We are baking something until January!!!

As you have probably noticed, I got fatter on all three dimensions of space and we haven’t uploaded a wine review in a while now. Well, before you jump to any conclusions, it is quite obvious we can not hide the truth anymore as apparently I am one of those women that show from the very beginning. WE ARE EXPECTING A LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY IN JANUARY! Which means that I am now 14 weeks pregnant. Despite the fact that we do have a blog, where we tend to share most of our lives, this is one aspect that we really wanted to keep a secret for as long as possible, but apparently having a small waist has it’s disadvantages as I am really showing and have been showing since week 12, but luckily for me, D is a great photographer and we have been able to kinda hide it for almost two weeks.

I have no idea why we were so keen on keeping this a secret, maybe it’s because we are so very excited and happy about it that is was our way of being selfish. I was even very torn about using this featured image for this post, but I consider you, our readers as part of our family and I thought that it was a good idea to show you what our bundle of joy looks like thus far. This does not mean that this blog will turn into one of those kids orientated blogs, as we are going to keep on doing what we do, but I will write a few posts here and there about pregnancy and, now that I’ve survived the first trimester, I will do a post on that, as everyone tends to avoid that period in all the posts I’ve read so far on the subject.

What more is there to say on the subject… Well we are way beyond happy about this little miracle that we have created and I really do hope that my pregnancy will be an easy one. More details about my wonderful experience so far, next week!

L. & D.

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