We finally review a rose wine! As previous said, we do have a lot of rose wines that we love, so choosing the first one to blog about was pretty hard. So hard actually, that throughout the entire week we organised a rose-wine contest, and for the purpose of keeping the integrity of the wine posts, we had to drink a different bottle of rose each evening. It was a hard task, but somebody had to do it! We finally chose our absolute favourite, and shocking as it is, this is not a Romanian wine, but an Austrian one!

I’m talking about Kracher Rose. This is a typical Austrian rose, made out of Zweigelt grapes. I would say the first thing that struck me about this one is the freshness you feel once you take the first sip. It’s actually fresher than many whites I’ve tried and I loved the fact that it is a bit sparkly as well. This is definitely a summer wine!

The smell is quite intense for a rose, with hints of wild roses, strawberries and even wild cherries if you spend enough time smelling it. The colour, as you can see from the photos is very pleasant and clear, almost pastel, but you can figure out just by looking at it that this is quite aromatic for a rose wine.

It comes from the Burgerland area in Austria, which is a well-known winery area, located on the east side of the Neusiedl Lake. Apparently this area is almost always covered in a thick layer of fog, which I guess makes it such a good area for wines. This is definitely not our first Austrian wine, as we love them quite a lot, almost as much as Romanian wines. This rose is, for sure, our favourite rose and we recommend it with cheese (of course!) or with white meat.


This one is actually quite hard to find, being from 2012, and being such a good wine. You definitely won’t find it on the official site, but you can still find it lost in some small wine shops (like we did!).


We will review some other great roses in the near future, especially since we organised that drinking contest during which we did taste some really good wines. We hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed choosing it!



A bit of Sauvignon…

Since alcoholic weekend is here (aren’t they all alcoholic?) we prepared another good wine to try out. We first tasted this wine a couple of summers ago and both of us were pleasantly surprised by it. I personally prefer Chardonnay anytime to a Sauvignon Blanc as in my opinion the latter is less crisp (yup, the crispiness again). This one however is really really good.


Unlike the usual Sauvignon Blanc, and I’m not talking about cheap supermarket wines, this one from Liliac has a fresh-fruity smell that almost prepares you for its crisp character. If you have a really sensitive nose you can almost feel hints on elderflower in it. Once you taste it, the first surprising thing about it is the acidity of the wine, which is really strong for this type of wine, in which case, if you don’t really like frizzy wines you should skip this one. Since we tried it on a hot summer wine, this aspect was a very nice surprise. Taste-wise it’s definitely not as crisp as a good Chardonnay, but that being my choice of wine one (D) could argue that I’m biased, but this is definitely and without any doubt better than any other Sauvignon Blanc I’ve ever tried. I’d say the taste at first is tropical, but it does leave a long citric aftertaste which I think is the reason why I like it so much. It clearly has a very interesting bouquet. It reminds me of a Tuscan wine I tried 10 years ago (yes, before the D-era).

Again, this is a wine from Transylvania, northern Transylvania actually, this being an area that has a long-long history of winemaking. This winery has such good wines partly thanks to their winemaker, an Austrian, Rudolf Kirzan.

It is recommended that you chill this wine at 10 degrees C, just like any other good white, and according to their suggestion, you should enjoy it alongside Mediterranean (hence my Tuscan reminder) and Asian food. As you can see, I don’t really value their opinion, and we had it with a cheese plate, partially because I was in charge of dinner, and when I’m in charge, we eat cheese. 


In my personal opinion the 2013 version was a bit better (it’s the one we originally tried), but apparently 2013 was ‘wine year’ (if wine lovers would have a horoscope of their own). Unfortunately, you can’t find the 2014 online either, but you can find it, like we did, in specialised wine stores. It always seems like Liliac wines run off the shelves.

Browsing through their site I noticed that they’ve released the Summer versions, Young Fresh, Young Fruity and the new Young Rose (they didn’t have a rose version last year) so I immediately called D to order them, as last year’s Young versions were really really good and they were out of stock within a month, so I suggest you start ordering as even though this is a light wine for summer, you won’t find it in store by summer. This just goes to prove the mastery of their wine maker, he can come up with a very good and very affordable (silly affordable for the quality you get, but I guess that’s how they keep us hooked on their wines) wine each year.IMG_0847

Again, I’d like to insist on the fact that we are not alcoholics and that we do enjoy a good glass of wine (or two) each evening!