching in tomorrow’s post, and again, do not expect us to show you any notable landmarks as there are a lot of people more educated on the subject that write all the city guides and we do not want to take their place. You will however be delighted with a few places to eat in Paris that we discovered during this long weekend.






Until next time…

This is the last fashion moment we had in Milan, but fear not, this is not the last post from this wonderful city as we still have a lot to tell you about the hotel we stayed at. On this last day, D decided to surprise me with these lovely and much coveted pair of Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses that I’ve wanted to get for almost a year now. True, I have been splurging on shoes in this last year, and one might argue that if I wanted them so much I should’ve just bought them, but where shoes are concerned, I really wanted/needed a few more pairs to have all the must-haves for any real shoe lover – will do a post on that as my collection is complete…for now. Another reason why I didn’t splurge on these gorgeous sunglasses is the fact that until this years’ collection, none of the colour combos really satisfied my taste fully and I wasn’t keen on paying 150 Euros just to get them customised.



Since the designated shopping day had passed and I already had my splurge (Valentino Starstuds) for this vacation, I was sure that these beauties would have to wait a while longer until I got them into my possession. But no! My amazing husband decided to surprise me with them! And what woman doesn’t love these kind of surprises? Especially when they come from their loved one? I was so in love with my new gift that I was determined to wear them despite any weather that might come my way that day! I simply did not want to get them off! Luckily for me, the weather was lovely, as it was throughout our entire stay in Milan and we could visit their biggest park – Sempione Park and snap some photos over there.



On me:

Dress – MANGO; Shoes – Bata; Bag – Obag; Shades – Dior; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora, Swarovski and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

We did move away from the whole hippie theme on that day, but both of us wore clothes entirely from Mango. Told you the last time that we are having a Mango moment. This time we went darker than all the other days spent here. I opted for an off-the-shoulder flowy dress, in a rich and dark shade of blue that looks black in all of the pics and decided to combine it with wedge brown sandals from Bata that are nowhere to be fond online, so I guess this will be the first time that I won’t actually link something I wore with anything because I haven’t been able to find a worthy alternative either. My bag is newly bought from OBag and is totally customisable, and as for the accessories, you know them too well by now: Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski rings, combined with a Constantin Nautics bracelet. Obviously, the sunglasses are from Dior and I never want to take them off.



On D:

Shorts – MANGO; T-shirt – MANGO; Shoes – H&M; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

D also went for a darker ensemble that he entirely bought during this vacation from Mango. He paired a pineapple print t-shirt with light blue shorts and striped ancient H&M espadrilles. Being the lovely husband that he is, he matched the nato strap I chose for my Daniel Wellington perfectly. Aside from that, he wore his Fossil and Constantin Nautics bracelets. Our darker choice of items totally mirrored our mood that always seems to get darker at the end of any wonderful vacation we have together. We are however very anxious to get back to our lovely little dog back home as she always brightens up our mood after any trip. 

As promised, we still have to tell you about the lovely hotel we stayed in and its lovely gourmet 10th floor terrace. More on that in tomorrow’s last post from Milan.