Uncomfortable Comfort!

I’m telling you, all this hot, hot, unbearable heat, has to stop at some point! Lately it seems that all I’m doing is complain about the weather. In fact, to be honest, this year has been so screwed-up weather-wise, that I can’t remember myself not complaining about it so far. The thing that bugs me most is that last week, at the beginning of the week we had 18 degrees and it rained like the next biblical flood was about to go down on us and by Friday it was so unbearably hot, like 38 degrees hot. Going from 18 to 38 in two-three days can’t be right.


So far, I have no idea what clothes I should stack away for autumn and what to keep for this summer, therefore, all my clothes are on display in our walk-in dressing room. Last Monday I was wearing my autumnish black jeans and today I have no idea what to get rid of off myself. I feel like walking around in a swimsuit should be office appropriate for these kind of temps. We should even start paving our office spaces with white sand from the Maldives, as those are the kinds of temps we’ve been experiencing lately.



On me:

Shorts – Mango; T-shirt – Lefties; Shoes – Converse; Bag – Michael Kors; Jacket – H&M; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Shades – Ray-Ban; Watch – Longines

Back to this fashion killer post. D and I decided to spend as much time inside as possible. Preferably right under the AC, but every once in a while, we have to go out for some stupid reason like food, and every time we do that, we also decide to snap some photos because you never know when we are going to die because of the heat and we are very thoughtful and want to leave a vast array of photos for our friends and families. The day we shot these photos was no exception to this unbearable heat, and the moment we stepped outside the vehicle, we both had difficulty breathing (did I mention the high humidity we also have these days?).



On D:

Shorts – Pull and Bear; T-shirt – H&M; Shoes – Converse; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines

Anyway, as you can see, I wore as little clothing as possible and opted for a long t-shirt from Lefties that is also going to double as a beach cover-up when we’ll actually have the time to go to the seaside. Underneath the t-shirt are a pair of hot denim shorts from Mango and my new and improved Converse Chucks II. For some reason, actually for fashion reasons, I decided to wear a denim jacket from H&M, but only managed to keep it on for five minutes. The bag is Michael Kors and it’s the same I wore at the Tastemakers party. Also, sunnies are really important these days so I opted for my Ray-Bans. I did nothing fancy with the bling and only added a Swarovski ring to the usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings. 

D also opted for as few clothing pieces as possible, but apparently Mega Image doesn’t let you in topless, so, to my annoyance, he actually had to wear a t-shirt. What better t-shirt to beat the heat wave than his tropical one from H&M? I mean, just look at the print, it cools you down immediately! He too wore a pair of denim shorts, not as hot as mine though, from Pull and Bear and his brand new Converse x John Varvatos. He didn’t even want to hear about bling on this hot day and chose only his Fossil bracelet and we both wore our Longines Hydroconquest watches in the hopes that some hydro-anything will hit us and cool us down. Needless to say that didn’t happen!


I am really hoping that I’ll stop whining about the heat, but until the temps will go down to normal, I am going to do this every single day!




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