A year ago…

A year ago, today, we started this blog with a review on one of our travel experiences in Romania. That was the first blog post and our first attempt at putting together a blog/diary of our life. This blog has become so much more than that for us in this past year, it is our go-to place when we want to look back on our experiences, on the way we (gracefully) age and it is a good reminder that life is wonderful, especially in those ‘down’ moments – everyone has those. It also motivates us to stay in shape, eat healthy and it forces us to actively review places and write down memories from our trips while also pinpointing some of our best experiences both abroad as well as in Romania.

Nowadays, looking back on our old posts, I realized that if we did not have this blog, there was no chance in hell we would’ve took so many photos throughout the pregnancy, nor would I have written down in such detail my personal feelings that I experienced during this amazing time.
Today we decided to celebrate by not putting together a slideshow of our past year, but by sharing with you (and also marking on our calendar) the first swimming experience (in our bath tub) baby-Leia had this Friday (the 17th of March). Since I am on active mommy watch, I will not spend more time writing about it but I will just let you enjoy our home-made video of Leia.

Yes, life changes a lot during one year, this blog helped us fully appreciate just how much, and we have come to the conclusion that our lives really evolved for the better and there is only going up from this point on. I truly hope that you enjoyed this past year with us and we hope that there will be many more years to come for our little blog!
Happy Birthday evenlymatched.eu!!!



Yes, we are back from Paris, and yes, today the Paris posts should’ve started. But, today is the most special day for us because on this day, 7 year ago we shared our first kiss and 3 years ago we signed our marriage license making me change my family name and linking my destiny with D forever. Therefore, Paris posts can wait until tomorrow.

Naturally, everyone has photos taken throughout their relationship, and I don’t know about you, but we rarely, if ever, look through them after a while so, you can understand why I have become emotional once I started roaming through all the photos taken over the last 7 years, the best 7 years of my life. I can’t believe we’ve been in so many places, done so many things and made ourselves so happy during this time. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do fight, we do get upset with each other, but we never let anything undiscussed, even if that means discussing whatever made us angry for a long time (been there, done that), we always resolve our issues.

I can’t imagine my life without D in it and I hope I will never have to. EVER! We have so much fun together, and ever since we’ve met, we’ve always supported each other no matter what and I know that we always will, because, first of all we are best friends and he is the one person I trust with my life. I’m going to let you look through the pictures we’ve taken over the last 7 years because, right now, we are busy opening up a bottle of champagne and really celebrating our love!


P.S.: Next year I’ll give you all the details on my dresses, flowers and venue for our signing party!