Milan through our eyes…

Oh wow… We really loved Milan. This is the overall post, where we briefly tell you about our experience. First thing that struck us about Milan is how different it is compared to Rome. I mean, this is such a trendy and cosmopolite city, not that Rome isn’t, but Milan reminds us more about Wien. Everything about this long weekend was just perfect!


Basically, as you roam the streets of this beautiful city, you can’t help but get infested by its beauty. Art, architecture and fashion are at home in Milan and to be honest, I can’t wait for us to go to Florence as I’ve heard that it’s the most beautiful city Italy has to offer. We’ll probably do a long weekend there at some point. True, Milan is a tourist attraction because of the whole fashion influence it has over the entire world, but for some reason, and I suspect part of the reason is the fact that the main landmarks are luxury shops, it’s not as packed full of tourists as Rome. I am not going to waste you time with the places you have to visit as you can very well find those in any given tourist guide, but I am going to tell you that this city requires comfortable shoes as it’s a pity to not visit it by foot.


With that in mind, I have to brag about the fact that my Jawbone tracker was very proud of my activity these past few days. Getting to Milan is quite easy from Bucharest as there are quite a few airlines that offer a wide variety of flight hours. The flight is about 2 hours which is very manageable and you should keep in mind that it will be best to land on Linate airport as that one is the closest to Milan and the taxi fare to the central area is only about 20 Euros. Food wise, there are a few places one should try once there, but naturally we will have a few posts on specific restaurants, however, you should try the fashion cafes as their menu is very trendy and the food is exceptional. We did that for two lunch stops at Gucci and Replay. To express more clearly the great quality of the ingredients in these kind of places, at Replay, D had the tartare burger, which is basically raw meat with bread and parmesan. If the meat is bad than you instantly get sick and you can’t eat it, but D loved it. I also had one of the best caprese salads there, and yes, one could argue that a caprese salad is basically tomatoes with buratta, but the ingredients always make a difference. So, go ahead and try some of these fancy terraces while there. I should mention that at Replay the check was about 40 Euros, but the food was delicious and you should expect a bigger check just because you eat on denim tablecloth.


Obviously, at some point we encountered a PRIDE party, which was one of the most peaceful and lovely street parties we’ve ever been to. Everyone was friendly and they had a great DJ that kept everything on the fun side. The nice thing about it was that there was a wide variety of street food available on the spot and everything looked amazing, too bad we stumbled upon the party after our dinner cos if not, I would’ve tried a lot of things there.


Another great area we discovered and really should make the object of one of the walks in Milan is the Pagano-Fiera area. According to the people living in Milan, that is the real central area of the city, and we’ve eaten there on two occasions and I have to say that the food was amazing. Aside from the food, this area houses one of the most expensive residential places in Italy. For the architecture junkie in me, seeing the way the area was built really made my whole Milan experience complete. That is mainly a spot that deserves a walk in the evening as the new residential complex is beautifully accentuated with architectural lightning.


I didn’t mention the Dome area intentionally, because all the tourists guide talk exclusively about it, and yes, it is beautiful, and yes, one should visit it while in Milan, but we normally are more focused on the less known areas of any new city we visit. Shopping wise, this central area is probably the best, as prices tend to not spike here, or anywhere actually and, if you have accommodation centrally, there’s really no point in thinking that you can get a better deal if you go further from the centre (we’ve tried it!). You’ll just waste your money on taxis or metros. Two more places that really need a visit from anyone travelling to this part of Italy is the Sempione Park and the Alfa Romeo Museum. As you’ve probably noticed, we are big park fans as well as cars lovers so none of these two landmarks could’ve been missed. We’ll have an entire post on the Alfa Romeo Museum simply because we both love Alfas.


Other things to mention about Milan… this is really the shopping mecca of Europe in my opinion, not that it has more shops that London or Paris, but simply because they’re not as packed full of tourists and as opposed to Paris where there’s constantly a line in front of Louis Vuitton or Christian Louboutin, here you actually have the peace and quiet needed to enjoy spending your money. As you’ve probably figured it out by now, we had a great time in Milan and this city reopened our appetite for Italian cities!


While in Milan…

As usual, whenever we come back from one of our trips around the world (well, Europe mainly, this year), we like to do a remembering post, where we put together all the photos both of us posted on Instagram (both mine and D‘s) and on our Facebook page, just to give you a feeling of what our trip was about.

Naturally, today will be all about unpacking, sorting photos and sketching some ideas for our following posts. This is a time-consuming matter as we do not want to leave anything out for you as well as for us because we treat this blog as some sort of public online journal of our lives.

I hope you enjoy today’s photos and I hope that we’ll have something ready for you tomorrow from our lovely long weekend spent in Milan.


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Speedy Lemonade!

This is going to be one of those ‘barely-any-text’ posts, as today is mad, mad,mad! You’re going to find out soon enough why, if you haven’t already from our Instagram accounts and our Facebook page. Bottom line is that there’s no better way to cool down than to wear fresh colours like yellow and blue.



The dress I’m wearing is yet another dress designed by the one and only Anca Maxim and, as with any of her designs, this one can take numerous shapes. It has an elastic band underneath that allows you to give it this intricate form. That can be adjusted in any way you (I) wish. I paired it with these lovely yellow Sophia Webster sandals that I got a few years ago and my gold Mihaela Glavan clutch bag. Accessory wise I opted for a Swarovski ring and bracelet to compliment my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings.




On me:

Dress – Atelier Anca Maxim; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Mihaela Glavan; Bling – Swarovski (ring and bracelet), Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch –Tissot



On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Lacoste; Shoes – Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also kept it in the same colour palette, choosing to pair his yellow H&M shorts (yes, another pair!) with his dark blue Lacoste t-shirt. Yup, we discovered he has two identical Lacoste t-shirts in his closet. That never happened to me, so the balance for the most thoughtful spender leans into my direction. He wore his Polo Ralph Lauren sneaks that perfectly match both the shorts and the t-shirt and only chose his Fossil bracelet as an accessory. We both wore our Tissot PR100 watches just to keep things to a minimum.

All in all, we are preparing a bunch of posts from abroad with impressions, places to eat and fashion, so please excuse today’s short post!




Back to basics…

No we did not succumb to this heat wave and gone commando for this photoshoot. The basics I’m talking about here are a few pieces that stand the test of time no matter what:

  • The denim shirtdress
  • The gold flats
  • The classic Converse sneakers


Honestly, when I spotted this old rag in my closet I was afraid that it would not fit me anymore as I think this was my first H&M piece of clothing, so it must be about 4-5 years old. I’m talking about the dress. Now the nice thing about a shirtdress is that you can either belt it or not, you can dress it up or down and basically, denim is a neutral colour. For these 30 minutes spent apart from the good old AC, we decided to go back to basics. Nothing fancy, just stuff that we had in our closet for at least one year. We literally are not wearing anything bought this year, or the year before – I think!



On me:

Dress – H&M; Flats – ASOS; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot; Belt – Massimo Dutti

Since it’s so hot outside, there’s no use in trying to look put together as that goes out the window the minute you step outside. As stated earlier, I wore a denim shirtdress from H&M and gold flat sandals from ASOS that I got 4 years ago while I was in London for my Master’s Degree. I decided to pair denim and gold with rich cognac brown, so I opted for my Michael Kors bag and Massimo Dutti belt. That’s it! No special pieces, just a bunch of old rags that were lying around in our dressing room.



On D:

Shorts – H&M; T-shirt – Guess; Shoes – Converse; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also kept the old rag appearance and chose a Guess t-shirt to go with his (obviously!) H&M blue shorts. What other way to complete this basic look if not with his classic Chucks? Obviously, these sneaks stand the test of time, no matter what print or colour you have them in. I literally wore a pair until they got ripped apart. I think that this could probably be the best fashion investment, as no matter how beautiful Loubs are, you can wear Converse sneaks everywhere. Yes, even on the red carpet! A few celebs have been known to pair a haute couture dress with Chucks!

As for bling, neither of us really bothered. I wore my usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings, while D wore his Fossil brown leather bracelet. We both opted for our Tissot T-race watches simply because we couldn’t stand the feeling of either leather or metal bracelet. For some reason, rubber seems to be more ok! That being said, we were so glad that we survived yet another hot day!





Oranges and Blues!

Right, so what do you do when you have a ‘thing’ where you can’t wear a bathing suit even though the weather desperately requires that? I told you that until the weather becomes a bit more normal temp-wise I’m going to continue to whine about it. Back to the question… I’ll tell you what, you’ll just watch how the man of your dreams melts away in long pants and a polo shirt while you enjoy life in an easy-breezy dress and sandals. Sometimes it’s just so good to be a woman!


Seriously, during summer I do tend to pity men because if you actually have to go to an event where you are not allowed to wear shorts and open shoes, then it just sucks to be a man! I mean, these types of regulations tent to be a lot more permissive with us women. For example these outfits over here. It’s quite easy to see which one of us is more comfortable at 36 degrees… On the other hand, us women bleed for 5 days every month and still live to tell the story, so with that in mind, pitying men just stopped!




On me:

Dress – Atelier Anca Maxim; Shoes – Jimmy Choo; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski (bracelet and ring); Watch – Tissot

Back to our outfits… The obvious colour palette consists (as the title says) orange and blue. I know this is not really a traditional colour combo, but for some reason I seem to came back to it quite often. The only thing that suffers changes, depending on the season and event, is the intensity of both of the colours involved. Just thought about the fact that i have a perfect orange summer bag from Lancel tucked somewhere in our dressing room that just needs a good photoshoot. I just need to find it! Soon!



On D:

Pants – ZARA; T-shirt – Lacoste; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

For this cocktail-casual event I chose a very comfortable dress designed by the one woman that actually made my wedding dress as well – Anca Maxim. What I love most about this dress is its versatility. Apparently I’m a big fan of versatility! For these photos I’ve worn the right sleeve up, but I do promise that we’ll shoot it again and I’m going to wear the sleeve down which totally changes the dress. The reason I chose to wear it up was, obviously, the heat! The print on this dress is very easy to combine as well, working well with oranges, blues and yellows. This time I went for my neon orange Jimmy Choo Lance sandals – told you they are an absolute staple and I have them in two colours. Also, to complete the look and carry my phone and house keys, I chose the orange Furla bucket mini bag. As for the bling, naturally, besides my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings I wore a Swarovski cocktail ring and bracelet.

D had to suffer a bit as there was absolutely no way he could get away with wearing shorts this time, so he had to wear his orange ZARA chinos. Obviously, because he wore long pants, flip-flops, be them leather, weren’t an option so he had to wear his Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes. To completely match my dress, he chose his dark blue Lacoste polo t-shirt. He obviously wore his Fossil bracelet and, for a change we both wore our Tissot PR100 which is a very classic watch.


There you have it! I survived gracefully in the heat while D roasted like a turkey the entire afternoon. Well, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion!





Full House/Table!!!

A few weeks back we had the whole family for a late lunch/early dinner party. The thing is, when we all get together, there’s 15 of us around the table, and we’re all foodies, so we needed to make something that was satisfying for all of us – yup, we’re all picky when it comes to our food! What better way to please everyone than pasta? And not just any pasta, but a melange of taco and pasta to surprise everyone with our creativity!


Obviously, buying food for more than a dozen people is no problem for us, and, for the first time since we started throwing these parties, the food was almost completely devoured and everyone was happy and full. At the end, when you are going to read the nutritional info (it’s scary) keep in mind that all the data is for the whole quantity, and you should divide it by 16 to get a real portion’s worth of information.


Here’s what we bought for our very own Taco-Pasta (I’m sticking to this name!):

  • 1 kg minced veal meat
  • 500 gr brown mushrooms
  • 30 gr fresh basil
  • 250 gr cherry tomatoes
  • 750 gr whole wheat pasta (we used two different shapes and they were both equally appreciated)
  • 2 jars of Jamie Oliver’s Tomato and Chilly pasta sauce
  • 500 gr of law-fat cheddar
  • 2 medium onions
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • about 10 olives (we just had them lying around in our fridge so we decided to use them, but they gave the dish a fabulous aroma)
  • 1 can of sweet boiled corn (just to get you into that taco mood)


That’s about all you need for this dinner dish, but you can always add beans to fill your Mexican appetite. To be honest, like any pasta, the preparation is the easy part, buying everything was the hard part. It took us about 2 hours to have everything ready, but keep in mind that we had to track our recipe with photos every step of the way and that is time-consuming.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. As usual, take as many photos of the lovely ingredients you just bought, as one of the pics is going to be used for the Instagram account.
  2. Cut, dice and mince everything as there’s not one single ingredient that will be needed whole. Again, take some pics of the lovely diced ingredients and then it’s actually time to start cooking.
  3. In a pot (you’ll need two in the end, but just use one for the sauce and then divide it so that the aroma is evenly distributed) melt a pat of butter just to be sure that none of the ingredients stick to it.
  4. Pour all the onion into it and let it cook until it’s turned golden. After that, add all the meat and stir well until it has reached an earthy brown colour.
  5. Add the mushrooms and the tomatoes and stir well. Let them all cook until the mushrooms start leaving a bit of water.
  6. Add the tomato sauce, the olives, the corn, the minced garlic and the basil and stir well. By this point you’ve used most of your ingredients. Let the sauce boil for a few minutes just to get all the aromas out.
  7. Add two glasses of water just to get the whole sauce in a more liquid state and to get it out of boiling mode so you can safely divide it into two parts (this is when the second pot comes into play).
  8. Add the pasta and let it boil for 15 minutes stirring regularly.
  9. The last step is the cheese-step. Add all the cheese, stir well and let it boil for another 2 minutes than switch off the stove. You’re done!

That’s about all it takes to feed 15 people and have some leftovers for the next day. All you have to do now is decorate a few plates and take some photos before everyone arrives! Remember what I told you about the nutritional info. Using the same quantities as we did you’ll end up with 16 servings, so keep that in mind when you read all about those health data provided by my Jawbone UP app. This dish is rated at 9.1/10 so it’s on the very healthy side, but you do need to consume it in moderation as each serving gives you about 320 kcals and quite a lot of saturated fats!



Uncomfortable Comfort!

I’m telling you, all this hot, hot, unbearable heat, has to stop at some point! Lately it seems that all I’m doing is complain about the weather. In fact, to be honest, this year has been so screwed-up weather-wise, that I can’t remember myself not complaining about it so far. The thing that bugs me most is that last week, at the beginning of the week we had 18 degrees and it rained like the next biblical flood was about to go down on us and by Friday it was so unbearably hot, like 38 degrees hot. Going from 18 to 38 in two-three days can’t be right.


So far, I have no idea what clothes I should stack away for autumn and what to keep for this summer, therefore, all my clothes are on display in our walk-in dressing room. Last Monday I was wearing my autumnish black jeans and today I have no idea what to get rid of off myself. I feel like walking around in a swimsuit should be office appropriate for these kind of temps. We should even start paving our office spaces with white sand from the Maldives, as those are the kinds of temps we’ve been experiencing lately.



On me:

Shorts – Mango; T-shirt – Lefties; Shoes – Converse; Bag – Michael Kors; Jacket – H&M; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Shades – Ray-Ban; Watch – Longines

Back to this fashion killer post. D and I decided to spend as much time inside as possible. Preferably right under the AC, but every once in a while, we have to go out for some stupid reason like food, and every time we do that, we also decide to snap some photos because you never know when we are going to die because of the heat and we are very thoughtful and want to leave a vast array of photos for our friends and families. The day we shot these photos was no exception to this unbearable heat, and the moment we stepped outside the vehicle, we both had difficulty breathing (did I mention the high humidity we also have these days?).



On D:

Shorts – Pull and Bear; T-shirt – H&M; Shoes – Converse; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines

Anyway, as you can see, I wore as little clothing as possible and opted for a long t-shirt from Lefties that is also going to double as a beach cover-up when we’ll actually have the time to go to the seaside. Underneath the t-shirt are a pair of hot denim shorts from Mango and my new and improved Converse Chucks II. For some reason, actually for fashion reasons, I decided to wear a denim jacket from H&M, but only managed to keep it on for five minutes. The bag is Michael Kors and it’s the same I wore at the Tastemakers party. Also, sunnies are really important these days so I opted for my Ray-Bans. I did nothing fancy with the bling and only added a Swarovski ring to the usual Pandora and Tomorrowland rings. 

D also opted for as few clothing pieces as possible, but apparently Mega Image doesn’t let you in topless, so, to my annoyance, he actually had to wear a t-shirt. What better t-shirt to beat the heat wave than his tropical one from H&M? I mean, just look at the print, it cools you down immediately! He too wore a pair of denim shorts, not as hot as mine though, from Pull and Bear and his brand new Converse x John Varvatos. He didn’t even want to hear about bling on this hot day and chose only his Fossil bracelet and we both wore our Longines Hydroconquest watches in the hopes that some hydro-anything will hit us and cool us down. Needless to say that didn’t happen!


I am really hoping that I’ll stop whining about the heat, but until the temps will go down to normal, I am going to do this every single day!




Watermelon season…

…well not yet here, but it better hurry up and come already as watermelons are my favourite fruits during summer. As much as I’d like to have a slice (or a whole one) I know that until July they simply taste like water.


As you can see in these photos, we’re back to the whole Rose Quartz trend. Funny, it was so big a few months ago that I actually thought that it’s here to stay, like last year’s colour of the year, but it would appear that despite the fact that this year we have two colours to rely on, the fashion industry just isn’t very fond of either of them. In all the stores I looked (online or not), I could barely find anything pink. I mean this dress here has been lying in my closet for a few years now, tags on and everything.



On me:

Dress – Mango; Shoes – Sophia Webster; Bag – Furla; Bling – Tomorrowland, Pandora and Swarovski; Watch – Tissot

Trying to keep in topic…the topic being this damn heat wave…Yup, it still hasn’t decided to leave us alone, and we still have temps hitting 40 degrees. The only solution to actually survive is to wear loose clothes and as few accessories as you can. Oh! And drink lots of water! The moment I stepped out of the car and left the comfort of my air conditioning, I realised that these Sophia Webster shoes, adorable and comfy as they are, were not really a good idea in this heat and humidity. I mean, I’m telling you, anything plastic in this heat and you are a dead man walking. Good thing we only spent 30 mins taking these pics and then I was back in the comfort of the AC. As for the dress, you know by now that it’s not a new addition and now it’s time to let you know that it’s from Mango (apparently I have a lot of stuff from Mango as well). The bag you’ve already seen a hundred times and it’s from Furla and the bling, aside from the usual, I wore the big Nirvana ring from Swarovski. Pretty clean and simple if you ask me, though I would’ve preferred to be on a beach somewhere. 



On D:

T-shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren; Shorts – H&M; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Tissot

D also went a bit on the pink side with his pink Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt with, obviously, H&M grey shorts. I’m telling you, he has a hundred colours worth of shorts from H&M. He decided, unlike me, on wearing his very comfortable and weather appropriate boat shoes from Tommy Hilfiger and as for the accessories, he only wore his Fossil bracelet. Naturally, we both wore out paired Tissot T-Race watches to finish our looks.

With all the watermelons in mind, I am one degree shy away from starting to actually do the dance of the rain in order for the temps to actually become a bit more bearable. On that note, I’m off to hug the AC in our living-room.




Major Discount Alert!!!

For English scroll down!



Scriu in romana pentru prima oara deoarece am o oferta pentru voi care nu prea poate fi ratata! Dupa cum s-a putut observa din postarile trecute, amandoi suntem pasionati de ceasuri… Ok, D este putin mai pasionat (spre obsedat) decat mine, dar si mie imi plac foarte mult, si sincer, ma simt complet dezorientata cand nu am ceas la mana. In alta ordine de idei, as vrea sa nu mai bat campii si sa va povestesc despre ultima gaselnita a noastra in domeniu de ceasuri de mana : Barbas and Zacari. De ce ni se par atat de speciali? Simplu, exista o multitudine de motive pe care le voi insira aici:

  1. Sunt viitoarele ceasuri mega-populare in domeniu on-line pentru ca sunt manufacturate impecabil si pentru ca sunt extrem de versatile – si, cui nu ii place un accesoriu versatil care sa nu necesite inlocuire zilnica? Ce inteleg eu prin mega-populare in on-line? Pai, e simplu, daca ati urmarit in ultima vreme cam ce putere are on-line-ul (vezi alegeri politice, diverse ‘vedete’ dar si multe produse care au creat valva), atunci ati observat ca, in materie de ceasuri acum ceva timp a avut un moment Daniel Wellington, in momentul de fata pe val se afla Cluse, iar, din punctul meu de vedere, urmatorii vor fi australienii de la Barbas & Zacari. De ce spun asta? Urmariti putin in paralel evolutia celor trei branduri si veti intelege imediat de ce.
  2. Poate motivul principal pentru care am fost atrasa sa colaborez cu ei este faptul ca, spre deosebire de marcile mai sus mentionate care produc mai mult sau mai putin acelasi lucru, baietii astia au si o cauza nobila pentru care doneaza bani din fiecare ceas vandut. Trebuie sa recunosc ca genul acesta de activitate ma atrage mai rau decat o pereche lucioasa si noua de Louboutin! Mai ales ca am verificat si tipii nu folosesc asta doar ca o fatada, literalmente fiecare ceas vandut ‘doneaza’ 5 dolari catre ‘Cancer Research Foundation of Australia‘. Sincer, mai putin ma intereseaza ca respectiva fundatie este din Australia atata timp cat isi face treaba bine.
  3. Sunt unisex! Da, ceasurile sunt unisex! Asta inseamna ca atat eu cat si D ne putem lua modele diferite, pe care sa le purtam pe rand! Daca stau bine sa ma gandesc, cunoscandu-ne pe noi, asta ar putea fi un motiv de cearta serios dimineata, dar sunt convinsa ca vom trece cu usurinta peste (in traducere libera, el va ceda!).
  4. Sunt foarte accesibile! Costa in jur de 400 de lei, dar pentru ceea ce ofera (mecanism japonez, rezistenta la apa pana la 3ATM, design impecabil), poti spune ca sunt o afacere, mai ales ca livrarea este gratuita pe tot globul, ca primesti o reducere de 60 lei daca te inscrii pe lista lor de e-mail si ca daca citesti in continuare, iti voi face si eu o oferta care sa reduca si mai mult din costurile acestor superbe ceasuri.

Te-am convins? Daca ai ajuns cu cititul in punctul asta, inseamna ca mai am o sansa sa te conving ca ai absoluta nevoie de aceste ceasuri care merg la orice si in orice situatie. Iti spuneam mai devreme ca am o oferta speciala de la mine pentru tine, drag cititor care ai avut rabdare cu toate postarile noastre destul de random.

Daca iti comanzi ceasul, la sfarsit, cand iti cere un cod cadou, foloseste codul LAVINIA.BODU pentru o reducere aditionala de 15%. Ce mai, deja ceasul a ajuns la o suma fabulos de mica, si nu uita, ajuti cercetatorii sa se apropie de finalul luptei impotriva acestei boli ingrozitoare care rapeste anual milioane de vieti nevinovate.


Well, now that I am done with the Romanian version, I can tell you all about the wonderful collaboration that I have started with Barbas & Zacari. This is an Australian based watch company. As you’ve probably noticed by now, both D and I are watch freaks, well D is actually more than me, but I feel completely lost without a watch so I count as a freak as well. The reasons I started the collaboration with Barbas & Zacari are quite a few, so I’ll start with:

  1. They are the next mega fashionable watch. Already, if you are a watch freak, you’ve noticed that Daniel Wellington is slowly but surely giving more and more space to Cluse which in the end will be replaced by Barbas & Zacari. I am saying that because these three brands are somewhat similar, but by far my favourite is the latter.
  2. The main reason I wanted a collaboration with these guys as opposed to others is because they work with a good cause. 5 dollars out of each sold watch is donated to the Cancer Research Foundation of Australia, and to be honest, a good cause is more attractive than a brand new pair of Loubs.
  3. The watches are unisex! Yup, unisex! In other words, D and I can buy different watches and we can share them depending on whatever we’re wearing that day. Come to think of it, this could actually cause some stupid fights in the morning, but I know that D will succumb to my wishes.
  4. They are very reasonably priced! At around 89 Euros I’d say they’re a bargain if you take into consideration the superb craftsmanship, the fact that they are water resistant (3ATM) and the very important Japanese mechanism. Also you get a discount of 15 Euros if you subscribe to their e-mail list and, read along as I have an additional discount code just for you!

If you got this far with the reading, then it must mean that you are really interested, so let me tell you about my own discount code for you! If you do decide to buy one of these amazing watches either for you or for a loved one, then just use the code LAVINIA.BODU for an additional 15% off. There you have it! Amazing quality at next to nothing! Plus, don’t forget about the good cause you are helping! It’s a win all around if you ask me!



Tastemakers Party!!!

Saturday. 1000 degrees. Literally the hottest day so far this year. We had invites to an outside party that seemed to be pretty trendy and since there was not much to do this long weekend we decided to go and have fun. The weather however was a bitch and never ever had I wanted someone to have invented outside air conditioning than I did on Saturday. The requested attire was festival chic and yes, both of us could’ve chosen better outfits for this event but the sad part was that neither of us could stand anything touching our skin.



A bit about the party. On the invitation it said that the whole thing was scheduled to start at 5 p.m. so we decided to be fashionably late and we got there at 5:35 p.m. To our surprise, we were the first ones there and nothing was really set up. Well, except for the main decor pieces. That, to be honest was actually good as we got to take pics of the whole thing without being bothered by unwanted people in our photos. The downside to all that was that there was nothing to eat yet, not even the much necessary ice-cream and we arrived there with an empty stomach. All in all, for the time we stayed, we did have a good time and it did end up being a good party.



Back to the festival not-so-chic attire. As stated earlier, it was hot as hell out and we both decided to wear loose clothes and literally as few as possible. I went for a loose blouse from ZARA, paired with a denim skirt, also from ZARA and my trusted, comfortable VANS shoes. The reason I went for this white-blue outfit was because I seriously needed my legs to be out in the open, but I also wanted to be as comfortable as ever and nothing says chilly better than blue and white. Normally I don’t pair skirts with sneakers, but I am going to start doing that more often this summer if the temps stay as high as they were on Saturday. Shades were an absolute necessity, so I chose my Ray-Ban Wayfarers as I though that at least the sunglasses should match the requested attire. I carried all my stuff in my Michael Kors white bag and the reason I didn’t choose a smaller crossbody bag is because one of us needed to carry the camera and apparently I picked the smaller straw. Accessory wise I kept it to a minimum and only added my Swarovski ring to the usual rings that I wear.



On me:

Blouse – ZARA; Skirt – ZARA; Shoes – VANS; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Pandora, Tomorrowland and Swarovski; Shades – Ray-Ban; Watch – Longines

D also suffered because of the heat and he too tried to choose his most comfortable and loose clothes. He picked a linen shirt from H&M that he has had for five years now and paired it with Pull and Bear denim shorts. Yes, I too was astounded that his closet contains shorts that are not from H&M! In order to feel as good under the circumstances, he chose his VAS leather flip-flops that he changed when he realised the party was on the grass and mosquitos tend to love grass. Accessory wise he too kept it to a minimum and only wore his Fossil bracelet for the event. As you can spot from the photos, we both wore our Longines watches.



On D:

Shirt – H&M; Shorts – Pull and Bear; Shoes – VAS; Bling – Fossil; Watch – Longines 

All in all, if the weather was a bit less bitchy and if the organisers kept their word about starting the party at 5 p.m. I’d say our trendy Saturday would’ve been perfect despite the heatwave that seems to not want to leave our area for the time being.