Gourmet Saturday!

I woke up yesterday morning with a killer headache, and I just hate it when that happens… When you have a whole Saturday ahead of you, the weather is nice outside and you just sit there contemplating on whether or not to cut your head off or just accept your fate. By the time the afternoon came I was definitely feeling better, so D and I decided to go and see what the Gourmet Festival was all about. Naturally, being foodies we couldn’t miss this food fest.


When we go there, we realised that the atmosphere was very relaxed, we saw a lot of food stands from restaurants we really love and it took us about an hour to decide whether to stay on the safe side and eat from places we already knew or take a risk and eat from food joints we didn’t know. In the end I chose a Frenchie Burger from the Burger Van which was absolutely delicious, and D chose an Oudon soup from Kan Pai that he loved ( I didn’t, but that was due to the fact that it contained algae). Tummies all full, we still couldn’t leave the place empty handed, so we bought a whole lot of pies from a place called Placinte Boieresti which were absolutely amazing, just like my grandmother makes them.



Since we were dressed in a decent manner, we decided to actually have a quick photoshoot in the park near the festival, just to take advantage of the fact that the weather turns out to be better and better with each passing day. Since I’d just dyed my hair blue, I needed an outfit to match it, so I chose my light blue Pepe Jeans London and my new shirt from ZARA. I paired everything with Sophia Webster Lacey sandals and my Furla Metropolis bag. I decided to wear my Daniel Wellington watch, even though D chose another one, paired with a Constantin Nautics bracelet and rings from Swarovski, Pandora and Tomorrowland. Obviously, midway through the Gourmet Festival, I started regretting my skinny jeans choice as I couldn’t finish my burger because of them. Next time I’ll just go with a flowy dress on or a large t-shirt and baggy jeans.



On me:

Shirt – ZARA; Jeans – Pepe Jeans London; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Furla; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Bling – Constantin Nautics, Swarovski, Pandora, Tomorrowland

D also chose a light coloured ensemble, though he did choose to mix his ripped ZARA jeans with a grey t-shirt from Replay and light blue-grey Converse sneakers. Overall, he was a lot smarter than me when choosing baggier clothes as he could eat more stuff from the festival. He opted for his Aviator watch paired with a Fossil bracelet, and he wore his Constantin Nautics  necklace to finish the outfit. 



On D:

T-shirt – Replay; Jeans – ZARA; Shoes – Converse; Watch – Aviator; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil

Since this is a Sunday post, I do not want to bore you with text anymore and I’m just going to finish off by advising you to wear comfortable (baggy) clothes when you decide to go to a food festival. 


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