Austrian wonder!

I’ve thought long and hard about what to write about this wine, I’ve done my research and to be quite honest, I’m afraid this post might turn out like one of those Sunday posts with barely any text, but only a bunch of photos and some shopping information.

D found this gem of a wine a few months back and the guy at the wine shop warned him that this is really a very special Riesling, so we dicided to save it for a very special occasion. What better occasion is there other than your man’s birthday? None, I tell you, none! Once back from our late luch at Norma on Monday, we opened the ‘unicorn’ wine and our wine chart was changed forever. This is definately the best white wine we’ve ever drank. You absolutely have to try this one, especially if you are a wine lover!

The reason I was having second thoughts about writing a detailed description about it, is that you simply can’t put into words the great quality and the superb taste it has. And I am also afraid you are going to miss my point about having to try out this wine!
I’m talking about an Austrian wine and as much as we love Romanian wines, our top three wines are all Austrian. For some reason we both feel that this country gives to the world some of the best wines out there. However, this Rudi Pichler Riesling is out of this world good. True it is a wine from 2012 and currently you can barely find it anywhere, and true, it is a bit more expensive than other wines we’ve reviewed here, but it is worth both the search and the money!

We have come to the moment I was torn about in the begining of this post… Should I brag about all the research I’ve done on this Riesling or should I just URGE you to try it for youtself to get my point?
Not being in a hurry to finish this post, I am going to give a swift description about my experience with it. I’m not going to talk about the winery or the winemaker, just about the three essential consumer issues: colour, smell and taste. First thing I noticed about this wine when D pored it into the glass is the clear pale green-yellow colour that immediately tells you about its crispness and character. The frangarnce is also very impressive, at first you feel a mandarin smell which is uncharacteristic for a Riesling. Once I took a second sniff I was astounded that the mandarin fragrance was joined by peach notes and a faint floral bouquet. At this point, I couldn’t wait to have a sip. But you should never take that first sip in a hurry, you should let it linger and release all its flavours. From the first moment, I felt this was a full-bodied wine with a pronounced acidity that had subtle citrus notes. The aftertaste is fruity, making this wine one of the most complex Rieslings I’ve ever tried.

In order to not bore you and get my point across, I’m going to stop writing now and leave you with this:


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