Japanese affairs…

Yesterday afternoon our excitement grew more and more as the hours passed because we were supposed to visit D‘s sister and her husband and see their newly redesigned Japanese garden (with white marble, moss and everything!). We were so, so impressed from the moment we stepped inside the Japanese heaven. Keep in mind while looking at these pics that the garden is still a work in progress, this meaning that the moss still has a lot of expanding to do, but despite that, we couldn’t help ourselves and ended up doing a full photoshoot on the spot. 


I do have to confess that I left home with the thought of that photoshoot clearly stuck in my mind, and seeing how the photos turned out, we’ll definitely do another photoshoot when the moss will be fully grown. They got their inspiration from their three week honeymoon in Japan and they did an amazing job. I’m only sorry that neither of us has any before photos to show you exactly what it used to look like.





On me:

Top – ZARA; Vest – ZARA; Jeans – Replay; Shoes – DC Shoes; Bag – Chloe; Bling – Swarovski, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot; Hat – ZARA

Since we were expecting a large amount of white marble, we both decided to wear mostly black to create a nice contrast in photos. Obviously since I rarely ever wear only black, I felt the need to combine it with white. This black and white combo is such a classic, but yesterday I decided to give it a bit of festival feeling to the whole look. Despite the fact that the weather was absolutely horrendous, wearing festival inspired clothes always brings a bit of sunshine in my heart. 





On D:

T-shirt – Tommy Hilfiger; Jeans – G-Star RAW; Shoes – Nike; Bling – Constantin Nautics (bracelet 1 and bracelet 2); Watch – Tissot

I opted for high waisted shinny black jeans from Replay and, just as I was getting dressed I started laughing because I remembered how, when I was a teenager I couldn’t stand high waisted anything and only wore the lowest wist I could find and my big butt was always half out (yeah, I always had a big butt!), but now, the situation is fully reversed and I rarely, if ever, wear anything low waisted (except for bikinis!). I paired this extremely comfortable jeans with an embroidered blouse and white vest, both from ZARA.

Because I was fully aware of the fact that we were going to climb rocks and do a lot of walking through marble, I opted from my very comfortable DC Shoes and, looking in the mirror, this was the exact moment I realised I was pulling a fully festival look on. That made me decide to complete the ensemble with my ZARA hat and Chloe bag. Bling wise, aside from my usual rings, I also wore a black cocktail ring from Swarovski and a leather bracelet from Tomorrowland with an optimistic message written on it. Because last Monday I realised that we were a bit boring when it came to our watch rotation, we both decided to wear out Tissot T-Race watches. 


D went all black and looking at the photos, I have come to the conclusion that his decision was better than my combo decision because he contrasts the white marble much better than me. He wore his dark G-Star Raw pants with his black Tommy Hilfiger v-neck t-shirt. Like me, he also chose comfortable footwear – but, then again, he always does – and went for his black leather Nikes that he has had for ages. He did show a bit more interest than usual in his bling game, choosing not one but two Constantin Nautics bracelets and left his brown Fossil bracelet at home. 

We really can’t wait for all the moss to spread! Obviously since we loved it so much, you’ll probably see more shoots happening in this beautiful garden, assuming that the owners will let us in again considering the fact that it was very hard for us to stop taking pictures. Some of the most lovely pics of the two of us were take by my brother-in-law hence the professional feel of them, as opposed to our usual self taken pics!




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