Two years have passed…

Two years ago, on this day, I wore a lot of white pouffy veil and D wore the lightest coloured suit in his closet, and we both were younger and fatter!

So here’s the deal, to end the confusion, two years ago we had our religious ceremony, but, as a matter of fact, we signed the marriage license a year before (we’ll do an anniversary post on that too when the day comes). You’re probably wondering if I was pregnant or if we needed the benefit of being married… Well, none of those versions is right! We really wanted to have the date we met written in our marriage license (july) and ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a May bride. The only way that could happen, was if we had the two ceremonies a year apart. Today, we are celebrating the 2014 big wedding party, hence the white dress and the yellow bow-tie.



The past two years (all seven of them actually) have been the best anyone could ever ask for. I’m certain there will be many more to come, filled with joy, love, harmony and new adventures. Never in my life could I have imagined a better life partner to share with all my happiness and my sorrow. D always supports every idea I have, no matter how stupid it sounds and he always puts up with my crankyness and my moods. He never put down any of my ideas and always encouraged me and helped me to pursue every little dream.

The same went for our wedding party. Not once did he tell me that something I wanted wasn’t doable, on the contrary, he always did everything in his power to make sure that my exact vision would become reality. It is thanks to him and his constant support that I was able to have my dream wedding and I really hope that it fulfilled his expectations as well.



The entire party took us almost a year of planning because there were a lot of custom made details that usually implied a lot of handwork. A big help we had was our wedding planner that Marriott allocated for our event. She was really a miracle worker as a lot of the stuff I wanted was really specific. I had a very clear image in my mind on everything about the event, starting with the theme and ending with the napkin ribbons. Thanks to hubby dearest and our wedding planner, everything was in accordance to our ‘lemon-lime’ theme.
As opposed to the crystal clear picture I had in my mind regarding the decorations, the wedding dress was a real blur and three months before the event, I had no idea what I liked. That is until I went to Anca Maxim, that designed the dresses I wore for my civil ceremony, and she totally enlightened me and helped me find inspiration in one of Elie Saab‘s collections. I needed a custom made dress because I wanted it to perfectly match our theme, therefore, we had a yellow bow attached on the corset. I will be forever thankful to mrs. Maxim for making my dream dress a reality! The craftmanship and the tailoring were superb and I was sad to realize that I was only going to wear the dress for that one event. D got his suit custom made at Ego. We chose them simply because they’re the best at customizing suits. Since our theme required a certain colour combo, we needed the best and, honestly, working with them, we really felt like they are the best at what they do!



The obvious shoe choice for me was Christian Louboutin. The only problem with that was that he had nothing green in the current collection, but I had my eye on the Rosazissimo sandal for a long time. Finding the only green pair online, and in my size alone, made me think that those shoes were meant for me! As with all my Loubs, these sandals being 100mm heels were perfect for dancing an partying for more than 12 hours. D had his shoes custom made at Mihaela Glavan because finding the perfect combo of shape, colour and comfort was virtually impossible. Since my shoes were green, his had to have at least a little yellow in them, so we opted for a grey-yellow combo.
Since it was our wedding, we needed to have Converse sneakers in it no matter what! Custom made Converse, that is! Luckily, at the time we were planning the wedding, my best friend was in New York and we were able to have her send them to me as Converse doesn’t ship to Romania.


The photos you see here were take by our favourite wedding photographer, Constantin Butuc, in Balcik for our ‘Trash the Dress’ photoshoot. Maybe next year, I’ll upload some photos from the actual wedding party and we’ll discuss a bit about caterers, decorators and florists.
I will stop rambling now as today we have a lot of celebrating to do, so we’ll probably be rather busy toasting for amazing years to come!


Wedding season is officially open!

Finally back to not seeing noises anymore, so I managed to sort out the photos we took right before arriving at the wedding/baptism party.


Since it started at 3:30 p.m. D and I decided against a fully formal attire. We made that decision based on the way a formal dress looks at noon with the sun helping it sparkle more than it should. That doesn’t mean we ended up looking like party crashers coming straight from the office. We were more on the cocktail look side.



The theme I settled upon that morning was ‘midnight -nude’. I just love pairing nude items with strong colours. As a result, I opted for my newly bought ZARA skirt and a dark-blue sheer blouse. Neither of these two items is work appropriate. As you can see from the photos, the skirt is lingerie inspired which seems to be the look of the hour right now, and the top is silky sheer. I love it whenever I get to wear items as comfortable as these. This lingerie trend is so, so lovely and I can’t wait to find that perfect dress/slip to wear all summer with my denim jacket.



On me:

Skirt – ZARA; Shirt – no idea but I’ve looked for an alternative from ZARA; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski and Pandora; Sunglasses – Gucci; Watch – Daniel Wellington

By the end of the evening I had made up my mind, I wanted more skirts like this one in a variety of colours. Since ZARA only has this blush shade for sale, I have to find a good seamstress. That being said, the only thing I didn’t really like about my outfit-and I realised it 5 mins before going out the door- is the fact that both my skirt and my blouse had a bow detail. In my opinion that is a big no-no, but it was too late to change, and I can’t stand being late. 



On D:

Shirt – London Tailors; Pants – EGO; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

I finished the outfit with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Spikes in Scarabe (which is basically a dark-blue with green undertones) and my dark-blue Furla mini Metropolis. Once again I reached the conclusion that Pigalles are the most comfortable stilettos out there. 

Since I went for a nude-dark blue combo, D had to comply and he ended up having to go and buy a nude shirt that morning from London Tailors after two hours of desperately texting with me via whatsapp, as apparently a nude shirt is not that popular. I loved that he picked this one (actually it was the only one he found) because it’s got a great texture. His pants are from EGO and he got them last year for his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately you can’t find that store anymore. First of all, I love these pants because of the way they fit him. The tailoring is just superb. Another thing we both love about these pants are all the coloured details – buttons, sewing, pockets. He also wore his Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes, because he didn’t really want to go too formal with suit shoes. Obviously he didn’t have a bag.

We both kept our accessories to a minimum because this was a daytime event. We both wore our Daniel Wellington watches mainly because the coloured straps matched out theme. I also wore my Swarovski bracelets and ring and a Pandora ring. He wore his Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets. I wanted to keep it down with my accessories because the shoes were eye catching and I didn’t want to be too flashy. Looking at the photos now, I realise that we looked like a chess board (again) as I wore the darker shade on top and he wore the lighter shade on the bottom. 


This was definitely the most comfortable we’ve ever felt at a baptism/wedding event and I think that’s part of the reason we had such a great time. No corsets to keep me down, and no bow-tie to suffocate D. Overall, the event was a very successful one, at least from our point of view, the food was great, the music was very good and the group of people we interacted with was a lot of fun. I honestly think this was one of the best weddings we’ve ever been to.