Morning Sun…

I love early morning sunshine, but it can be a real bitch where photos are concerned. We managed to shoot on a perfect autumn day: clear skies, breezy temps and lots of wonderful colours in the trees. I just hope we’ll be able to have at least one day per week of this perfect weather so we can shoot the growing baby bump and keep track of my expanding body. By now the little princess seems to be very, very active and  sometimes I just want to sit still and enjoy her little movements and that can sometime be a deferral from taking photos or any other activities.


What can I say about today’s fashion choices. Obviously I love the way I feel in my thigh high boots and I have to say, these are really comfortable and give me bit o height to counterbalance the extra kgs I’ve acquired during the last 6 months. It seems that I am more and more prone to wearing heeled shoes just so I can seem just a bit taller and leaner that I actually do. I am quite sure that by the end of this trimester I will care less and less about that and more and more about being comfortable and luckily for me, UGG season is approaching fast and there’s nothing more comfortable than a cozy pair of UGGs!



On me:

Skirt – Herve Leger; Blouse – Mango; Vest – H&M; Boots – Rachel Zoe; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Swarovski (bracelet 1, bracelet 2 and ring); Watch – Tissot

I know that we should dress in pink as often as possible, since we are having a girl, but as long as we did not buy anything pink for her or her nursery thus far I think we can safely say that we are not going to turn into pink bundles of joy all together. This time the combo of choice was black (for obvious reasons) and blue. I love wearing this combo and I though I’d take advantage of the fact that my Herve Leger mini is still fitting (I’ve had it for a few years now) – FYI this is an actual office appropriate knee length pencil skirt but taking into consideration the baby bump, it has turned into a mini and will probably become too indecent for public exposure in a few weeks. I paired the newly mini skirt with my Rachel Zoe boots and I have to say that I kinda felt a bit like Julia Robert in Pretty Woman, minus the latex.



On D:

T-shirt – Calvin Klein; Jeans – Review; Shoes – Converse x John Varvatos; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Tissot

In order for my outfit to not be too revealing, I topped everything with my H&M vest that you will see a lot of this autumn. It covers just the right places in order for me to feel confident! I opted for a calf hair mini box cloth from Michael Kors as this seems to be my go-to black clutch during autumn and winter months. Bling wise I went a bit overboard wearing two Swarovski bracelets plus a ginormous cocktail ring also by Swarovski.

D wore those amazing jeans from Review that I swore I was going to make him buy a few more pairs, just to be sure he has them in all the available colours and paired them with his lovely blue polo shirt from Calvin Klein. He did wear a grey and blue combo and our blues are not really matching but as long as both of us were happy, who really cares? As usual lately, he wore his Converse x John Varvatose sneaks simply because he seems to have a hard time transitioning from his summer shoes to his autumn ones. Bling wise he was a bit more reserved than me and wore his Constantin Nautics bracelet alongside his Fossil one. For some reason, our go-to watches lately are out Tissot T-Race ones and that might be because of the very comfortable strap and the fact that they are quite light in comparison to most of our other watches.


I just love it when we manage to get out of the house and actually have time for a fun photoshoot as we always seem to have a real bias doing them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for at least one nice day per week so we do not have to resort to taking photos in our garage as that will be a real shame.



French Pyramids…

Well, here we are in the city of love…Again! Both of us have seen Paris numerous times and for some reason we keep coming back. It’s not that we like it, or anything, quite the contrary, there are at least 7 cities that we like more than Paris that we’ve managed to visit less often, unfortunately. To be honest, we came to Paris because in March we had tickets to the Euro 2016 final, but our team needed to be qualify in a significant knockout stage. Naturally, football in Romania is on a downward spiral and therefore we were left with paid hotel and flight and basically 4 nights in the city’s most crowded period. Lucky for us, the weather was nicer than in Bucharest, and by that I mean more bearable heat-wise and we were able to enjoy long walks and an overall relaxing time. We didn’t want to visit anything as we both did that in our past visits here, so all we had to do was take pictures for our blog and just enjoy each other’s company.


The first day we got there, I desperately needed to get the new lipgloss from Christian Loubutin – yeah, desperately!- so off we went to find the much coveted lipgloss. To our surprise, for the first time in our lives, we found the square in front of Louvre empty. I suspect that occurred because everyone in Paris was getting ready for the upcoming semi-final match. Since we couldn’t be bothered with the crowded FanZone, we decided to tick that place off our photo bucket-list. Luckily for us, the light was just perfect, semi-dawn and clear skies all the way and the pyramids all to ourselves.



On me:

Dress – Mango; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bag – Obag; Sunglasses – Dior; Bling – Pandora (bracelets and ring) and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

I decided to take advantage of the perfect temperature (about 25 degrees)  and wore a maxi dress for the first time this year. I opted for an old floral dress that I got from Mango, and that unfortunately isn’t available anymore, but fear not, I found a decent alternative. In my opinion, nothing works better with a maxi dress, especially a floral one, that flat sandals, therefore I chose to wear this very comfortable pair from Tommy Hilfiger that I bought two years ago. Since I chose a blue theme for our first day in Paris, my new blue Obag couldn’t be left at home and as for accessorising, I told you I’m never taking the Dior sunglasses off. I also opted for my two full Pandora bracelets, one entirely filled by D before we got married and the other filled by friends and family. Obviously, I couldn’t leave my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings at home.



On D:

T-shirt – Calvin Klein; Shorts – Pull&Bear; Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil and Costantin Nautics; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban ; Watch – Longines

D kept in theme and wore his Calvin Klein blue t-shirt that I just love, and a pair of Pull&Bear light blue denim shorts. He also chose a pair of very comfortable shoes from Polo Ralph Lauren and his newly acquired Ray-Ban sunglasses. As usual, he wore his Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets, and, big surprise, we both decided to take out Longines watches for this long weekend instead of the usual Daniel Wellington. In retrospect, knowing the chaos that occurred at the FanZone, I sure am happy we both decided to see the matches in much more civilised conditions.

More from our match-watching in tomorrow’s post, and again, do not expect us to show you any notable landmarks as there are a lot of people more educated on the subject that write all the city guides and we do not want to take their place. You will however be delighted with a few places to eat in Paris that we discovered during this long weekend.






Countryside chic!

Lately, I found myself loving shirt dresses, especially when combined with gladiator sandals.for some reason, this combo just screams festival-relax-fun. I especially love a shirt dress that has a masculine feel to it, if it’s light blue, than it’s a must-have in my closet. The only downside for rather short people like me (I’m 1,65 m) is that they can drown you so the obvious solution is a belt.


For this outfit I chose a ZARA shirt dress which is a) very cheap and b) very versatile. As with any trendy purchase, if it’s not a classic piece that will withstand the test of time, then just go for a cheaper version from that you can find in most shops right now. As for the versatility of this shirt dress, you see it here in a festival environment, but pair it with Loubs and you get an dinner-ready outfit and if you un-button it and combine it with a neon swimsuit you’ve got a very trendy cover-up. I will at some point shoot this exact shirt dress in the above mentioned combos.



On me:

Dress – ZARA; Belt – Massimo Dutti; Shoes – Gioseppo; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorroland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Daniel Wellington

Today my choice were these wonderful gladiator sandals from Gioseppo that I got in Madrid. These sandals were pretty popular in Madrid, as I had to run all over the city to find them because they were sold out everywhere except for one store. Obviously a braided brown belt was the best choice to perfectly match the hippie feel of the sandals. I decided to wear my Furla mini Metropolis and my usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings paired with a Swarovski cocktail ring, because I felt like I needed a little bling. Both D and I wore our Daniel Wellington watches with matching straps, as we bought at least a dozen straps for our very versatile watches.



On D:

T-shirt – Calvin Klein; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Vas; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Daniel Wellington

D also chose a blue festival look. He paired his ‘Frodo’ pants from ZARA with a polo t-shirt from Calvin Klein, which in my opinion, is the perfect age-appropriate combo for summer festivals. To match my outfit all the way, he wore his brown leather flip-flops that he also got from Madrid, but fortunately, we didn’t have to run all over Madrid to find them. Naturally, he wore his bracelets from Fossil and Constantin Nautics. For some reason, we just love Constantin Nautics bracelets because they’re beautifully crafted, you can find them in hundreds of colour combos and therefore you can match them to any outfit and they are seriously affordable.

We had a great time shooting these outfits and even though I didn’t really like the setting, in the end I loved the way the photos turned out. I can’t wait for all those summer festivals but I also can’t wait to shoot this shirt dress with stilettos.