Baby Preparations: Going BRONDE!

With about five weeks to go until the bundle of joy will join our household, I decided to make a change in my appearance that hopefully will make both my life and D‘s life easier in terms of leaving the house. I strongly believe that everyone on this planet has a soft spot for long blonde locks and I make no exception from that rule. That said, having blonde hair – even though mine is not the lightest shade, I’m more of a 9A lover – is a pain in the ass as you need to re-do your roots every four weeks tops otherwise you just look terrible no matter what your natural hair colour is. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that today dark roots are ok, however, not grown-in dark roots but rather perfectly calculated darker roots.


My hair before the colour process

With a new baby on the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that going religiously to the salon every four weeks for root touch-ups will be impossible in the beginning at least until we get into a routine, so I decided to try the much-coveted bronde-colour melt hair colour. This is kinda the compromise between having long blonde locks, bun not really having to go to the salon quicker than six-eight weeks (for me at least). My good friend and colour-guru, Maria and I decided on 7A roots because that matches my natural colour almost perfectly and that means that if I manage to squeeze in another colour appointment until the baby comes, the colour will actually catch on nicely – note: on chemically processed blonde, darker colours tend to require more than one try for the shade to actually last.

Tools used in the process

This whole bronde trend is quite lovely in a sense that it allows blonde-lovers like myself to still have lovely light locks while also having naturally coloured roots and therefore if you are a low-maintainance kinda gal and hate going to the salon monthly for about two-three hours for you colour service this is the way to go! I must admit that at first I was very skeptical as I am a blonde-all-the-way kinda gal and I was afraid that going darker plus being hormonal will result in a catastrophe, but, to be completely honest with you, I have never left Maria’s Hair Studio sad or unsatisfied. Plus, I do love a change from time to time! Here’s what my colour-master used to get this amazing, natural, trendy colour:


Now, do not ask me how much of each she put into the magic mix that got me this amazing colour, all I can say is that she used nothing on the tips and only blended the colouring cream for about a minute before rinsing it all out. Not really touching the tips is one of my obsessions as I try and protect them as much as possible. And no, pregnancy has not helped with my hair nor with my skin and as I’ve stated in an earlier post I am not complaining as I have not experimented the bad side of pregnancy either. The process has a bit out of the box in my opinion as she knew she did not necessarily need to colour my tips in order to get this perfect bronde shade so she used foil for this natural sun kissed-highlights effect which I must confess I had serious doubts at the beginning.


The result

I now regret all those moments of doubt as I am way beyond in love with my new hair colour and if you really want to try this or any other colour trend with minimal damage to your hair you have to visit Maria’s Hair Studio as Maria’s first concern always is for the health of your natural hair and trying to do as little damage as possible while still giving you the desired result. The reason I am writing about this is because I was simply stunned yet again at how she managed to protect my natural fine hair while still giving me the desired result that most hairstylists give you with a full-length chemical colour. She amazes me and my hair with every single visit! I hope you love the end-result as much as I do!



New blue!

This Friday I decided on a bluer shade for my locks. As per usual, the preferred shades are from Joico with a bit of Instamatic blue from Wella. I’m never dying my hair without Olaplex, which does a wonderful job at protecting it during the whole chemical process! All the colour-works took place at my good friend’s salon, Maria’s Hair Studio. Hope you like the results!




As you’ve probably noticed, my hair is a lot lighter and greyer…Well, I did it! I’ve tried the product that’s causing a lot of rave online and offline! I’ve tried Olaplex and lived (well my hair lived) to tell the story. The thing is, I’ve always wanted sandy, greyish hair, but my natural undertone is orange, so I’ve never really had the courage to fulfil my dream until now. After reading tons and tons of reviews online about this little miracle worker, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. The only reason I’ve kept steer of the bleaching powder is because, to be quite honest, a few years back I had some highlights done with it and it completely ruined my hair. Yes, my hair is very fine and fragile! But, again, seeing all the rave this product gets, I decided to brave-up and go for a lighter whitish-grey for the summer.


I decided together with my stylist to get a balayage and then tone everything with a lavender toner. Fingers crossed, I took a seat on the chair and hoped that I wouldn’t leave with a pixie cut, cos God knows a pixie is the worst thing that could happen to me hair-wise! The first step was to put my regular colour (Joico) on my roots and go for a bleach on the ends. This entire first step was combined with the miraculous step 1 from the Olaplex system. At first I did feel a bit of a tingeling at the roots and I know that was due to the Olaplex solution as I never felt that before and we used the exact same combo of hair dye for them. That all passed in 5 minutes, and 20minutes later I could breathe again when my stylist told me that I still had hair on my head. I have to tell you that knowing for 20 minutes that I have used bleach on all of my hair except for the roots kept my heart from beating properly. I mean, will I still have any hair left at the end? Or will I have to start buying hair gel to style my new and unwanted pixie? Which one will it be? Thankfully, I still had some hair left.

The BEFORE photos

On to the next step of this system. This one consists in toning my hair with a beautiful lavender toner  from Wella called Instamatic that is supposed to get all the orange undertones neutralised and leave me with a beautiful grey colour. After another 20 minutes of hard breathing, as this was the second chemical process my hair was going through, I was greeted with good news again. Still had my hair on, and not a chance of getting the feared pixie. Yet!

During the process

We still had to apply the last in-salon step of the Olaplex system. After the hairstylist dried my hair with a towel, she applied the second part of the system and I spent another ten minutes while she applied heat waves onto it. She then rinsed it all out and dried my hair.

The result:

The colour was fabulous. It was everything I ever wanted, but I did however had to cut about 2 cm off my hair because as good as the Olaplex system was, it still wasn’t able to fully protect my hair. Like I said in the beginning, my hair is really sensitive and I was really in awe that this product managed to protect it for more than 90% of the length. As you can see in the before and after photos, there is a very big change in the tonality of the colour and even though through the years I’ve tried everything, that obnoxious orange undertone just wouldn’t go away. Now, thanks to Olaplex, I can finally have the grey undertone I’ve always wanted.

What it looks like on a very sunny day

Of course I bought the third step of the system and I plan to sleep with it on once a week as I’ve read that it is truly a miracle maker. I will not lie to you and tell you that my hair looks amazing after bleach and toning in the same day, but it surely looks and feels a lot better than it would’ve looked had I not used the Olaplex system. As a price point, this treatment will almost double your regular price per colour, but it is totally worth it and I don’t ever plan to colour my hair without it ever again.


I will keep you updated throughout the month and again after my next colour and I sincerely hope that I will never have to worry about a pixie ever in my life. D was really happy with the result, but he too says that my hair was a bit softer before the bleach. Maybe that will sort itself out after I sleep with the third step on for a whole night.