Tastemakers Party!!!

Saturday. 1000 degrees. Literally the hottest day so far this year. We had invites to an outside party that seemed to be pretty trendy and since there was not much to do this long weekend we decided to go and have fun. The weather however was a bitch and never ever had I wanted someone to have invented outside air conditioning than I did on Saturday. The requested attire was festival chic and yes, both of us could’ve chosen better outfits for this event but the sad part was that neither of us could stand anything touching our skin.



A bit about the party. On the invitation it said that the whole thing was scheduled to start at 5 p.m. so we decided to be fashionably late and we got there at 5:35 p.m. To our surprise, we were the first ones there and nothing was really set up. Well, except for the main decor pieces. That, to be honest was actually good as we got to take pics of the whole thing without being bothered by unwanted people in our photos. The downside to all that was that there was nothing to eat yet, not even the much necessary ice-cream and we arrived there with an empty stomach. All in all, for the time we stayed, we did have a good time and it did end up being a good party.



Back to the festival not-so-chic attire. As stated earlier, it was hot as hell out and we both decided to wear loose clothes and literally as few as possible. I went for a loose blouse from ZARA, paired with a denim skirt, also from ZARA and my trusted, comfortable VANS shoes. The reason I went for this white-blue outfit was because I seriously needed my legs to be out in the open, but I also wanted to be as comfortable as ever and nothing says chilly better than blue and white. Normally I don’t pair skirts with sneakers, but I am going to start doing that more often this summer if the temps stay as high as they were on Saturday. Shades were an absolute necessity, so I chose my Ray-Ban Wayfarers as I though that at least the sunglasses should match the requested attire. I carried all my stuff in my Michael Kors white bag and the reason I didn’t choose a smaller crossbody bag is because one of us needed to carry the camera and apparently I picked the smaller straw. Accessory wise I kept it to a minimum and only added my Swarovski ring to the usual rings that I wear.



On me:

Blouse – ZARA; Skirt – ZARA; Shoes – VANS; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Pandora, Tomorrowland and Swarovski; Shades – Ray-Ban; Watch – Longines

D also suffered because of the heat and he too tried to choose his most comfortable and loose clothes. He picked a linen shirt from H&M that he has had for five years now and paired it with Pull and Bear denim shorts. Yes, I too was astounded that his closet contains shorts that are not from H&M! In order to feel as good under the circumstances, he chose his VAS leather flip-flops that he changed when he realised the party was on the grass and mosquitos tend to love grass. Accessory wise he too kept it to a minimum and only wore his Fossil bracelet for the event. As you can spot from the photos, we both wore our Longines watches.



On D:

Shirt – H&M; Shorts – Pull and Bear; Shoes – VAS; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines 

All in all, if the weather was a bit less bitchy and if the organisers kept their word about starting the party at 5 p.m. I’d say our trendy Saturday would’ve been perfect despite the heatwave that seems to not want to leave our area for the time being.




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