Stroll, stroll, stroll in the park – Anex Sport

Wow! Two blog posts in one week…we are really getting the hang of this baby/us balance! It is about time to start reviewing all the baby stuff we bought pre-Leia and give you some insight on what was important for both of us upon buying everything. Today I want to talk about our stroller, the Anex Sport. Naturally, since the lovely spring weather started, we have been testing this stroller every day and on Sunday we actually decided to take some photos for old times sake. Nope, this will not be a review where we show you all the ways this stroller pulls apart and all the very practical gizmos it has. For those types of reviews I suggest you do as we did and watch some YouTube videos. Nope, we did not do a video either mainly because I find video editing to be some sort of alien activity for me right now. This review covers our own personal experience with the Anex Sport stroller and why we chose it as we both had some pretty strong boxes to tick and if you’ll continue reading you’ll soon realize just how different we are when it comes to this matter. Of course, none of us wanted to compromise on quality and safety, but other than that we both went in totally different directions when it came to making a list of our ‘musts’. I have to also mention that this stroller ticked all the boxes on the below lists and that it was actually the only one that managed to do that, or at least that was the situation last autumn when we bought it.


We both wanted the following things from the stroller:
– Coconut mattress
– Height adjusting mattress as we noticed baby-Leia likes her head a bit higher than the rest of her body-though we did not know that at the time, but we thought that it was a great feature.
– UV resistant materials.
– Waterproof bag in the lower part of the stroller – this allows us to safely store stuff without having to carry an extra bag everywhere. It is unbelievable how few strollers have this amazing feature as most of them just have a basket and in my opinion everything you store down there gets covered with a thick layer of dust – MAJOR NO-NO!
– Antibacterial and non-allergic materials all over.
– Light and easy folding system.
– Waterproofing all over.
What I wanted in a stroller:
– No velcro anywhere – I think that velcro is the worst for hands and nails as it just scratches everything. Again, you have no idea how many companies use this type of material for their stroller. On top of it all, I dread the thought of baby-Leia’s skin coming into contact with velcro.
– A comfortable breaking system – for most strollers, in order to unbreak the damn thing, you have to put your foot underneath the break which usually means that your shoes get dirty and scratched and I love my shoes too much to put them through that.
– Big, easy to push buttons for all the pieces that come apart – I have to think about my manicure because with a small baby there is virtually no time to fix chipped nails!
– Light and small frame as it has to be able to fit into my Mini – this was actually the only one we found that matched this criteria, but this was not mandatory as I have a lot of space to walk around our apartment complex without having to actually drive anywhere with the stroller, but it is nice to know that it fits.
– Detachable bedding for obvious sanitary reasons.



On me:

Jeans – Replay (yup, pre-pregnancy); Sweater – ZARA; Boots – Ugg; Jacket – Mango; Scarf – Hermes; Bag – Furla; Hat – Mango; Sunglasses – Dior; Watch – Apple

What D wanted:
– Big, rubber wheels because a) they look cool and b) for those moments when we want to go off-road.
– Great suspension because his little princess can’t be disturbed while we walk on the horrible pavements of Bucharest
– Easy access to the front wheels blocking system – with most strolles you have a button in the middle of the wheel which means that your hands get really dirty when you need to block the wheels while this stroller has this button on top of the wheels and far away from the growd or the dirty parts.
– Light aluminum frame.



On D:

Jeans – ZARA; Sweater – O’Neill; Vest – ZARA; Shoes – ZARA; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Apple

The Anex Sport stroller was the only one that ticked all the boxes, but there was no way of saying that we will love it or that baby-Leia was going to love it until we tried it-though I did try to convince D that we can test it with our dog inside but he just thought that I was under the influence of pregnancy hormones and ignored me. Come warmer weather, we couldn’t wait to actually get the little pincess and go out to test it! After a few weeks of testing it, we decided to take some photos and post this review here. This stroller is just great!!!! It is very easy to fold and unfold, easy to assemble and great for long walks thanks to those suspensions and the big wheels. I find the bag underneath it especially great since, being spring, there is no actual way of knowing how warm or cold it will be in 15 minutes and I can just toss a blanket there knowing that it will not get dirty and nor do I need an extra bag to protect it. It ‘drives’ wonderfully both in a straight line as well as on a curvy alley. All the usual bumps and kerbs are virtually non-existent for the sleeping baby-Leia so those suspensions really serve their purpose. She seems to enjoy her walks quite a lot and we have actually used the stroller inside our apartment to help her ease those horrible colic episodes. We both love the zip closing system as well as the way all the exterior materials feel. We are beyond happy with our choice and we sincerely recommend this stroller! As a price point, this is not the cheapest, nor is it the most expensive option out there, but it does feel and look like those really expensive strollers that you can find, but as we have discovered, it is more practical that most of them!


Stroller – Anex Sport

When it came to buying baby stuff we approached things with a ‘divide and conquer’ state of mind meaning that D took it upon himself to buy most of the tech-y stuff (stroller included) while I chose everything else (feeding stuff, matress, furniture, carpet etc). This does not in any way mean that we did not talk about each option and we always took the other ones wishes very serious. Since he was the one that had to watch/read 1000 reviews on strolles he got to choose the colour and he decided on this lovely elegant brown and black combo. Obviously for this photoshoot we had to match with it. With the new 2017 collection, Anex offers a very wide variety of new and exciting colours, so if you are in the stroller-buying stage check them out!

That about covers the princess’s means of transport and our first baby stuff review. We will try and post as many reviews as possible, but time is something we don’t really have so bear with us until we really get into a routine with baby-Leia.




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7 thoughts on “Stroll, stroll, stroll in the park – Anex Sport

  1. Hi,

    I’ve come across your post while researching the Anex Sport stroller and I have some questions if you don’t mind.

    There is very little mention in other places of the removable bedding, this is one of the only mentions I could find. Could you expand a bit more on that, are all the beddings – cot, seat and car seat – washable, or just some of them ?
    Is there a seatbelt available for the cot ? If not, did you ever feel you needed one ?

    What don’t you like about the stroller, or things that work better in other strollers ?


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    1. Hi!
      Only the cot bedding is removable, but in my opinion that is the only one that really needs washing. Right now we are at the seat stage and in order to keep it clean we cover it with a cloth that we regurally wash and we are quite happy with that solution.
      No, the cot doesn’t have a seatbelt but we never really felt the need for one as the sides are quite tall and there is absolutelly no danger of the baby falling out plus it would be really unconfortable for the little one to sleep at that age with a seatbelt (kids are really, really small up until four months – when you can switch to the seat part).
      What we’ve recently discovered about the Anex stroller and we really love about it is the fact that the backseat goes all the way down and can turn into a perfectly horizontal bed for your baby (most strollers have a backseat that is fixed thus resulting with your kid sleeping with his legs upward).
      The one thing that I do not really like about this stroller is the fact that it is quite complicated for me to fold the stroller. It’s not really that complicated for my husband to do it, but at the seat stage, it is quite heavy to lift and put into the trunk of the car.
      Other than that, we are really, really happy with the Anex Sport and what’s more important is the fact that our baby seems to love it as well.
      Oh, and this is one great stroller if you enjoy walking on non-paved alleys.
      Hope this helped!

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      1. Buna! Sper sa primesti mesajul acesta… ideea este ca noi am avut niste probleme cu caruciorul la partea a treia (cea de sezut), destul de nasoale si care tin de fabricatia caruciorului (acum avem un torticolis de rezolvat). Noi acum l-am schimbat cu Stokke Xplory care desi este mai scump, face toti banii in sensul ca s-a schimbat complet starea copilului la plimbare. Pana apuc eu sa ii fac update la postare, daca vrei mai multe detalii (poze, explicatii etc) intra pe pagina de facebook a blogului (evenlymatched) si deschide o conversatie privata ca sa iti explicam exact ce si cum. O zi frumoasa!

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  2. Hi, I notice that on the Internet there are not many reviews on this stroller. It is not that cheap and I would expect that the stroller is worth it.
    A year later after the review what would you say about the stroller? Did you have any issues or problems?


    1. Hi! We did have some issues with the sport seat, in the sense that Leia did not sit right because of the seatbelts which are placed wrong. Unfortunately she wasn’t sitting straight and we had to change our Anex stroller for a Stokke Xplory. They might have fixed that issue with the newer model, but that being said, I personally would not recommend the Anex stroller. Honestly, if you can afford the splurge, go for the Stokke as it is worth every penny. However, since at the time of the article we had only used the cot, I have to say that for the first six months of using the Anex stroller I was extremely happy with it (cocnut mat-which at the time wasn’t available on any other stroller, fully removable padding-which again, wasn’t available on any other stroller, plus a very comfortable ride for the sleeping baby thanks to the big wheels). I have no idea how the Stokke cot is, but for babies over six months the Stokke Xplory is the best as it has a very comfortable sport seat (before buying it, we testes quite a few).


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