Oh, wine… Long time, no see! True, it should be illegal to talk about wine on a Tuesday, but it’s been two weeks (too long) since our last wine review. Let’s put it this way, the upside of talking about wine on a Tuesday is that it gives you enough time to find the said wine if you want to try it, until Friday! The way I see it, it’s a win-win situation!
This time we’ll travel towards the Moldavian region of the country, distancing ourselves from our favorite wine region, Transylvania. We are not leaving the country this time!


The wine I’m going to write about today comes from Gramma winery and it’s part of a wine trilogy released in 2012. This one is called Epic, it’s a white, dry wine that is made up of three different grape types (Feteasca Alba – 20%, Feteasca Regala – 20% and Aligote – 60%). As the name prepares you, this is an Epic wine!
Once poured into the glass, you see the distinct light green-yellow colour that tells you a bit about its freshness. This one was the second wine, so far, that upon smelling it, made me immediately think about Tuscany for some reason. It smells like a combo of autumn ripe fruits such as apples, pears and grapes, with a few faint floral notes of lilac and jasmine. The big surprise upon smelling it was the deep green olive hint, that probably being the reason my mind associated it with Tuscany.

Once I took a small sip of the clear wine, I immediately understood the complexity of it. The first thing you realize about this one is it’s pleasant silky, delicate texture with clear notes of melon. My nose wasn’t wrong when it felt the olive fragrance as the aftertaste is composed mainly of green olives, which is very surprising and pleasant for a clear white wine such as this one. This combo of taste and smell gives us, the consumers, a very complex and balanced experience that goes well with cheese and white meat.
Overall, this is a very good and sunny wine that will definitely incite your taste buds. This experience with Gramma wines made us want to try more of their wines and made us especially curious about the two other wines in the trilogy.

The interesting and appealing thing about Gramma wines is the way they choose to present their products. The etiquette design to be more specific. It’s always nice to see a product presentation a bit out of the box. Each different type of wine has a suggestive artful drawing on it that tells you a bit about the content. For example, with this wine, the feather on the etiquette was really suggestive about the silky, delicate taste we both discovered inside the bottle.


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