Fast Forward!!!

This was by far the quickest photoshoot we’ve ever done! First and foremost because the Romania-France football match was half an hour away and second of all, because having a photoshoot at dawn in a park located at the outskirts of Bucharest and quite close to a forest is bound to leave you with a wide array of mosquito bites. Basically we spent 10 minutes shooting, which was enough time for mosquitos to try out every inch of our skin!


Getting more to the point, as seen in quite a few earlier fashion posts, I am a huge fan of sneakers, either from Converse, Vans or whatever other brand out there. The only major problem I have is the fact that I can’t spend more than three hours in them because of their incredibly rigid and hard sole. Converse finally listened to my prayers and this year, when they launched the Chuck Taylor II model, they changed that horrible sole for a soft Lunarlon sole. Obviously, that meant that I had to expand my sneaker collection asap!



On me:

Shorts – Mango; Blouse – Mango; Shoes – Converse; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Longines

And here we are to today’s post! Yesterday I proudly wore my new Converse sneakers from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. and I can confirm that this new sole liner makes all the difference in the world! Unfortunately, right now, you can only find a handful of prints and colours, but in time, I am sure they’ll expand their line. I chose the White/Blackwhite Knit print basically because I needed a pair of grey sneakers an this was the closest I could find. Yes, as opposed to D that has most of his shoes in various shades of grey (do not get kinky thoughts just yet!), most of mine are bright coloured, and a grey pair was absolutely necessary.


On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Tomorrowland; Shoes – Converse; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines

Being a Friday and not really having desk duties, I decided on grey Mango shorts, that are not really short shorts and a light pink Mango blouse, just to look a bit put together in case I actually was needed at my workplace. This grey and pale pink combo is great especially for spring, but it can work really well on early summer evenings as well. To carry all my unnecessary stuff with me, I opted for my pink Candy Bag from Furla, and added to my usual jewellery a floral Swarovski ring. 

When I bought my sneakers, obviously D couldn’t leave the store empty handed, especially since his favourite capsule collection from John Varvatos was out. He naturally chose a grey pair of sneakers to go with all his other grey sneakers, but these ones are really special wth their degrade colour. He also went for a soft pink combo by wearing his H&M (yes, these are the ones I was telling you about in yesterday’s post) shorts and his mushroom Tomorrowland t-shirt. He chose his Fossil bracelet and we both wore our Longines watches.


What we learned from yesterday’s photoshoot? Well, that you should not attempt to go in a park outside of a big city, near the forest at dawn! We still regret that decision and this post took longer than ever to write as I kept scratching all over with every word written.


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