Pizza Battle…

Well, we had to get down to this point in our trip: finding the best pizza in Milan. Obviously, to be able to do that, D had done his research with a local guy and he showed him the absolute best pizza restaurants in town. Since there were two of them, we had to compare them in one post and give you the results of our ‘masterful’ judging. The two amazing pizza places I am talking about are called: Donati and Da Ciro. You can find both of them on TripAdvisor as being in the top 5 pizza places, but since we only had two pizza dinners we had to choose two of them and after serious counselling with D‘s local friend we concluded that these two are the best to try out.

Da Ciro

This was the place we had dinner after the beauty infused long day at the Alfa Romeo Museum. It goes without saying that after such a long day, lunch or not, we were starving by 7:30 when this place opens. Yes, by the way, lots of the restaurants only open for dinner after 7:30, which was a big adjustment for us, as we tend to usually eat by 7:00 p.m. We did however were completely mesmerised by this place as it’s interior decoration was in that pure classic Italian old-school way and it really gets you into the mood for a Birra Moretti and some amazing pizza.

And the pizza doesn’t disappoint! Not one bit! It’s full of lovely first quality ingredients and it is baked to perfection on their wood oven. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself and even though I was full of that Godly pizza, I still wanted some dessert, mainly because that is my way of testing a restaurant all the way. I mean, main courses and generally any savoury dish isn’t that hard to do, but when it comes to dessert, the cook needs real skills in order for it to be perfect. I was very, very happy with that choice as the desserts were amazing. I had the Napoletan Cannoli and D had some sort of lemon pie. Naturally we shared the dessert and I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the lemon pie, but I was in total awe of the Cannoli. This was the first time I had tasted the perfect Cannoli. This is such an amazing dessert that really requires skill as the cream in this one was absolutely bliss, as opposed to other restaurants in which I’ve tried it.


All in all, we were both very satisfied with our dinner, and if some of you follow me on Instagram as well, you would’ve seen that I crowned Da Ciro‘s pizza as being the best on the nigh we ate there. The check was about 50 Euros which is more than decent considering the fact that we both ate a pizza each plus desserts plus drinks. That is a fair price for a dinner all over Milan.



We had dinner here on our last night in Milan and I was so happy to end our trip with such a lovely dinner and walk afterwards. This pizza place is located in the new developed area of Milan that I was telling you about in our first Milan post, so you can walk off your dinner in a very lovely manner. This is yet another place that is in it for the win of Milan’s best pizza. The interior design here was not as impressive as Da Ciro, but this one did have a terrace, packed full with all sorts of gizmos to keep mosquitos away, so in no way did we notice the interior design until we had to use the toilet. I’m not saying that this one is uglier, but all I’m saying is that they did miss some parts of the whole classic Italian pizza joint. They do however have some nice old school decorative pieces inside that look to be in pristine condition.

This place is a family affair and you can be waited by the owner, which gives you a nice and familiar feeling while there. Obviously, since this was a pizza battle, we both ordered pizzas and even though we did have to wait a bit – about 15 minutes – it was well worth it!. The moment my pizza came, just by looking at it I knew that this is going to make my decision a very hard one. I mean, couldn’t the pizza here be horrible just to make both of our jobs easier? Apparently not, as Italians to love their pizza!



Everything about this pizza was perfection! But I was determined to fully judge this restaurant as well so, since they didn’t have Cannoli (lost some points there), a Creme Brulee had to suffice as dessert. Thinking that this dessert will help me decide more accurately (I was expecting to be disappointed, I mean, this is a French dessert), but it didn’t as it was superbly made! Just like my mom does it! 50 Euros later we left the place without having a clue which one of the two restaurants is better, but we were convinced we will get to the bottom of this.


Back home, we really had an serious and important talk about these two restaurant – yes, most of our serious talk are either about food or wine – and we decided our winner. Since pricing and service couldn’t be a deciding point – both were impeccable – we had to go at it the old fashioned way: the food. Here’s what we came up with:

Da Ciro is the best if you want to have a full Italian experience : decor, dessert and pizza.


Donati is the best if you actually want to taste the most perfect pizza in the world!

I’d say it’s a tie, but not quite! Either way, both places are great to eat while in Milan. The best thing we learned from this carb infused experience is that pizza is really easy to make and hard to screw up, but the difference with the pizza anywhere else in the world and the one from Italy is the quality of the mozzarella cheese, the amazing taste of the prosciutto and the masterful way in which the base is made. We always eat pizza wherever we are and none of the pizzas we’ve tried tasted quite as good as these two pizzas in Milan (not even the one from Rome).



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