Since today is the 1st of June, therefore being the International Children’s Day, we’ve decided to introduce to you our child…for now, our dog is our official child, but we hope that someday we’ll expand our little family.


She has various names simply because we can’t really decide on one, but most of the time we call her Shtuli. She’s the warmest most loving dog we’ve ever met. She was born the year D and I met (7 years old) and she first entered the world on the same date as D, only 25 years later. We’ve had her for the last three years and the way she got into our lives is quite funny. I guess we can say she fought her way into our family.


She was born at our countryside house and she grew up among 8 other dogs. At some point in her life, when she was about four years old, she decided she didn’t like her friends anymore so she started fighting with them. We decided to adopt her, as she was D‘s favourite doggie and because I literally can’t live without an animal in my life. As soon as she entered our lives, we couldn’t imagine how we lived without her thus far. Each summer she is reunited with her childhood friends for a month as we take her back to the countryside, because most of August my parents stay there.


She is extremely lovable and warm with us, but she’s extremely shy with everyone else. Because of that, all our daily walks need to be at odd hours, either when everyone is sleeping or at work.
Shtuli is our absolute best friend and we consider her to be our child, so today it’s all about her!

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