Birthday afternoon…

As you’ve figured out by now, yesterday was D‘s birthday, and quite frankly that was the first Monday of 2016 that was actually nice. After work, I decided to use this as an excuse for a lovely afternoon. Since we take photos most days, I was determined to do a birthday photoshoot, so when we’ll be old and wrinkly and nobody will belive how stylish and good looking we used to be, we’ll have these pics to prove it.


Since Mondays are usually unbearably busy, I only had time to do a top-bum in order to look decent in pics. We did however take the time to do a little matchy-matchy in light blue and white. This is yet another combo I’ve started to love and it seems to be quite fashionable these days. I did go a bit out of trend with my lilac Metropolis bag from Furla. Even though it was D‘s birthday, he still made time in his busy schedule to stop on the way home and buy me the lovely white tulips bouquet you can spot in the photos.



On me:
Blouse – Mango; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Christian Louboutin; Bag – Furla; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Tomorrowland; Watch – Longines

Even though it was a mad day, I decided to make my feet suffer even more with this lovely pair of 120 mm white python Louboutins (killer heels!). Although I love these shoes a lot, whenever I wear them I have to constantly repeat to myself ‘small steps, you’re not in a hurry!’ just to keep myself from falling down. Like I said at some point in an earlier post, this year I’m determined to learn how to walk casually in skyscraper heels (I’m usually feeling most comfortable in 100 mm heels). The top is from Mango (real shocker! It’s not from ZARA!) and although the embroidery and the overall light feeling of it is lovely, I had to constantly arrange it so that people wouldn’t see my (yes, lovely!) lace LaPerla bra. I think I’m going to make the most of this top during our seaside vacations with a swimsuit top underneath it.



On D:
Shirt – H&M; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Longines

D opted for his light blue striped pants from ZARA and a white shirt from H&M. Though it might seem that you have seen this shirt again, it’s actually new, but my man decided to start buying doubles. His condition is starting to be worst than mine actually, as, at least, I tend to buy doubles in different colours, whether he started buying identical doubles. He does have a point, however, where this shirt is concerned, as it is very comfortable, extremely affordable, the tailoring is rather good and you can never have too many white shirts. Still, as many arguments (good ones) as he might have, I’m still going to use this against him when I’ll buy a new pair of Pigalles.

We both wore our Longines Hydroconquest watches as D doesn’t seem to want to take his off. I don’t really blame him, as it is one of my birthday presents for him and we can now proudly say that we managed to pair our Longines (I got mine for my birthday, so I really wanted to be able to get his asap). Normally we buy all our watches in pairs, but for my birthday he decided to surprise me, so I returned the favour and he really wasn’t expecting it.

I wore my Swarovski cocktail ring paired with my two daily rings from Pandora an Tomorrowland, while D wore his Constantin Nautics and fossil bracelets. I’m never mentioning our wedding rings mainly because we always have them on and I don’t really consider tham fashion accessories.
We ate a late lunch/early dinner at a lovely, lovely place that deserves an entire post, so I’m not going to tell you here about it, but I hope to have it done by tomorrow or Thursday, but I can say that it’s a must-try in Bucharest!
We ended D‘s birthday with a glass (bottle) of amazing (AMAZING!) wine, but more on that on Friday. I was delighted to see that D had a lovely time on his birthday, even though it was on a Monday.

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