Serenity Rose Quartz…

Our fashion after-work moment… Before we headed off to Madrid for Easter! Boy do we need this vacation! Just the two of us, a beautiful ready-to-explore city and hopefully beautiful weather… After our last experience in Spain, in Barcelona, we knew that we were going to bring home a few extra kgs on our bodies, so we decided to shoot this last post before the fattening!


Not much to say about this fashion post, except for the fact that we both managed to dress in the infamous (by now) colours of the year 2016. And yes, I realise now that these pics look a lot like we just came from our marriage-license signing, but I assure you we did that three years ago, though, we look a lot better in these photos.

We met after work to enjoy a little sun and a quiet lunch before going home to start the horrible act of packing for a vacay in spring (no idea how the weather will be like). D, being the wonderful husband that he is, bought me a lovely bouquet of what he thought were pink peonies, but were in fact a type of English Rose that resembles peonies. He wanted peonies as he knows that aside from tulips, peonies are my favourite flowers.



On me:

Blouse – ZARASkirt – ZARAShoes – Mihaela GlavanBag – FurlaBling – SwarovskiWatch – LonginesShades – Gucci


On D:

Shirt – H&MPants – ZARAShoes – Benvenutti; Watch – Ingersoll

We had lunch at Gourmanderie and we totally recommend this place if you’re in the area as the food is beyond great and so is the staff and the overall atmosphere!

I do love the way these pics turned out so I will stop writing and let you all enjoy them. See you with some live photos from Madrid on our Instagram accounts!


P.S.: As per usual, most of the stuff we are wearing is from past seasons, but I did try and find some alternative buys for you.




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