Getting fat in Madrid…2KGs!

This is the second part of our fattening experience in Madrid. Without further rambling, here’s the rest of the post.



Monday was the day D made us change our originally set course at some point in the day, and lucky for us he did as we stumbled upon San Anton Market. On the rooftop we discovered the amazing La Cocina de San Anton that won our hearts over at first glance with it’s shabby-chic decor. This place is tricky to find as you have to go up some back stairs that we luckily found because we were very hungry and we saw people on the roof from outside. Because we had that primal hunger feeling, we decided to go all the way with our dinner and went for three courses: on shared and the other two individual. The great thing about this place was that they served Sangria de Cava as well which made us very happy. We promise, again, that we are not alcoholics, and even though denial is the usual way these things go, we never go past one bottle per dinner.

As an appetiser we got the Fresh Market Cheese Plate which got me really excited (see photos!) as it was the first time I was trying six different types of Spanish cheese. I have to say that I loved every single one of them! As a main, I decided (this was a hard decision, just check their online menu) on the Tomato Panini with Fresh Basil and Burrata (yeah, I know I am a cheese addict) which came in a very unexpected form. I was actually expecting some sort of combo between diced tomatoes and burrata cheese with some panini bread on the side, but instead, it came on a hot plate and the waiter cut it in front of me as the burrata needed to get just the right amount of warm before it was cut and dispensed all over the baked panini. Needless to say at this point that besides the fact that I love cheese, I just love, love, love any type of warm-cheese dish. D got the veal with some sort of cooked cabbage and judging by the fact that he was quiet the entire time he ate despite the fact that we had already had an appetiser, made me jump to the conclusion that it was absolutely delicious and it wasn’t just the hunger silencing him.


The dessert was really something special. We decided on two different desserts: cheesecake and the “Happy Ending” dessert. On the Cheesecake – this was definitely the best Cheesecake either of us ever had, and we are both very picky when it comes to Cheesecake, as even though the popular belief is that it’s very hard to ruin a cheesecake, it’s equally hard to do a magnificent one. This one was magnificent! The “Happy Ending” was really something else. Midpoint after D started eating it (we’re taking turns and each of us eats half of the dessert), he started laughing uncontrollably, which immediately made me think about the ‘funny-cupcakes’ from Amsterdam. As he didn’t want to tell me under no circumstances why he was laughing, I had to try it myself. Two bites in and I was laughing like a mad woman (I have a loud lough) and it wasn’t because of any ‘funny-business’, the dessert had crispy popping chocolate balls in it that just kept popping long after you’ve swallowed them and basically it felt like someone was was tickling you inside your ear. This is in now way annoying and if you factor in the fact that the popping chocolate balls come submerged in home-made vanilla sauce with a warm brownie on the side, you realise why I say that this is the most awesome dessert ever!

Our whole meal, that came very fast (seems this is a regular thing in Madrid – other countries should learn from that) and included and appetiser, two mains and two desserts, plus a large Sangria de Cava, cost about 80E, which is very good by any European standard.




On our last day in Madrid we really wanted to do a re-dinner at Cocina de San Anton (yes, we loved it that much!), but since we spent most of the day at Mutua Madrid Open, when dinner-time came, we rather felt like eating somewhere close to our hotel as all we really waned was a quick dinner and then to start packing for our leave (early flight). On our way from the Metro station we found this classic 60’s American diner that looked absolutely too good to miss while there.

This was a reminder of why we never really eat twice at the same restaurant when we’re abroad. This place was just lovely! Starting with the impeccably in-theme interior design and ending with the very friendly waiter/bartender that barely spoke two words in English. Unfortunately for us they didn’t serve Sangria de Cava. But just like any unfortunate thing tends to become immediately fortunate, they did serve another typical Spanish drink that we didn’t taste up to that point: Tinto de Berano. This is basically red wine combined with some sort of soda drink and some fruits, or at least that was what we managed to understand from our non-English talking friend. But I bet you there are some secret ingredients to it as I am sure that if I mix those exact ingredients, my final product won’t be half as good as this one was.

As per usual, I opted for a salad, a Caprese Salad to be more specific, that turned out to be more surprising than it sounds as it had tomato jam in it. In my ignorance, I had no idea that one could make Tomato jam, even tough I’m way past the point when a person is stupid enough to not know that a tomato is a fruit. It just never occurred to me that you can make jam out of them, and it definitely never occurred to me that it could taste this amazing in a salad. We also shared a plate of bacon and cheese potatoes and D settled for ordering three types of burritos which I can’t really remember what they were called in the menu but that course did have a very funny name. Needless to say that he was extremely satisfied with his pick. Since we were in an American diner eating Spanish food and drinking Spanish specialities, we decided to end our dinner with an all-American dessert: Pancakes. I admit that we decided on dessert fully for blog-purposes as we were already full by the time we finished our mains.

Taking into consideration that we ate a lot and drank a lot and the food came really quick (but that seems to be something normal in Madrid), this dinner was very cheap. We even felt like checking the bill twice as we couldn’t believe that all we ate and drank cost about 40E (tip included).

This was basically our food incursion in Madrid, and if we had to make a top five of the restaurants, I think it would look a bit like this:

  2.  La Cocina de San Anton
  3. Tommy Mel’s Diner
  4. VIPS
  5. Hard Rock Cafe (just based on the fact that we’ve eaten at HRC hundreds of times)

Also, if you’re looking for a nice place to drink a good Sangria in Madrid, we’d recommend any of the small terraces in the Chueca area (the featured images are from our Sangria breaks there).

This concludes the food series from Madrid and also ends all our posts from our vacation in this beautiful city. I hope we didn’t bore you too much with all the details and also, I hope that at some point you will find them useful.



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