On our way to Mount Doom!

Initially I wanted to give this post some fancy title including/about tennis, but once D saw the photos, he immediately texted me saying that we look like we’re on our way to Mount Doom, hence the new title which is much more appropriate. Did I mention that most of the time he is my inspiration? And even though, right now he is away on business, he still manages to inspire me.


The photos you see in this post were from our last full-day in Madrid and we decided to spend most of it at Mutua Madrid Open. As I said in an earlier post, we love everything about these kind kind of events so we had a wonderful time surrounded by tennis fans. Come to think of it, we do look like we’re in Frodo’s squad on our way towards a magnificent adventure. Unfortunately we were right at the end of our Spanish adventure, but next time we’ll do this type of cosplay at the beginning of the vacation.



On that particular day we didn’t match at all, as I’m not really considering the tassel details we both had, I more than D, which occurred completely unplanned. There was no planning behind the hat thing either and to prove it, D got his at the Open as after about 10 mins of standing in the sun a terrible headache hit him hard. I chose a black and white look, while D went for a blue relaxed combo.



Almost everything I’m wearing is from ZARA except for the shoes and the bag. I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m starting to be a bit obsessed with the wide pants trend, especially when combined with raffia-soled shoes. It’s just that I always seem to feel so comfortable and good while wearing these type of pants…I just can’t stop searching for them in each shop I go. I’m even on the verge of mastering the whole hat thing. That morning I was seriously considering using hair pins for it just to make sure that the damn thing won’t fly off my head at the first light wind. In the end I decided against that and I’m glad I did as the hat didn’t move an inch all day – true this was a windless day.



Since it was really hot that day, with temp hitting 28 degrees, we really were dressed appropriately. That was the only day from our entire vacation when I decided to abandon my Michael Kors bag and go for this beauty from Chloe that I got from theOutnet last winter. Funny thing is, that even though I didn’t planned it, at some point in the day I realised that I had a lot of tassels on: the bag, the pants and the blouse. D even had a small tassel attached to his pants (matching on point!). The shape of my bag also contributed to the whole Lord of the Rings theme.




On me:

Blouse – ZARA; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Tory Burch; Bag – Chloe; Hat – ZARA; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

The shoes I picked that day are Tory Burch and a recent purchase (I think from the week before we left for Madrid) also from theOutnet. I did not realise it then, but now, looking through the photos, I think I need a new pair of black sunglasses as the pair I’m sporting here are a no-no! The bling is exactly the same as before: a bracelet from Constantin Nautics, rings from Pandora and Swarovski and the beloved Daniel Wellington watch.



On D:

Shirt – H&M; Pants – ZARA; Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger; Bag – from Barcelona; Hat – Mutua Madrid Open; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington

D wore his newly acquired light blue pants from ZARA (yeah, he also did a bit of shopping while there), which in his opinion make him look a bit like Frodo but if you ask me, I only see the handsome and trendy man I married. Remember when I said that he raided H&M after he got his tattoo as he needed some soft shirts to wear while it was healing? Well this is yet another colour of the infamous shirt, the dark blue one that goes really well with the pants. He completed the look with his boat shoes by Tommy Hilfiger and his already well-known by now, bag from Barcelona. 

As he didn’t think to bring one of his hats with him in Madrid, he addressed that issue by elegantly buying one with a blue detail (yeh, he’s very fancy sometimes) to match his outfit. As usual, he wore his Fossil bracelet, Constantin Nautics pendant, all paired with his Daniel Wellington watch. You know what? We really love these watches as they’re extremely comfortable to wear as opposed to all the other automatic (or not) watches in our collection.


Hand in hand and doing out fashionable walk, we started our quest towards Mount Doom (the Open), but not before doing a small photoshoot in the lobby in front of our hotel room. I can’t really believe it’s only been a week and a half since we took these photos as it feel like ages ago, now that we’re both back in the saddle at work.

This was the last fashion post from Madrid, but there will still be one more food post to end the Spanish saga, and after that i promise to only briefly mention this vacation in future posts.



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