Blair Witch Project…

So we are having a loooong weekend in Romania – like 5 days long and this means that despite having lots of time to snap photos, we are also very busy so text will be scarce until we get back to our usual routine. We do have lots to do these days like: buying Christmas presents  – yes, I know it’s only the beginning of December, but at the rate my belly is growing, who knows if I’ll be able to move in the next few weeks; decorate the entire house plus the Christmas tree – we usually do this on the 24th, but this year I feel the Christmas spirit more and more each day and I can’t wait to have the whole house mimicking what I feel inside; and lots of other errands to run that we usually do every weekend plus we have to watch the Gilmore Girls like asap!


With all that on our bucket list for this long weekend, picture us trying to squeeze in some photoshoots because we do not want to miss any week of pregnancy and we have managed to take pics for every week so far. Because we have so many things to do I always have to think a bit about what I will wear especially since some of the tasks we are trying to complete this weekend require lots of standing and walking time and I have to say that is becoming more and more complicated on 10 cm heels especially when the walking and standing takes more than 4 hours (Christmas shopping!). I have come to the conclusion that no matter how well prepared you come for the present hunt (lists and everything) you still have to spend at least four hours in a shopping centre to (maybe) tick all the boxes on the list.



On me:

Dress – ZARA; Vest – H&M; Bag – Chloe; Boots – UGG; Hat – ZARA; Bling – Swarovski (ring and bracelet); Watch – Apple

This was the outfit I chose for the task of getting presents for everyone. Yes, I know this is not Christmas-y but rather on the Witch-y side, hence the post title, but it was comfy as hell and kept my body temp constant. This lovely embrodied dress is yet anther find from ZARA that D bought for me a few weeks ago – I knida’ like having him do my clothes shopping for me plus he is very efficient. I just love the reddish embroidery and the way it contrasts the black. Naturally I felt that I should not cover it with a long sleeved jacket and opted for my knitted vest from H&M which was a good thing as I wasn’t cold when I spent time outside, nor was I feeling hot inside the shopping centre. A hat was also needed as I confess that I wasn’t having a great hair day and that seemed to be the best course of action. I opted for my black ‘not that kind of girl’ felt hat from ZARA which I’m finding out to be a great investment so far as it works with most of my autumn/winter outfits.



On D:

Jeans – ZARA; T-shirt – Pull and Bear; Jacket – SuperDry; Shoes – Nike; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Apple

I decided to wear my most comfy UGG boots, the over the knee knit cardy in black that you currently can not find online – I got them a few years ago – so I just linked the classic black cardy. But seriously now, if you do find them online anywhere please leave me a link below as I’d love to get another pair, maybe in a different colour as these boots are versatile af! Since we are talking about a fully black outfit, I decided to wear my only black bag (no big surprise there) – the Chloe one! This bag is so neutral and has such a perfect shape that I literally can not find another one to please me as much and actually decide to invest in it as I just know that I’ll always come back to this one.

D also embraced the black theme of the photoshoot and opted for his ZARA black slim fit jeans and a black t-shirt from Pull and Bear as he is well aware that he needs something short sleeved for the shopping ‘championship’. But because we did have a few days of close to 0 temps (and that was one of them) he decided to keep himself warm with his lovely SuperDry leather jacket. Shoe wise he also chose something very comfortable as we are both well aware of the fact that present shopping day usually means we will reach out move-goal in no-time therefore he opted for his oldies but goodies Nike sneaks.


As for the accessorising part of the outfits the only main difference is that D finally received his Apple Watch series 2 and now we can say that all our watches are bought in pairs. Besides his new gizmo, he also wore his Fossil bracelet and that was about it as he did not really want to get tangled in accessories while shopping. I also went a bit on the down-low where bling was concerned though I did opt for a big sparkly Swarovski ring besides my usual Crystaldust bracelet besides my Apple watch. Like I said we both were practical rather than bling-y that day.




At dawn…

These are among my favourite photos so far that we took for this blog, and these are the first photos we took at dawn or shall I say after dawn hence they are a bit foggy. The reason we did not take as many photos of the two of us (or at least usable photos) is because it was kinda difficult to get the camera to focus where we wanted it to because it was so dark already when we actually got to taking pics of us. But I was way beyond excited when I saw the photos and could not wait to start editing them a bit to make them blog worthy. I think D enjoyed this photoshoot the most as he got to experiment with different settings and lights and the end result is just amazing.


What I am wearing is probably going to be my autumn uniform as I feel that this combo is the winner for me right now. I just love a chunky big sweater, especially when it is paired with thigh-high boots. For some reason it just screams autumn perfection. I also love the ‘forest green’ colour but unfortunately I found out that I do not have as many pieces in that lovely regal colour as I’d like so measures must be taken, but with caution as I have no idea how things are going to fit post baby. On the other hand, chunky sweaters and thigh high boots are always going to be in style and are always going to fit the same way so I am stocking up on stuff that I will probably wear over and over again.



On me:

Sweater – ZARA; Jeans – H&M; Boots – Steve Madden; Bag – Chloe; Hat – ZARA; Bling – Swarovski; Watch – Apple

A bit more details on the outfit… As I bragged in the last fashion post, I found two new pairs of pregnancy pants in my size (34) at H&M and I will proudly wear them all autumn and winter long. The ones you get a sneak-peak of in these photos are one of them and I have to tell you that maternity jeans are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn but still manage to make you feel good. I paired them with this big chunky sweater from ZARA in this lovely rich green hue that just goes perfectly with my muddy-green Steve Madden boots. At first I was quite skeptical about jeans and thigh high boots as I was more accustomed to pairing these boots with thighs but after seeing these pics I am sold on this warm combo.



On D:

T-shirt – Mango; Jacket – SuperDry; Jeans – Review; Shoes – Nike; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

To keep things in the ‘exciting’ department I decided on wearing hats this season therefore I expanded my (small) collection with this lovely fun black one from ZARA that I will probably also wear over and over again. I realised that I should at some point invest in a new black bag as I only have this Chloe piece to play with and I do not want you to get bored by our posts. Also jewellery wise I did not wear much aside from the Swarovski bracelet and my new Apple Watch that I’ve grown to love more and more these days.

D really tried to go with the green theme and wore his army green Mango t-shirt as he realised that this is the only dark green piece of clothing in his closet – we really need to take measures where our greens are concerned. Since it is getting chillier and chillier he wore his badass leather jacket from SuperDry that is never going to go out of style and that he got  few years ago. Since he also lacks in the green-shoes department, he went with the safe option of black Nikes that go just right with these perfectly tailored jeans from Review – yes, I know I rave about theses jeans all the time. Since he doesn’t own and Apple Watch (just yet!) he wore his lovely Tissot T-Race alongside his Fossil bracelet that is becoming as popular as his wedding band among his accessories.

I really can’t wait to take some more photos in the dark and I am so glad D enjoys them so much as we get to take so many lovely photos and thus making memories and successfully following my pregnancy belly with lots of pics each week.



Hippie Hippie Shake in Milan!!!

This is the first of many (four) outfit posts that we shot in Milan. For this short trip, my choice of colours was very earthy which is very unnatural to me. For some reason they started appealing to me right before I started packing and there you have it, the whole trip (well, most of it) we were both kinda hippy, kinda earthy. It’s a good thing that I chose mostly loose clothes as the weather in Milan was very hot, somewhat like Bucharest these days but with a much lower humidity, making it more pleasant to breathe in there.


I’ve decided that these outfit posts are going to come in the order they occurred during this long weekend, therefore this was the first fashion moment from the very day we arrived there. We only got to shoot near out hotel and a bit at the Dome area because we only had a few hours of natural daylight and we did have a reservation to one of the best restaurants in Milan (Michelin stars and everything) and we just couldn’t be late. Yes, to answer your question, they let us into the restaurant dressed like that, so there wasn’t any imposed attire upon entry, but you do need to make a reservation in advance, at least a week before. Enough about that, as tomorrow’s post will be on that delicious start to our fattening process in Milan.



On me:

Dress – MANGO; Sandals – Gioseppo; Bag – MANGO; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora, Swarovski and Constantin Nautics; Shades – Gucci; Watch – Daniel Wellington

Back to the fashion moment we both shared on our first day… As stated earlier, I am a bit into the whole earthy, hippie trend right now, so I chose this lovely and very comfortable (really comfortable!) dress from Mango, that I got for next to nothing (discount alert throughout their stores – up to 70%)  – about 15 Euros – right before I started packing. To keep with the theme, I chose my Gioseppo sandals but instead of wearing the lace up to my knees I decided on a much more comfortable approach and tied them at my ankles. The bag was also a bargain from Mango and it fits perfectly with all the boho accessories I already have ready for this summer. As usual, I kept it simple accessories wise and only added the Swarovski ring set to my Pandora and Tomorrowland rings. I love this ring set as it’s very versatile and whenever I am packing I am always tempted to bring it along mainly because there are lots of ways to combine the three rings, but somehow, I always end up wearing it the same way (as you can see in the previous fashion posts). To complete my look, I also chose a Constantin Nautics bracelet and my Gucci big, brown shades that make me feel like Nicole Richie on a boho day.



On D:

Pants – ZARA; T-shirt – Tommy Hilfiger; Shoes – Nike; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Daniel Wellington

D kept things on a cleaner side, and wonderfully fooling me into going out with him without looking like a hobo (like me). The intelligent thing he did was that he wore more or less the same colours and therefore I was fooled into thinking that we matched. Looking at the photos, I now realise that he looks way more put together than me and I seriously think that he is the reason we were let inside the restaurant. To fool me, he chose his burnt orange pants from ZARA and combined them with a v-neck t-shirt in dark grey from Tommy Hilfiger. Somehow, he managed to perfectly match his Nikes to the whole outfit therefore fooling me into thinking that he was also in a earthy, hippie mood. Aside from his Fossil bracelet, he also wore a Constantin Nautics bracelet – told you he used all sorts of tricks to make me believe we matched. As with most of our vacations, we chose to bring along our Daniel Wellington watches with lots of nato straps to match every day.  

After seeing these pics, as with all the photos from this weekend, I decided that since summer is here, I need to start trying out some of those much praised Vita Liberata self tanning mouses and I promise that I will photo document every step and come up with a review some time next week. Until then, I must warn you that a lot of Milan posts are still to come!





Japanese affairs…

Yesterday afternoon our excitement grew more and more as the hours passed because we were supposed to visit D‘s sister and her husband and see their newly redesigned Japanese garden (with white marble, moss and everything!). We were so, so impressed from the moment we stepped inside the Japanese heaven. Keep in mind while looking at these pics that the garden is still a work in progress, this meaning that the moss still has a lot of expanding to do, but despite that, we couldn’t help ourselves and ended up doing a full photoshoot on the spot. 


I do have to confess that I left home with the thought of that photoshoot clearly stuck in my mind, and seeing how the photos turned out, we’ll definitely do another photoshoot when the moss will be fully grown. They got their inspiration from their three week honeymoon in Japan and they did an amazing job. I’m only sorry that neither of us has any before photos to show you exactly what it used to look like.





On me:

Top – ZARA; Vest – ZARA; Jeans – Replay; Shoes – DC Shoes; Bag – Chloe; Bling – Swarovski, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot; Hat – ZARA

Since we were expecting a large amount of white marble, we both decided to wear mostly black to create a nice contrast in photos. Obviously since I rarely ever wear only black, I felt the need to combine it with white. This black and white combo is such a classic, but yesterday I decided to give it a bit of festival feeling to the whole look. Despite the fact that the weather was absolutely horrendous, wearing festival inspired clothes always brings a bit of sunshine in my heart. 





On D:

T-shirt – Tommy Hilfiger; Jeans – G-Star RAW; Shoes – Nike; Bling – Constantin Nautics (bracelet 1 and bracelet 2); Watch – Tissot

I opted for high waisted shinny black jeans from Replay and, just as I was getting dressed I started laughing because I remembered how, when I was a teenager I couldn’t stand high waisted anything and only wore the lowest wist I could find and my big butt was always half out (yeah, I always had a big butt!), but now, the situation is fully reversed and I rarely, if ever, wear anything low waisted (except for bikinis!). I paired this extremely comfortable jeans with an embroidered blouse and white vest, both from ZARA.

Because I was fully aware of the fact that we were going to climb rocks and do a lot of walking through marble, I opted from my very comfortable DC Shoes and, looking in the mirror, this was the exact moment I realised I was pulling a fully festival look on. That made me decide to complete the ensemble with my ZARA hat and Chloe bag. Bling wise, aside from my usual rings, I also wore a black cocktail ring from Swarovski and a leather bracelet from Tomorrowland with an optimistic message written on it. Because last Monday I realised that we were a bit boring when it came to our watch rotation, we both decided to wear out Tissot T-Race watches. 


D went all black and looking at the photos, I have come to the conclusion that his decision was better than my combo decision because he contrasts the white marble much better than me. He wore his dark G-Star Raw pants with his black Tommy Hilfiger v-neck t-shirt. Like me, he also chose comfortable footwear – but, then again, he always does – and went for his black leather Nikes that he has had for ages. He did show a bit more interest than usual in his bling game, choosing not one but two Constantin Nautics bracelets and left his brown Fossil bracelet at home. 

We really can’t wait for all the moss to spread! Obviously since we loved it so much, you’ll probably see more shoots happening in this beautiful garden, assuming that the owners will let us in again considering the fact that it was very hard for us to stop taking pictures. Some of the most lovely pics of the two of us were take by my brother-in-law hence the professional feel of them, as opposed to our usual self taken pics!





This is yet another blog post with barely any text in it, first of all because my arm still hurts a bit, and second of all, this Sunday is getting crazier by the minute…


All these photos were taken yesterday, when we realised that we didn’t have any food in our fridge and we were literally fed up with take away pizza as that’s the only thing we ate all of last week. D decided he’s had enough and announced first thing in the morning that we were having a decent lunch in the park.Luckily the weather was ok-ish and I didn’t need to wear something with long sleeves. We both chose the most comfortable clothes we had (clean!) and off we went.



On me:

Jeans – Replay; Top – Lefties; Shoes – Puma; Bling – Constantin Nautics, Pandora and Tomorrowland; Bag – Michael Kors; Watch – Longines

After about half an hour of snapping photos, our tummies decided that we desperately needed food. We ate at Isoletta and I have to say that it’s an amazing place to eat. True, it’s on the very expensive side, but the food, the service and the location are all excellent.



On D:

Jeans – ZARA; T-shirt – Scotch&Soda; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Shoes – Nike; Watch – Aviator

You can literally feel the high quality of all the ingredients used, and the waiters are very well schooled. To be honest, we’ve both been to equally expensive restaurants before and the service wasn’t in any way comparable to this place. Nor was the food! This in my opinion is a place to try out at least once. As this weekend we seem to have been on the run for 48 hours (like we were running a long marathon), we didn’t have time to try out the deserts, but we did both have appetisers and mains.



I had the cheese plate, that in my opinion is for two persons, and being a cheese lover I have to say that the variety and the quality of the cheese was extraordinary, and D had the beef tartar. Normally I hate raw meat, but I couldn’t resist and I tried it. It was definitely the best tartar I’ve ever had and D confirmed that it was the best he’d ever had. As a main, I had the mushroom soup that was spectacular and D had the four cheese pasta that he loved even though he is not really a cheese lover. All in all, this is definitely a place to try at least once.





The aftermath…


We both had an epiphany on Sunday, being over 30 and partying hard usually leaves you feeling like you’ve undergone major surgery the next day. That, without a doubt though, is a clear sign that we had a wonderful time the night before.



Unfortunately for us, since we work five days per week, just like the rest of the world (except for Japan), that means that most of our non-work related errands are left for the weekend. This weekend was no exception, with the slight difference that we only had Sunday to deal with all of it (parents visits, grocery shopping, laundry…). To make matters even worst, we only had half a Sunday because we slept till 3 p.m. Being old-ish, we needed 30 minutes of whining about not wanting to ‘adult’ anymore and decided that before we got to our adult business, we should spend an hour in a kids park to swing our sorrows away. To be honest, after about two minutes of swinging la 2 year olds, we felt a bit better and decided to take advantage of the situation and snap some photos.



On me:
T-shirt – Tomorrowland; Jeans – Diesel; Shoes – Nike Air Max; Bling – Constantin Nautics, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot T-Race; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Naturally, after a night filled with wine and high-heels I desperately needed the comfort of my Nike Air Max sneakers. We couldn’t go out unmatched, so D wore his as well, and we both went for neutral grey t-shirts as both of out Nikes have a little grey in them. Of course distressed jeans were a must, and the dark sunglasses a necessity (with all the drinking the night before). Like never before, I forgot to take a bag with me, so I only had my phone and my hands in my pockets. I think that these outfits are our go-to outfits for days when we just need to recharge and not think about fashion, especially since we started our Sunday (at noon) feeling like we were ran down by a train.



On D:
T-shirt – Tomorrowland; Jeans – ZARA; Shoes – Nike Air Max; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Tissot T-Race; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Both of our t-shirts are from the Tomorrowland shop and we really, really hope that next year we’ll be able to go to that amazing festival (we never seem to find available tickets), because we’ve been wanting to do that for too many years by now. My jeans are from Diesel, while D‘s pair are from ZARA and he bought them on Saturday (when he was supposed to look for the nude shirt).

We both felt it was appropriate to wear our Tissot T-Race watches because I felt that the rubber strap works well with our Nikes, or at least that’s the reason I fabricated that morning (told you that I’m too old to be drinking all night). Aside from that, we both wore our Constantin Nautics bracelets, D also wore his Fossil bracelet while I wore my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings. In order to be able to function in the sunshine, we both opted for Ray-Ban sunglasses.



Overall, we really needed a childish hour in the park to help us accept the fact that we are adults and that we had to start adulting soon.

Blue skies…

Here’s yet another bundle of pics from Madrid. I think this post here contains the largest number of photos we’ve ever posted, simply because choosing pics from this day was extremely hard.


I’d like to point out the fact that I’ve really tried to do a no-jeans vacation for once, but I just could’t resist this pair I’ve found in Madrid from Pepe Jeans London. I mean, the colour is just perfect for those long summer days and short summer nights, and even though I have about 20 pairs of skinnies, I did not have this exact wash, so D had to comply and agree that I should have them.



On me:

Blouse – ZARA; Jeans – Pepe Jeans London; Sweater – Terranova; Shoes – VANS; Bag – Michael Kors; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

Usually whenever I do some vacation shopping, I always wait until I get home to actually wear the stuff I buy, but this time, I just had to wear them the second day after I bought them.



These photos were taken on our third (photo documented) day in Madrid, and the weather was plain and simple perfect. As stated in an earlier post, we’re not exactly evenly matched colour-wise, but we both chose something light blue to wear.



On D:

Shirt – Massimo Dutti; Jeans – Scotch & Soda; Vest – Bershka; Shoes – Nike; Bag – from Barcelona; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

I decided on a white blouse from ZARA, which you can’t really see in any of the pics (as i intended) because I wore my summer white sweater from Terranova (as for the blouse, I couldn’t find the exact same item online, so I’ve linked some alternatives), that I got ages ago, over it. Since it was Sunday, and I was on my third step of my CHANEL routine (Le Weekend) I couldn’t wear any make-up, hence the less bronzy look, and decided on wearing just a bit of mascara. I’ve chosen my trusted VANS because a) they’re white and b) we had a lot of exploring to do by foot.



As per usual, I’m wearing my Michael Kors Hamilton Traveller bag. I think I’ve worn this bag a thousand times and I think I’ll wear it to death because it’s the perfect size to fit all sorts of necessities and small enough to not annoy me when I need both of my hands.


D chose his Massimo Dutti shirt which matched the shade of my jeans, and, as opposed to me, he chose a darker look. One could say that aside for the blue items, we were like a chess board. He went for his darker Scotch & Soda (one of his favourite brands) jeans and his way-too-poufy (for this weather) vest from Bershka, that he mostly carried around in his bag.



He, like me, chose his comfortable black Nikes and the one and only bag that he packed that he bought a few years ago from Barcelona from one of the many street fairs happening there all year round.


Sunday was the day we visited the Templo de Debod and Parque del Oeste. You can find loads more info on the locations of our photoshoot in yesterday’s post. I hope you can see from the pics the amount of fun we had on Easter Sunday.




Sneak Peak from Madrid!

Just a quick hello from our vacation in Madrid!

File_005 (2)

Since there’s so much to do and see in this wonderful city this post is going to be very brief, but fear not, as I will probably have quite a few posts next week on our vacation here. Until then, I hope you enjoy these photos!


File_001 (4)

On me:

Blouse – H&MBlazer – ZARAPants – ZARAShoes – Mihaela GlavanBag – Michael KorsBling – Swarovski, Pandora and Constantin NauticsWatch – Daniel Wellington

file 0000

File_005 (3)

On D:

Shirt – H&MVest – BershkaJeans – ReplayShoes – NikeBling – Fossil and Constantin NauticsWatch – Daniel WellingtonBag – Handmade from Barcelona (three years ago)

Again, most of the stuff we are wearing is from ages ago, so the shopping info is the closest alternative I could find online, from the same brand.