Channeling our inner royalties!

Finally in Disneyland!!! While both of us have been to Paris several times, once together, but we haven’t reached Disneyland together until this time around. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be with D in Disneyland. I loved Disneyland ever since I first came here 10 years ago, this is the place that makes every trip to Paris totally worth it! This and the shopping! I just couldn’t believe it, we were finally here, together! While I will give you more details about the wonderful park and how we felt there, tomorrow, today is all about what we both decided to wear to meet our childhood (and adulthood) idols! I don’t know about you, but for me, Minnie is #goals so my age makes no difference nowadays.


Obviously, we tried to take most of our photos in one place, and we chose the Haunted Mansion for it because, even though I would’ve loved to take pics in front of the (my) castle, that would’ve been way to cliche! The Haunted Mansion seemed like a right fit, especially since we didn’t have our royalty robes on. We did however manage to match and I really do not know why we chose teal for Disneyland, especially since there is online proof that we can both sport various shades of pink. Looking at the photos, teal does tend to look nice and it contrasts my blonde hair quite powerfully.



On me:

Dress – ZARA; Shoes – Vidoretta; Bag – Obag; Sunglasses – Dior; Bling – Pandora (bracelets and ring) and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

As unexpected as this is, all the dresses I wore in Paris are old ones and it’s quite possible that, for all of the fashion posts, I am going to have to search for alternatives. And I’m telling you, finding an alternative for this one was very hard and the dress I found doesn’t come close to this one, but it will have to do. I chose to wear my Vidoretta espadrilles, and good thing I did that, as there was a lot of walking involved that day and these espadrilles are made for these types of days. Naturally, my outfit was finished off by my Obag basket bag that seems to go everywhere with me these days. There are two reasons for that: I am too lazy to actually change bags and this bag is very versatile, and you know how I love all things versatile!



On D:

T-shirt – Lacoste; Shorts – H&M; Shoes – Converse; Bag – Barcelona; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Longines

As promised, I am nowhere close to taking off my Dior sunglasses, and make no mistake, Disneyland was not the place to take your glasses off! Just ask Minnie!!! I did keep it simple in the jewellery department and only wore my two Pandora bracelets and a ring, and naturally my Tomorrowland ring as well. As stated in the other fashion post, we both decided to wear our Longines watches for this trip.

D being the nice and loving husband that he is, just like Mickey (told you I forgot to grow up!), also went for the teal colour scheme. Or at least he tried to because apparently he doesn’t own a piece of teal anything in his closet, so we had to make do with what we could find! Obviously, this time around, he couldn’t leave home without a pair of H&M blue shorts, and to be honest, I was very happy that he has this habit of buying various colours of the same thing. He paired the shorts with a khaki polo from Lacoste and his always present bag from Barcelona! Jewellery wise, he kept it just as simple as me and went for his Fossil and Constantin Nautics bracelets.



Obviously, tomorrow is going to be all about the 1000 photos we took while at the park and it’s probably going to contain very little text, because if the photos can’t convince you to visit this amazing place than it means that you are way too adult-y for me!




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