Forest Sprites…

I love everything frilly and airy this summer. Part of the reason being the fact that summer suddenly struck Romania like a thunderbolt. After April and May which were filled with 18 degrees maximum temps, yesterday, my Mini showed 40 degrees and today, as I am writing this, the atmosphere is unbreathable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the amazing person that invented the AC!!!This is probably the reason why the area we are living in is going to be especially crowded today. Living near the forest, on the outskirts of Bucharest has its advantages, but then summer weekends come and it all goes to hell! It seems like everyone just moves in this area and the small 4 degrees advantage we had over the centre of the city just goes to waste, and we all suffer the same.


Back on topic. We are not really forest-people, meaning that I would much rather spend my day in a nice SPA than doing long walks in the wood, but the other day, I just couldn’t handle the heat anymore and told D that I needed to go to a shadowy place to cool off. Naturally, the moment we arrived at this forest road, we suddenly remembered why neither of us likes these types of activities: insects! I mean, you probably realised by now that I love shoes – bear with me, I have a point. You know, if you are anything like me, the strong attraction you feel towards a pair of Loubs, with their high, high pointy heel and their beautifully shaped toe, it’s that kind of attraction that is simply unbearable and it’s best for my bank account to not look either online or in the stores too often. Well, that exact type of attraction is, I suppose, what mosquitos feel when they see me! Or D, for that matter, as he is just as loved by mosquitos as shoes are loved by me!



On me:

Dress – Dana Budeanu; Shoes – Barcelona; Bag – Love Moschino; Bling – Pandora, Tomorrowland, Constantin Nautics and Swarovski; Watch – Daniel Wellington

That being said, we still ventured in the forest the other day, and yes, we had a good time snapping these pictures here! True, we left nature with a few bug bites, but overall we didn’t die! Yet! I’ll keep you posted on that situation! The point I wanted to make was MUSTARD! I mean, MUSTARD coloured anything! I just love this shade of yellow, way better that any other type of sunny yellow. For some weird reason, I think this shade is way more versatile than any other yellowish variety. I especially love it combined with beige or brown, or even grey. Basically, this shade works with any neutral colour in the universe! 

Obviously, last year when I saw Dana Budeanu‘s collection and eyed this specific dress, I just couldn’t help myself! It was somewhat the same feeling I get with shoes (SOMEWHAT!). Naturally, I couldn’t help myself and filled the cart with a few other pieces as well which you are going to see throughout this summer. You can still find some alternative pieces in the current collection, and by the looks of it, most of the stuff is in this beautiful shade as well (watch out Mastercard!). The cut of this dress is well in trend this year as well, with the loose feel, the bare shoulders and the all around frill. Mostly this dress is perfect for the seaside, but whenever I want to go out into nature and feel like a sprite, I usually go for this kind of cut.



On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Lacoste; Shoes – VAS; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics (bracelet1 and bracelet2); Watch – Daniel Wellington

I coupled the dress with my catalan sandals that I got from my first visit to Barcelona, over 10 years ago. These sandals are usually my go to during the summer, especially when I have a lot of walking to do because they are extremely comfortable once you make peace with them. Unlike any other flat shoes, these are killers in the beginning, until the leather matches the shape of your foot. I am so glad I had enough patience with them ( I usually don’t do that) as for the past 8 or 9 summers (yes, it took them an entire summer to understand that I am not the one to give up on them!) they have been with me everywhere. The fact that they kept their like-new appearance is amazing and I do kinda regret not buying another pair the last time we were in Barcelona. I also wore my Love Moschino beige bag that you can’t find online currently, but there are loads of other options. Accessory wise I kept it to a minimum with my Swarovski ring set and my Constantin Nautics bracelet. As for the hair, a real sprite can’t be a sprite with loose hair so I went for the tube up-do (as I call it).

D also played along and chose to pair his mustard Lacoste polo with beige H&M shorts. Yes, that is yet another pair of the same shorts you’ve been seeing recently on this blog. I made a promise to myself to actually go and count how many colours he has them in. Not that I am complaining, because my man is very trendy and he can match my style everyday. In keeping with the matching bit, he, like me wore Spanish shoes. True, his are newer and not from Barcelona, but Madrid counts and these leather flip-flops are beige just like mine. Bling wise, he, yet again, paid more attention to details and wore two Constantin Nautics bracelets and his Fossil bracelet. We changed the straps to our Daniel Wellington watches and pwoffff! they perfectly match both of our outfits!


All in all, we did enjoy the fact that there were 3 degrees less in the forest, but the scratching championship that occurred after our nature visit made us totally rethink our options! I mean, we do have air conditioning and we really don’t need any new scars on our legs. Basically, the conclusion was that we are not nature-oriented people and that is ok, nature is definitely for others, we respect nature, but we just shouldn’t spend too much time in it!



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