Back to basics…

No we did not succumb to this heat wave and gone commando for this photoshoot. The basics I’m talking about here are a few pieces that stand the test of time no matter what:

  • The denim shirtdress
  • The gold flats
  • The classic Converse sneakers


Honestly, when I spotted this old rag in my closet I was afraid that it would not fit me anymore as I think this was my first H&M piece of clothing, so it must be about 4-5 years old. I’m talking about the dress. Now the nice thing about a shirtdress is that you can either belt it or not, you can dress it up or down and basically, denim is a neutral colour. For these 30 minutes spent apart from the good old AC, we decided to go back to basics. Nothing fancy, just stuff that we had in our closet for at least one year. We literally are not wearing anything bought this year, or the year before – I think!



On me:

Dress – H&M; Flats – ASOS; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot; Belt – Massimo Dutti

Since it’s so hot outside, there’s no use in trying to look put together as that goes out the window the minute you step outside. As stated earlier, I wore a denim shirtdress from H&M and gold flat sandals from ASOS that I got 4 years ago while I was in London for my Master’s Degree. I decided to pair denim and gold with rich cognac brown, so I opted for my Michael Kors bag and Massimo Dutti belt. That’s it! No special pieces, just a bunch of old rags that were lying around in our dressing room.



On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Guess; Shoes – Converse; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also kept the old rag appearance and chose a Guess t-shirt to go with his (obviously!) H&M blue shorts. What other way to complete this basic look if not with his classic Chucks? Obviously, these sneaks stand the test of time, no matter what print or colour you have them in. I literally wore a pair until they got ripped apart. I think that this could probably be the best fashion investment, as no matter how beautiful Loubs are, you can wear Converse sneaks everywhere. Yes, even on the red carpet! A few celebs have been known to pair a haute couture dress with Chucks!

As for bling, neither of us really bothered. I wore my usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings, while D wore his Fossil brown leather bracelet. We both opted for our Tissot T-race watches simply because we couldn’t stand the feeling of either leather or metal bracelet. For some reason, rubber seems to be more ok! That being said, we were so glad that we survived yet another hot day!