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I’ve been drinking coffee on a daily basis for over 14 years, so one could say that I’m a full-on coffee addict. I can’t go a day without my miracle liquid. True, I never ever drink more than one cup per day and I am very picky when it comes to which type of coffee I drink. I’ve always drank it with milk and more recently with either coconut milk or almond milk, but I never put any sugar in it. When I say that I’m picky, what I mean is that I can smell bad coffee miles away. Apparently, when it comes to coffee, my taste buds tend to be very rigid. I’m also responsible for D‘s daily coffee intake as before he met me, he rarely ever drank any, but now, neither of us can get through the day without our morning sip.

All that being said, you have to understand my skepticism when I was contacted by the team at Skinny Coffee Club for a potential social media collaboration. What I had to do implied testing their product, and IF I liked it I was supposed to post a few pics of me drinking their coffee on my Instagram account. Being the curious type, especially when it comes to new products on the market, I accepted, thinking that if I don’t like the product, we can terminate our agreement at any time. I’d like to underline the fact that I’m not receiving any money from them, nor am I in any way obliged to write about them or promote them in any way. Which brings us to today’s post: THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! Like, really, really great! The only reason I’m reviewing this on our blog is because I want to let people know what products actually work. You won’t find any product here that I don’t like here, simply because some products might work for some people but not me and I don’t really like the negative vibe a bad review gives. This review is based solely on my own personal experience.

Currently I’m finishing my third week on Skinny Coffee Club, but to be honest, I couldn’t wait to write about it from week 2 (that’s when I started seeing the results). Now, let’s be clear on something, during the past three weeks, both my diet and my fitness routine have been off. My diet has been mostly filled with pizza or some other sort of bad food and on top of it all, I haven’t been able to go to the gym either (semi-busted shoulder, plus D got his new tattoo). So this review is based on a streak of bad habits on my part and the product still worked. I did’t gain any weight and my tummy is flatter than ever. I know this coffee is responsible for all this because if by any chance I get three consecutive days of pizza, I’m bloated like a pregnant woman in her second trimester. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!


What it claims to do:

  1. Lose weight in one week without exercise
  2. Improve complexion
  3. Burn fat
  4. Help maintain weight after weight-loss
  5. Increased energy
  6. Amazing taste


Now let’s see the results I’ve had with it over the past three weeks:

  1. I did lose about 1kg, but I did have a hectic schedule (food, workout, sleep – wise)
  2. It did clear my complexion
  3. Since I lost some weight, I supposed it burned some fat
  4. It did maintain my tummy flat just as if I was still hitting the gym on a daily basis
  5. It did give me enough energy to last throughout the day
  6. You have to give it a few days to actually get accustomed to the taste.

Let’s talk about the taste part a bit. First of all, it mainly consists of green coffee, so it’s not as tasty as regular coffee, but after a few days on it, I’ve really started to love the taste, especially when mixed with coconut milk. Since you can’t find any ingredient list on their site, I’ve analysed the product and came out with these ingredients: Organic Green Coffee Beans, Chlorogenic Green Coffee bean extract, Siberian Ginseng, Chorella, Pure Matcha Powder, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Organic Brazilian Coffee. In my opinion, it’s basically coffee on steroids!


I usually use a teabag instead of a French Press, as it’s easier and less messy in the morning. If you do decide to check this coffee out, you’ll find hundreds of testimonials and reviews online, so there’s absolutely no point in me writing down how it helped other people.

All in all, I can’t wait for April to be over, so I can give this wonderful product another try, this time combined with a healthy diet and my usual fitness routine. Next month I’ll probably post another review for this product including before and after pics, measurements and weight, so stay tuned! And start drinking Skinny Coffee Club!


P.S.: If you’d like to order the coffee and give it a try, just use code LAVINIA20 at checkout to get a nice discount on your order!

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