Lunch break activities…

Today, instead of actually eating lunch I felt the need to roam the shops for new and exciting things! No, it’s not payday, unfortunately, but every once in a while I swap online shopping for some real shopping. I sometimes consider this my workout (as it happened today). The good thing about actually going in the shops is the fact that you can try on lots of things, but the downside is that you end up with lots of stuff you don’t really need. The only downside (not really) of today’s shopping spree is the fact that right now I’m starving as I didn’t really sit down and enjoy a full lunch. But, sometimes, fashion needs sacrifice, and let’s be honest, everyone needs a few kgs off.

Today’s spoils were only a few pieces, but, boy, were they in my mind for a long time. Except for the two lip glosses, those were ‘spur-of-the-moment’ buys, but I loved them and who doesn’t need extra lip glosses? I finally gave into the whole culottes pants trend even though I’ve hated it ever since it first surfaced. However, this pair from Mango is a bit shorter and I imagine that with 100mm heels they’ll make even my short figure look ok. We’ll just have to wait and see… The Mazzy swimsuit from Agent Provocateur is a piece that I’ve had my eyes on since last autumn, but I only decided on it now and boy am I happy that I did! I’ve always loved Agent Provocateur, in fact it’s my favourite swimsuit/lingerie brand, and they do have the best fabrics and cuts.

As for the beauty investments, I’ve come to the conclusion that never ever do I regret buying beauty stuff. The Clarisonic Mia2 brush is a facial brush that I’ve been wanting to try for a few months now, ever since my Philips facial brush started showing signs of ageing. Yesterday evening it finally rolled it’s last roll on my face and today I needed a new facial brush. Over the past two years, since I’ve been using a facial brush, my skin texture changed completely. Now I can’t live without one and I really hope that this Clarisonic one won’t disappoint me. As for the two Urban Decay lip glosses, I always like trying new lip make-up and these two really have a nice texture and awesome smell.

I can’t wait to shoot/review everything I bought today!

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