The aftermath…


We both had an epiphany on Sunday, being over 30 and partying hard usually leaves you feeling like you’ve undergone major surgery the next day. That, without a doubt though, is a clear sign that we had a wonderful time the night before.



Unfortunately for us, since we work five days per week, just like the rest of the world (except for Japan), that means that most of our non-work related errands are left for the weekend. This weekend was no exception, with the slight difference that we only had Sunday to deal with all of it (parents visits, grocery shopping, laundry…). To make matters even worst, we only had half a Sunday because we slept till 3 p.m. Being old-ish, we needed 30 minutes of whining about not wanting to ‘adult’ anymore and decided that before we got to our adult business, we should spend an hour in a kids park to swing our sorrows away. To be honest, after about two minutes of swinging la 2 year olds, we felt a bit better and decided to take advantage of the situation and snap some photos.



On me:
T-shirt – Tomorrowland; Jeans – Diesel; Shoes – Nike Air Max; Bling – Constantin Nautics, Tomorrowland and Pandora; Watch – Tissot T-Race; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Naturally, after a night filled with wine and high-heels I desperately needed the comfort of my Nike Air Max sneakers. We couldn’t go out unmatched, so D wore his as well, and we both went for neutral grey t-shirts as both of out Nikes have a little grey in them. Of course distressed jeans were a must, and the dark sunglasses a necessity (with all the drinking the night before). Like never before, I forgot to take a bag with me, so I only had my phone and my hands in my pockets. I think that these outfits are our go-to outfits for days when we just need to recharge and not think about fashion, especially since we started our Sunday (at noon) feeling like we were ran down by a train.



On D:
T-shirt – Tomorrowland; Jeans – ZARA; Shoes – Nike Air Max; Bling – Constantin Nautics and Fossil; Watch – Tissot T-Race; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Both of our t-shirts are from the Tomorrowland shop and we really, really hope that next year we’ll be able to go to that amazing festival (we never seem to find available tickets), because we’ve been wanting to do that for too many years by now. My jeans are from Diesel, while D‘s pair are from ZARA and he bought them on Saturday (when he was supposed to look for the nude shirt).

We both felt it was appropriate to wear our Tissot T-Race watches because I felt that the rubber strap works well with our Nikes, or at least that’s the reason I fabricated that morning (told you that I’m too old to be drinking all night). Aside from that, we both wore our Constantin Nautics bracelets, D also wore his Fossil bracelet while I wore my Tomorrowland and Pandora rings. In order to be able to function in the sunshine, we both opted for Ray-Ban sunglasses.



Overall, we really needed a childish hour in the park to help us accept the fact that we are adults and that we had to start adulting soon.

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