The first three months in pictures…

As promised, we have put together a post with some photos we took from our first trimester of pregnancy. Also, the beautiful personalised mason jar in the featured photo is from a gift from our lovely friends at Atelier Funky Fresh. Check them out! They can do basically anything you like in terms of decorative personalised pieces!

First Month

Second Month

Third Month

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The first three months…

As you’ve probably noticed our posts tend to be in sets of threes lately and that is purely coincidental with the fact that soon there will be three of us posting here. No, in fact it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact that we have been gone a lot lately, our house is a mess as we are doing a bit of redecorating/ baby-proofing and my constant tiredness. Taking each of these into consideration you’ll have to excuse my lack of daily posts and I promise that as soon as I can I will be back on track.

Back on the topic of today’s post subject: the first trimester of pregnancy. This is solely my experience and so far I have come to the conclusion that everyone experiments this time totally different, but here it goes… For the first five weeks we were’t even been aware of the miracle that started to form inside me, no sickness, not much actually, except for a feeling of constant lack of energy which, beside a few painful episodes and my period being late, have convinced us that it was time for a medical check -up. You’ve read all about the very emotional news we got at the doctors’ in this post here, so I will just skip the first five weeks altogether as I feel that most women do not really acknowledge the pregnancy until later on.

For me, the first three months have been bliss, especially if I compare my experience with some other women’s first trimester. I did not get any sickness at all, morning or otherwise so that helped me function a bit better throughout the whole period. I did however experience episodes of extreme sleepiness to the point that I wasn’t able to drive anywhere. As a matter of fact, this has only changed well into my forth month, but it did get better in time. Nor did I experience any weird cravings, but I did feel the need to eat a bit more (bout 300-400 kcals extra), but luckily, I mostly craved vegetables and fruits. I’ve noticed that meat, in any form makes me sick, and I do not mean sick as in throw up, but sick as in it did not feel right for my digestive system (but I suffer from this for a few years now – so no surprise there). Therefore, if you ask me, my weight gain has been constant and I have gained 1 kg per month and it still goes at that rate right now.

I was very aware of the fact that the first trimester is full of risks so I did try and not overdo it, but despite that, sometime in my 9th week I experienced a bit of bleeding and this is where I think that all future moms should be very careful! When I looked it up online, dr. Google kept telling me that it was normal, but when I called my doctor he immediately gave me hormones and it’s good that he did as a week later, at the ultrasound we discovered a small hematoma near the baby that healed nicely thanks to the hormones, but if not treated properly, it could’ve cause us to loose the pregnancy! So there you have it: my relationship with dr. Google is finished forever! All future moms should stay clear of looking for medical stuff online! I took the nasty hormones for almost two weeks and I have to say that that was the period when I actually felt the worst, not physically, but emotionally. Those hormones made me feel horrible, either having a rage attack (luckily most of the times I was by myself) or being emotional af (which really sucked BIG!). Once I was done with them, my old self started to resurface and I was yet again being the happiest person alive!

Another annoying first trimester symptom was the constant bloating and feeling full. This is super uncomfortable because you feel and look like you are in your fifth month when in fact you barely past your second, and you have this constant feeling that it is because of all the food you are eating, when, in fact, there is not much extra food you are actually eating during this time. Also, because of the horrible bloat, not many clothes fit or look right and that tends to be a big blow to the morale of a pregnant woman that already is hormonal and emotional most of the time. I was very lucky because of my entire work arrangement. I have no idea if I’ve told you by now, but I work with and for my parents which left room to a big advantage right when I needed it most: I got to stay at home from the second month because of the fact that I was longer able to drive to work thanks to the constant sleepiness. This was a great gift especially during the bloated days, and no, I did not get bored at home, I loved every minute of sleeping during the day! Hey, I’m an only child, I never get bored of myself!

Despite me feeling amazing on the inside, my exterior looks had take an beating! I mean, maybe there is such a thing as a pregnancy glow, but all I got were greasy patches on my face, quite a few pimples that made me change my beauty routine and my thighs have become the paradise of cellulite. These are all symptoms of the hormonal changes happening in my body and can be reversed for the most part once I am ok after giving birth. I call all these changes the living proof that something amazing is happening inside my belly and I try as much as I can to either ignore them (I have become rather good at it) or embrace them. My beauty routine has switched from SEPHORA to the Pharmacy (more details in a Pregnancy Beauty post) and as for my cellulite, I try as good as I can to hide it either with clothes, a big SMILE (it takes everyone’s attention off it) or with the perfect non-toxic self tan from Vita Liberata (review here). To be honest, the best recipe is the self tanner!

The thing that most definitely contributed to my cellulite reserves, besides the hormones, is the fact that my doctor forbade me to go to the gym for the entire period of the pregnancy. He did allow me to go swimming, but since I am afraid of the water, all I am really doing, exercise wise, is to take a few long walks per week and right now to go through all my clothes and shoes in order to re-arrange the dressing room – the first steps to overhauling our house. This was a blow at the beginning, but since it is for my own good, I embraced it and I will use this as motivation for my post-baby body. All in all, I do understand where my doctor is coming from and I will never take any chances where my pregnancy is concerned. Aside from that, there is nothing that he forbade me to do, so I guess I am very lucky so far.

I did have a lot of medical investigations to make in the first trimester, most of them were blood investigations, and I did manage to pass them nicely. The first morphologic ultrasound was very good, and as a matter of fact the baby is a few days ahead than what we thought, possibly due to the fact that I have been relaxing and taking good care of my diet. We did travel a lot during the first trimester (Madrid – even though we were not aware at the time, Milan, Paris, Cluj, to the seaside a couple of times), and no, there were no problems because of that, as a matter of fact it feels nice to know that our bundle of joy was with us everywhere and that there were no incidents during or after the time. In fact, I think that the baby actually enjoyed all these short trips!

All in all, I can honestly say that this is the best period of my life! Do not get me wrong, 90% of the blame is on D as he has been the most amazing and perfect father-to-be! I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better husband and partner during this time. I am convinced that the fact that I have been feeling so great during this time is thanks to him and all his efforts! He understands me like no other, he doesn’t let me do anything in the house, all he lets me lift is a small bottle of water, he is there no matter what I need. This is really important during this period as thanks to him my spirits have been sky high!

We decided not to have one of those growing belly photoshoots that tracks how huge I am getting every month, but we do try and take as many pictures of ourselves throughout this period as I think that both of us will suffer some physical changes for the better. I will soon post a slideshow of photos from the first trimester to let you see how we have evolved during the time.



How we found out…

As said previously, we don’t really want this blog to turn into a pregnancy blog, but for my purpose only, I’d like to write down a few things about pregnancy throughout this amazing period in our lives. The first thing that I’d like to point out is that each pregnancy is different and my experience may be very different from yours so no judgement please…

The first five weeks of pregnancy we had no idea it actually existed as I had absolutely no symptoms except for a bit of constant bloating in my stomach which actually made me be more obsessed with my abs and therefore I ended up eating less than usual despite the fact that my body was craving for the most obnoxious things (chocolate and pretzels). I do have to be honest and recall two specific incidents, one during the night and another during the day, where I honestly thought that I suffered from ovarian cancer. Why? Well, never in my life, had I experienced any period pain or ovary pain, well not to the point where it actually bothered me much. But one night, at 3 a.m. I woke up because of a terrific pain in my lower right side, right where my right ovary is. I have never ever experienced such pain in my life and I honestly thought for about 10  minutes that I was going to die. Make no mistake, I didn’t think for a second that I should wake D up. 10 minutes later I was happily asleep next to him as the pain went away completely.

The next morning I decided to ignore the incident, but I promised myself that if it ever occurred again I’ll immediately make an appointment to my referred ob/gyn doctor. I say referred, because we have been trying for a baby for almost a year so I decided to look for someone specialised in these matters as opposed to my very good doctor that is specialised in something else. For the next week there was no more pain and I had almost forgot about the night incident, but boy was I sleepy. I mean, yes, I did use to wake up at 5:20 every morning, but never ever have I felt as sleepy as during that period. Remember that by this point we had no idea that a baby was baking inside me. I was sleepy to the point where I fell asleep while waiting at a stop light and I was woken up by a lot of angry honks around me. Thant’s when I decided that I definitely needed a change in my schedule, and I did that the very next day. With my new work-from-home schedule, I managed to get at least 12 hours of sleep every day, and I still needed more.

Then, the second episode of excruciating pain came. I remember it was during the day, and I was reading something on the internet when it hit me, hard and for another 10 minutes I couldn’t move much. That was the moment when I decided to not be a pussy and call my doctor, set up an appointment and take whatever this was head-first. The truth is, I was convinced that this was the sort of pain that ends up in a life changing result: either cancer or some other disease (I was 90% sure that it was that) or a baby (for some reason, I didn’t really think it was a baby involved). This just goes to prove that not all women feel when they are pregnant as it didn’t even cross my mind to do a pregnancy test at home. This only occurred to me when the doctor asked me prior to my ultrasound. Yes, I had absolutely no morning sickness, no sensitivity to any food or smell, nothing. Only a constantly bloated stomach which really bugged the hell out of me and I felt sleepier than I’ve ever felt before.

So here we were, at the doctors’, and I realised then and there that my period was a week late. For some reason that was the month when I hadn’t paid any attention to my calendar, it completely skipped my mind. I then realised that if I was late, then for sure I must have some life threatening disease. I have no idea why my mind was operating in such an idiotic manner and why it did not take into consideration the fact that this might just be the begging of the best period of my life. So there I was, ready to have my ultrasound that I, at the time, was sure that will reveal cancer, and the doctor started congratulating me an D and telling us that we are the proud parents of a five week bundle of joy. Needless to say that neither of us is the crying type, but there we were, in the doctor’s office, crying our eyes off. These were definitely happy tears that started without any of us actually planning them. I think that, to this point, this was the happiest day of our life.

More on the first three months in the next post!