Bringing back memories…

The memories I am talking about here are from the night D and I first kissed… Nope, we are not celebrating anything, other than each other every single day, it’s the DRESS! This is the dress I was wearing that night, so yes, this is old, and yes again, no chance of finding it online – but I found something similar. I have no idea if I should be happy or sad that it still fits me exactly the same, despite being a week short from entering the fifth month of pregnancy. I do have to admit that I am quite proud that I was not forced to buy any new clothes until now, well not for the pregnancy, anyway, and I haven’t yet changed clothing sizes, but this dress fits me all too well around the belly and, even though I know that I was a bit fatter back then, I still can’t explain this.


While I was looking in my closet that morning and decided to wear this dress, I admit that I was a bit scared that it will either be too small or it will be a bit to tight to wear for an entire afternoon. You can imagine my surprise when I realised that it fitted me just right. I do not mean to sound annoying, as I do realise that from this point on I should really start gaining weigh, but you have to believe me when I tell you that most of the time I feel so overweight and huge – but more on that in the following pregnancy post – and it is a sort of personal victory when I realise that my old clothes still fit me right. Anyway, being all excited that this dress fits me just right I went from there and decided on the colour theme: blue and yellow.



On me:

Dress – KOTON; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Swarovski, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Sunglasses – Dior; Watch – Longines

Yes, I know that I mentioned a few (to say the least) times that this is one of my favourite combos and I am sure you are a bit tired of this combo judging by the amount of fashion posts we’ve had wearing these two colours so far, but I can’t really help it! Right, so, the ancient dress is from KOTON and what really drew me to it back then and makes me come back to it nowadays is the intense colour and the cut. I just love this cut, it makes me feel like a princess, like I’m 6 all over again when my mother used to dress me up like a living doll. I guess all that is due to the big bow at the back and the bare shoulders, two things I absolutely love about any dress. Or at least I used to love when I was still going to the gym and had a nice pair of shoulders. 



On D:

T-shirt – Hugo Boss; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Mango; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines

As with most of my outfits, I paired the rather cheap dress with a pair of fabulous yellow Pigalles by Christian Louboutin and a gold bag by Michael Kors. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure that I will make it the entire afternoon wearing 100 mm heels, but my Loubs did not disappoint me and 6 hours later I was still  feeling great wearing them. Being an afternoon event, I wore my Dior sunglasses, because I have to take advantage of the last rays of sun as autumn will soon be here. I also wore two bangles from Swarovski and my rings from Pandora and Tomorrowland.

D really enjoys this colour scheme so he went along happily. As a matter of fact, I think that he is to blame for it entirely as a day before he informed me that he would like to wear his new T-shirt from Hugo Boss that I just got him and a pair of Zara pants (he let me choose which ones, but he only has them in different shades of blue). Knowing how much he loves this combo I honestly think that it’s because of him that we ended up wearing what we did. He also wore his Mango espadrilles because they were yellow and his omnipresent Fossil bracelet. We both decided on wearing out Longines watches mainly because of the dark blue dial.


I have to say that the afternoon was a lot of fun and in some ways a learning experience for us as we went to a little girl’s birthday celebration. Wearing the dress again and seeing that it still fits me really tamed down the ‘fat demons’ for a while and brought back some cherished memories for both of us.





Army Brats…

Taking this photoshoot to the woods and dressing accordingly. This post will be like some of those ‘Sunday posts’ where there will be barely any text as we are on the road to the greatest festival of the summer – UNTOLD, so not much time for texting as a full day on the road awaits us, but I didn’t want to stop posting.In other words, if you want a live update on what’s happening at UNTOLD, you should check our Facebook page as well as out Instagram accounts (L and D).


Back to this short fashion post. This is exactly the type of dress that will carry me through a good chunk of autumn despite the fact that it is a summer piece. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it online anymore, but I did get it from Mango and I linked an alternative. Why it’s ok to wear it in autumn as well? Well first of all the colour, just imagine it paired with oxblood tights and wellington boots or high-heeled booties. Then there’s the fabric which is kinda thick but also kinda flow-y. And lastly, you can just ignore that fact that it doesn’t provide any arm heat as you can either wear it over a blouse or layer a cardigan. I will definitely shoot it during this autumn as well just to prove a point. Another great thing about it is the fact that it has got room, I honestly think that it can carry my up until the seventh month of the pregnancy.



On me:

Dress – Mango; Shoes – Mango; Bag – Mango; Bling – Swarovski, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot

Looks like lately I’ve been obsessed with wedges, because let’s be honest, whenever we feel like we gained a few kgs, no matter the reason, we immediately want to look taller and wedges are the the perfect compromise between height and comfort. These wedges are also from Mango, and come to think about it, my entire outfit is from Mango as the bag is also Mango. Well, you can’t beat a great discount and great quality!



On D:

T-shirt – Mango; Shorts – Scotch and Soda; Shoes – VAS; Bling – Constantin Nautics; Watch – Tissot

D also wanted to get lost in the scenery and went for a kaki green outfit. Despite the fact that he didn’t wear a full Mango outfit, he did wear a Mango t-shirt. Apparently we are Mango addicts! His shorts are one of my favourites and they are from Scotch and Soda and I think that he should buy more shorts from them as opposed from H&M. For comfort reasons and because it was hot as hell when we took these photos, he wore his VAS flip-flops, decision which he immediately regretted as a forest environment and flip-flops do not go well together.

Accessories-wise, I opted for a gold Swarovski bracelet while D opted for his latest Constantin Nautics obsession bracelet. I also wore a multitude of rings including my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings and we both wore out Tissot watches.

Although this was supposed to be a short, barely-any-text post, apparently I can’t stop rambling and this turned out to be a rather decent sized post. I will try and keep it short the next time I will be writing on the road. Do not forget to follow our UNTOLD experience while also reading out posts!




Favourite so far…

I think I have found my favourite dress/ caftan in the whole world. First of all, with all this getting fat around all the places that I’ve been busting my ass to avoid, I feel like there’s not much that works well with my newly acquired curves. This caftan is different though, it just hides everything that needs hiding and only shows the best you’ve got. Although I’ve always wanted a caftan, for some reason I never got around to actually buying one until this summer in Milan. But I will not stop at this one, NO!


I will make it my goal to find as many beautiful caftans as possible this summer. Well, especially this summer, as I really need them to make me look my best given the new fattening circumstances…As for the colour theme of this photoshoot, the full blue look occurred by chance and has nothing to do with what our baby will be. I just needed to get that out of the way in order ton proceed to the actual fashion post at hand.



On me:

Dress – Luisa Spagnoli; Sandals – Love Moschino (alternative); Bag – Mihaela Glavan; Bling – Swarovski, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Sunglasses – Dior; Watch – Tissot

Have I ever told you how much I love the blue, turquoise and yellow combo? Well, let me just insist on the fact that in my opinion there is no other combo that screams long summer days more than this one. Like, seriously, there’s nothing better! And, not to brag, but this caftan has all these amazing summer colours combined to perfection, AND (drumroll), D was the one that actually found it at Luisa Spagnoli while we were in Milan. I have to admit that I was very surprised of his find because this is one of my mother favourite shops and we were actually in it trying to find something for her. Obviously, this does not mean that I do not have more stuff from Luisa Spagnoli, it just means that I am surprised that D found the perfect caftan for me there in less than 2 mins.


On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren; Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren; Bling – Constantin Nautics; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban; Watch – Tissot

I was totally inspired and decided to wear it on yet another hot, hot, day in Bucharest and I paired it with my yellow Love Moschino bow sandals that I’ve had for ages and that I couldn’t find anywhere online. The reason I chose yellow sandals is the fact that this outfit needed just a bit more yellow in it to prove my colour point. I also chose my Mihaela Glavan gold clutch bag and the huge turquoise Swarovski cocktail ring alongside my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings. I kept my hair neat with a simple low pony as I always do whenever a big print is involved. Obviously, my Dior sunglasses couldn’t miss this sunny day.

D also opted for a turquoise and blue combo, but he skipped the yellow, well at least he tried, but he still had a hint of sunny coloured yellow on his Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. His polo of choice for the day is also from Polo Ralph Lauren and his shorts are, quite obviously H&M. Maybe I should start making him shop at different stores for a change. He couldn’t be bothered with much accessorising so he only wore a Constantin Nautics bracelet and his aviator Ray-Bans. We both kept kept in line with our Tissot obsession and wore our T-race watches.


This, is so far, my favourite pregnancy look and I am going to try and find some more similar clothes for this summer and maybe stretch it until early autumn. I will keep you photo updated on my quest for the perfect caftans!





Two years have passed…

Two years ago, on this day, I wore a lot of white pouffy veil and D wore the lightest coloured suit in his closet, and we both were younger and fatter!

So here’s the deal, to end the confusion, two years ago we had our religious ceremony, but, as a matter of fact, we signed the marriage license a year before (we’ll do an anniversary post on that too when the day comes). You’re probably wondering if I was pregnant or if we needed the benefit of being married… Well, none of those versions is right! We really wanted to have the date we met written in our marriage license (july) and ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a May bride. The only way that could happen, was if we had the two ceremonies a year apart. Today, we are celebrating the 2014 big wedding party, hence the white dress and the yellow bow-tie.



The past two years (all seven of them actually) have been the best anyone could ever ask for. I’m certain there will be many more to come, filled with joy, love, harmony and new adventures. Never in my life could I have imagined a better life partner to share with all my happiness and my sorrow. D always supports every idea I have, no matter how stupid it sounds and he always puts up with my crankyness and my moods. He never put down any of my ideas and always encouraged me and helped me to pursue every little dream.

The same went for our wedding party. Not once did he tell me that something I wanted wasn’t doable, on the contrary, he always did everything in his power to make sure that my exact vision would become reality. It is thanks to him and his constant support that I was able to have my dream wedding and I really hope that it fulfilled his expectations as well.



The entire party took us almost a year of planning because there were a lot of custom made details that usually implied a lot of handwork. A big help we had was our wedding planner that Marriott allocated for our event. She was really a miracle worker as a lot of the stuff I wanted was really specific. I had a very clear image in my mind on everything about the event, starting with the theme and ending with the napkin ribbons. Thanks to hubby dearest and our wedding planner, everything was in accordance to our ‘lemon-lime’ theme.
As opposed to the crystal clear picture I had in my mind regarding the decorations, the wedding dress was a real blur and three months before the event, I had no idea what I liked. That is until I went to Anca Maxim, that designed the dresses I wore for my civil ceremony, and she totally enlightened me and helped me find inspiration in one of Elie Saab‘s collections. I needed a custom made dress because I wanted it to perfectly match our theme, therefore, we had a yellow bow attached on the corset. I will be forever thankful to mrs. Maxim for making my dream dress a reality! The craftmanship and the tailoring were superb and I was sad to realize that I was only going to wear the dress for that one event. D got his suit custom made at Ego. We chose them simply because they’re the best at customizing suits. Since our theme required a certain colour combo, we needed the best and, honestly, working with them, we really felt like they are the best at what they do!



The obvious shoe choice for me was Christian Louboutin. The only problem with that was that he had nothing green in the current collection, but I had my eye on the Rosazissimo sandal for a long time. Finding the only green pair online, and in my size alone, made me think that those shoes were meant for me! As with all my Loubs, these sandals being 100mm heels were perfect for dancing an partying for more than 12 hours. D had his shoes custom made at Mihaela Glavan because finding the perfect combo of shape, colour and comfort was virtually impossible. Since my shoes were green, his had to have at least a little yellow in them, so we opted for a grey-yellow combo.
Since it was our wedding, we needed to have Converse sneakers in it no matter what! Custom made Converse, that is! Luckily, at the time we were planning the wedding, my best friend was in New York and we were able to have her send them to me as Converse doesn’t ship to Romania.


The photos you see here were take by our favourite wedding photographer, Constantin Butuc, in Balcik for our ‘Trash the Dress’ photoshoot. Maybe next year, I’ll upload some photos from the actual wedding party and we’ll discuss a bit about caterers, decorators and florists.
I will stop rambling now as today we have a lot of celebrating to do, so we’ll probably be rather busy toasting for amazing years to come!


Birthday afternoon…

As you’ve figured out by now, yesterday was D‘s birthday, and quite frankly that was the first Monday of 2016 that was actually nice. After work, I decided to use this as an excuse for a lovely afternoon. Since we take photos most days, I was determined to do a birthday photoshoot, so when we’ll be old and wrinkly and nobody will belive how stylish and good looking we used to be, we’ll have these pics to prove it.


Since Mondays are usually unbearably busy, I only had time to do a top-bum in order to look decent in pics. We did however take the time to do a little matchy-matchy in light blue and white. This is yet another combo I’ve started to love and it seems to be quite fashionable these days. I did go a bit out of trend with my lilac Metropolis bag from Furla. Even though it was D‘s birthday, he still made time in his busy schedule to stop on the way home and buy me the lovely white tulips bouquet you can spot in the photos.



On me:
Blouse – Mango; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

Even though it was a mad day, I decided to make my feet suffer even more with this lovely pair of 120 mm white python Louboutins (killer heels!). Although I love these shoes a lot, whenever I wear them I have to constantly repeat to myself ‘small steps, you’re not in a hurry!’ just to keep myself from falling down. Like I said at some point in an earlier post, this year I’m determined to learn how to walk casually in skyscraper heels (I’m usually feeling most comfortable in 100 mm heels). The top is from Mango (real shocker! It’s not from ZARA!) and although the embroidery and the overall light feeling of it is lovely, I had to constantly arrange it so that people wouldn’t see my (yes, lovely!) lace LaPerla bra. I think I’m going to make the most of this top during our seaside vacations with a swimsuit top underneath it.



On D:
Shirt – H&M; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Longines

D opted for his light blue striped pants from ZARA and a white shirt from H&M. Though it might seem that you have seen this shirt again, it’s actually new, but my man decided to start buying doubles. His condition is starting to be worst than mine actually, as, at least, I tend to buy doubles in different colours, whether he started buying identical doubles. He does have a point, however, where this shirt is concerned, as it is very comfortable, extremely affordable, the tailoring is rather good and you can never have too many white shirts. Still, as many arguments (good ones) as he might have, I’m still going to use this against him when I’ll buy a new pair of Pigalles.

We both wore our Longines Hydroconquest watches as D doesn’t seem to want to take his off. I don’t really blame him, as it is one of my birthday presents for him and we can now proudly say that we managed to pair our Longines (I got mine for my birthday, so I really wanted to be able to get his asap). Normally we buy all our watches in pairs, but for my birthday he decided to surprise me, so I returned the favour and he really wasn’t expecting it.

I wore my Swarovski cocktail ring paired with my two daily rings from Pandora an Tomorrowland, while D wore his Constantin Nautics and fossil bracelets. I’m never mentioning our wedding rings mainly because we always have them on and I don’t really consider tham fashion accessories.
We ate a late lunch/early dinner at a lovely, lovely place that deserves an entire post, so I’m not going to tell you here about it, but I hope to have it done by tomorrow or Thursday, but I can say that it’s a must-try in Bucharest!
We ended D‘s birthday with a glass (bottle) of amazing (AMAZING!) wine, but more on that on Friday. I was delighted to see that D had a lovely time on his birthday, even though it was on a Monday.

Wedding season is officially open!

Finally back to not seeing noises anymore, so I managed to sort out the photos we took right before arriving at the wedding/baptism party.


Since it started at 3:30 p.m. D and I decided against a fully formal attire. We made that decision based on the way a formal dress looks at noon with the sun helping it sparkle more than it should. That doesn’t mean we ended up looking like party crashers coming straight from the office. We were more on the cocktail look side.



The theme I settled upon that morning was ‘midnight -nude’. I just love pairing nude items with strong colours. As a result, I opted for my newly bought ZARA skirt and a dark-blue sheer blouse. Neither of these two items is work appropriate. As you can see from the photos, the skirt is lingerie inspired which seems to be the look of the hour right now, and the top is silky sheer. I love it whenever I get to wear items as comfortable as these. This lingerie trend is so, so lovely and I can’t wait to find that perfect dress/slip to wear all summer with my denim jacket.



On me:

Skirt – ZARA; Shirt – no idea but I’ve looked for an alternative from ZARA; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski and Pandora; Sunglasses – Gucci; Watch – Daniel Wellington

By the end of the evening I had made up my mind, I wanted more skirts like this one in a variety of colours. Since ZARA only has this blush shade for sale, I have to find a good seamstress. That being said, the only thing I didn’t really like about my outfit-and I realised it 5 mins before going out the door- is the fact that both my skirt and my blouse had a bow detail. In my opinion that is a big no-no, but it was too late to change, and I can’t stand being late. 



On D:

Shirt – London Tailors; Pants – EGO; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

I finished the outfit with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Spikes in Scarabe (which is basically a dark-blue with green undertones) and my dark-blue Furla mini Metropolis. Once again I reached the conclusion that Pigalles are the most comfortable stilettos out there. 

Since I went for a nude-dark blue combo, D had to comply and he ended up having to go and buy a nude shirt that morning from London Tailors after two hours of desperately texting with me via whatsapp, as apparently a nude shirt is not that popular. I loved that he picked this one (actually it was the only one he found) because it’s got a great texture. His pants are from EGO and he got them last year for his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately you can’t find that store anymore. First of all, I love these pants because of the way they fit him. The tailoring is just superb. Another thing we both love about these pants are all the coloured details – buttons, sewing, pockets. He also wore his Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes, because he didn’t really want to go too formal with suit shoes. Obviously he didn’t have a bag.

We both kept our accessories to a minimum because this was a daytime event. We both wore our Daniel Wellington watches mainly because the coloured straps matched out theme. I also wore my Swarovski bracelets and ring and a Pandora ring. He wore his Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets. I wanted to keep it down with my accessories because the shoes were eye catching and I didn’t want to be too flashy. Looking at the photos now, I realise that we looked like a chess board (again) as I wore the darker shade on top and he wore the lighter shade on the bottom. 


This was definitely the most comfortable we’ve ever felt at a baptism/wedding event and I think that’s part of the reason we had such a great time. No corsets to keep me down, and no bow-tie to suffocate D. Overall, the event was a very successful one, at least from our point of view, the food was great, the music was very good and the group of people we interacted with was a lot of fun. I honestly think this was one of the best weddings we’ve ever been to.


Baptism/Wedding Preview


As you probably know by now, if you follow me on Instagram, we were at a baptism/wedding last night. As much as I would’ve loved to be able to do a full fashion post o it today, the truth is that:

  1. I’m seeing sounds today – but that’s a good thing as it means that we had a great time last night;
  2. Since we did have such a great time last night, we woke up at 3 p.m. today so I didn’t get a chance to actually view the photos we took yesterday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did however take some pics on my phone and I do want to keep you updated with all our activities, so this is a small preview of what happened last night, with the hopes that by tomorrow I’ll have the full post ready.

Wish you all a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

L. & D.

Dressing them up…or down!

Remember the pistachio green pants from ZARA? The ones ideally tailored both for the office as well as for the weekend? Naturally, as I told you, I bought them in beige as well. I know, shocker! The other day, the opportunity presented itself, and I wore them both at the office and for a relaxing afternoon with D.

The versatility of these pants is incredible! Since I actually had some work that day at the office, I decided to pair them with my Fifi nude pumps from Christian Louboutin, because hey, a nude pair of pumps always does the trick, and a blouse from (drumroll!) ZARA. Since taking long walks in Bucharest in Loubs is a profanity (for the integrity of the shoes) I also left home with a pair of Converse sneaks and a t-shirt, thinking that I’ll finish all my stuff in time to change before D arrives to save me from work. Of course time decided to fly past me that day and I did’t get a chance to actually change before our casual afternoon so I decided to snap a few pics of my office attire and then, like a 12 yo I changed in D‘s car (luckily all the windows are tinted).



Blouse – ZARA; Pants – ZARA; Bag – Moschino; Shoes – Fifi Christian Louboutin; Bracelets – Swarovski, Ring – Swarovski; Sunglasses – Gucci

The bag I wore at work is from Moschino and it’s a go-to bag as it’s neutral both colour-wise as well as shape-wise and works well both for the office and for a semi-casual dinner with friends. I wore the exact same jewellery for both outfits from Swarovski.

Moving along to the casual outfit. I kept the pants, put on my neon velcro Converse that I got from the kids section (I always wanted a pair of velcro sneaks), changed the top and the bag. The t-shirt is from H&M and I bought it three years ago from their Conscious Collection. As it turns out, I have a lot of stuff from their Conscious Collections that I bought throughout the years. I like it a lot as it can easily pass as a blouse if I put a blazer over it and I think that’s thanks to the embroidered hem. The bag I received as a present from close friends and it’s made by Beaucoupzero. This guy is a digital artist that expanded his horizons and now has quite a few items in his collection featuring his art (bags,laptop cases, toys, etc). Most of the wall art in our house is done by him so you can also get his designs on canvas.



T-shirt – H&M; Pants – ZARA; Bag – Beaucoupzero; Shoes – Converse; Bracelets – Swarovski; Ring – Swarovski; Sunglasses – Woodworks 

I did change my sunglasses for the second outfit, as I always have a pair of spare sunglasses in D‘s car. For work I wore my Gucci shades and in the afternoon I changed them with my WoodWorks pair I got from Innsbruck last year. Overall it took me about two minutes to go from a polished look to a more casual look appropriate for a lazy afternoon.

We stumbled upon a sushi place at some point and we decided to have lunch…late lunch actually and since it was late we only ate a cheese-plate (guess I was in charge of the menu). The place is called AI and it’s very chill and the cheese plate was great.

That kind of afternoon is actually like a unicorn for us as we rarely ever get an afternoon-off. We usually either work or run errands, but I am so glad we managed to squeeze a few relaxing hours into our schedule and that the weather was lovely. We had a great time as usual.


P.S.: Since most of the stuff I’m wearing is older than a season and I couldn’t find the pieces online, I linked some similar stuff.




we found an evenly matched bridge!

This weekend we decided to run away…to the seaside, since we both had that on our minds since Thursday! Most of what I’m wearing is new, so this time, when you click on a link you’ll find those exact pieces… I really love this yellow-dark blue combo and hope with all my heart that the Fashion-fairy considers this colour scheme a winner for this summer!

I will stop the rambling right now, cos this isn’t supposed to be a text-posting, and just let you enjoy our photos taken by D.



One more thing, I didn’t struggle with this hat as much and I think I’m getting the handle on wearing hats!



On me:

Top – ZARA

Pants – ZARA

Bag – Furla

Shoes – Christian Louboutin Pigalle in Epi D’or

Bracelets – Swarovski

Rings – Swarovski

Watch – Longines

Hat – I got it from the airport about three years ago…



On D:

T-shirt – Lacoste

Jeans – Replay

Shoes – Converse John Varvatos (from the 2015 capsule collection)

Watch – Casio Edifice Red Bull Infinity Limited Edition 2015

I really can’t wait for those long summer days on the beach, sipping wine and enjoying each others’ company!



Seaside vibes…

Boy, was today a weird day…but at least D and I matched in the fashion department. Since the last couple of days it has been really warm outside, like summer-warm, about 30 degrees C, my mind kept drifting off to the seaside…so, what better way to make it feel like I’m near the sea than dark blue stripes. The only difference between this outfit worn at the office and the same outfit worn last summer (no clothing items from this season in this post either) is the fact that today I’m wearing stilettos. I love this combo a lot, and I’ve done it a hundred times, sure, different items, I’m talking about the blue and white striped combo. As D leaves home after me (sometimes he even wakes up after I leave) I was very happy when he sent me a pic from the office and I realised that our outfits matched colour-wise. Of course that’s because great minds think alike!

Back to the outfits! The top and pants are both from ZARA (I seem to have a lot of stuff for the office from them) and I think that’s my favourite white top. The blazer is from H&M and the bling is from Swarovski. See that ring? I have it in pink as well (of course) because I couldn’t resist. Let me tell you about the bag, it’s Michael by Michael Kors and I got it for a very low price on The Outnet. This is an online store with designer clothes that are up to 80% off. As this bag, in my opinion has a great shape and is white, I think it’s going to be one of those pieces that I’ll wear forever (or until I see another white bag). The shoes are Christian Louboutin, the So Kate 120 in denim. I have to mention that spending an entire day at work on 12cm stilettos almost got me in tears…but they look great and I have to grow-up (literally) and learn how to walk in 12cm heels all day. That’s on my bucket list for 2016.



D decided, like me, on an almost entire ZARA outfit – told you that great minds think alike! Apparently we are loyal customers. The shoes are Condor Custom Made and the belt is Damat. To be honest, I love the fact that he is such a great dresser, he sometimes dresses better than me. I can always count on him to look appropriate in any situation and he never ever needs me to show him what to wear (most men do!).


Anyway, when we met to take these photos I felt as though the whole horrible day I had at work happened ages ago. He has that effect on me every time!