Raspberry Temptation!

I finally gave into the ‘culottes’ trend, but not before extensive searches for shorter versions with the mandatory high-waist. Obviously, no matter how short they were or how high the waistline was, I still would’ve looked like a fat midget if I had not paired them with high stiletto heels. Trust me, I’ve tried loving them with flats or wedges, but the mirror kept showing a fat baggy version of myself.




It’s reaspberry season, and make no mistake, I don’t know this because I’m a green-fingers fanatic, because I’m not, as I realized quite soon in my adult life that gardening and mannicures don’t go hand in hand. I know all about this period because my parents bring me lots of garden grown raspberries from the countryside house they own. Since it’s the season, I decided to do a colour theme and luckily I found these pants to match.



On me:

Culottes – Mango; Top – ZARA; Bag – Furla; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bling – Swarovski (bracelet and ring), Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch – Daniel Wellington

These culotte pants are the ones I bought last week, when I was whining about not having a proper lunch, from Mango, and they have them in three other colours as well. Deciding on raspberry pink was rather hard and I do feel that I’ve betrayed the other three colours. But, considering the fact that I felt really good in them, maybe I’ll decide to splurge on another colour, just don’t let D know about it! To freshen up the look, I opted for my favourite white blouse from ZARA, and after seeing the pics, I instantly decided than no matter how many other white blouses I own, this will probably be my number one pick always.



On D:

Pants – ZARA; Shirt – H&M; Shoes – Benvenutti; Bling – Fossil, Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

In order to make my legs look longer and get an overall not-bulky apparence, I chose to wear Sophia Webster’s Portia pumps in pink petent and silver accents, that perfectly match my pink Furla bag. Basically I ended up looking like a huge raspberry, and even though you can’t really see it in the pics, I also wore a raspberry hue on my lips. The nice thing I noticed, besided my fruity looks is that the whole ensemble matched my new tattoo nicely. Jewelry wise, I didn’t go overboard and only wore my Nirvana pink ring and my Stardust bracelet both from Swarovski, not forgetting my Tomorrowland and my Pandora rings.

D also went along with my not so masculine raspberry theme and wore his pink shirt from H&M that perfectly matched his espadrilles from Benvenutti. In order for me not to be the only one with the funny-length pants, I convinced him to wear his Frodo-pants from ZARA. Truth be told, he didn’t need much convincing, as these pants are among his favourites this summer. Bling wise he was more conservative than me, and chose his ever-present Constantin Nautics and Fossil bracelets. We seem to be really boring where watches are concerned as lately we’ve been rotating between out Longines and Daniel Wellingtons, with the latter being the winner for this photoshoot.


I’m really glad we got to do this photoshoot at sunset, as the warm light really played well with our colour palette. Looking more carefully at these culottes, I’m seriously considering getting them in a bunch of other colours because they are really confortable and airy and therefore perfect for those long warm summer nights.

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