Conscious in Madrid!

Back on track with my no-jeans vacation goal. We were very lucky that the weather continued to be warm and sunny, so I was able to wear my H&M Conscious pants again. I needed it to be warm as wearing these pants, even though they’re long, feel like I’m only wearing shorts (the gif will better illustrate what I’m saying). As you know, I love these pants and I’m committed to making them a statement piece this summer in my wardrobe.


These photos were taken on the day we imagined we were going to be able to visit Madrid’s Botanical Garden, hence the green theme. I had the perfect photoshoot decor in mind, but the two-hours queue changed our plans so we had to change venue for one of the beautiful small streets this city has to offer. 


Silly as you know us to be by now, of course we searched for the appropriate street for us to jump on and off stuff. We got fixated on the poor street poles, as you can see. My attempt wasn’t blog-worthy good, like D‘s was, mainly because of the beloved pants. We ended up on this street as we were on our way to DStage, because we were stupid enough to not take into consideration that this place is fully booked until November. So we did the best we could with the situation at hand and we did a full photoshoot near the untouchable restaurant. 



Seeing the pics when we got back to our hotel room, I realised again (not that it was necessary), just how much I love these pants. What got me 100% convinced was the fact that I’ve worn them with sneakers and I don’t look as stupid as I expected, so I feel that they were worth every one of the 25€ I’ve spent on them as I just love wearing flares with sneakers. The pictured sneakers were bought by yours truly two days before from Madrid, making me break my shopping-on-vacation rule again. 



On me:

Blazer – H&M; Blouse – ZARA; Pants – H&M; Shoes – MTNG Attitude; Bag – Michael Kors; Bling – Swarovski, Pandora and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Sunglasses – WoodFellas

I paired them with a white, lace crop top from ZARA because I loved the crop top-high waist trend last year and I’m beyond happy that it’s fashionably acceptable this year as well. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I’m also in love with the green and white combo, so it was quite easy for me to choose the print on my sneakers, as, if you’ll go to VAS online shop, you’ll find there lots of other prints and colour combos.



On D:

Shirt – H&M; Jeans – Replay; Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren; Bling – Fossil and Constantin Nautics; Watch – Daniel Wellington; Belt – Replay

While it might look as warm, despite the clear sky and the sun shining, it was chilly enough to make me put on a white blazer from H&M, to finish the look and keep me comfortably warm. The jacket is the only item that you can’t currently find online as it’s from last year’s collection, but I found something very similar on their site. As usual in this vacation, I wore my Michael Kors bag, my Swarovski and Pandora rings, the Constantin Nautics bracelet and my new favourite watch from Daniel Wellington. Also, because it was sunny and I was wearing green, I decided to wear my WoodFellas sunglasses.

D also chose green (maybe I also had a word in convincing him) for the flop-visit to the Botanical Garden, but, again, as opposed to my colour-combo, he wore light green and dark blue. The light green shirt he’s sporting in these pics is from H&M (yeah, we do shop together) and I think he got it in four different colours, mainly because the material is very soft and he needed soft shirts for the office while his tattoo was healing, and because it doesn’t need much ironing, not that we bother with ironing anyway. 


He combined the shirt with his dark Replay jeans and Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers, also a darker shade of blue. Just like me, he wore the same jewellery, the Fossil bracelet, Constantin Nautics necklace (yeah, that sounds so feminine!) and the current obsession, the Daniel Wellington watch, which we both got for each other as an early Easter present (see our facebook page!).

You can also spot, in some of the photos, his dark blue Replay belt, and, unfortunately for him, since he’s taking most of our photos, there’s no real point in him wearing any sunglasses which was hard on the days the sun shone brightly.


This was yet another great day spent in Madrid, with my Jawbone tracker registering about 23000 steps, so yes, our feet were killing us, but ‘luckily’ for us, we only had one more full day before heading back home to start acting adultly again. Unlike other fashion posts, most of the stuff we’re wearing is still online, so most of the links provided will take you to the exact pieces we’re wearing.


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