From wrecks to riches!

As you’ve figured it out by now, I’m a massive Chanel Beauty fan. Mainly everything from cleansing products, to moisturisers to make-up. Everything except for fragrance! Every once in a while though, some other beauty company comes up with a product (or more) that jams up my perfectly assembled Chanel beauty bag. That’s what happened on my last trip to Sephora. I betrayed (yet again!) Chanel.


Even though one could say that I am biased in this department, I do try and stay as informed as possible with the latest releases from all the other brands as well. I’m being super vigilant when it comes to the summer make-up ranges especially since last summer I totally missed the Chanel bronzing powder as I was too busy to stay up to date with the new stuff. That’s how I stumbled upon Dior’s new collection, and left Sephora with a bag full of goodies and an almost empty bank account (but that’s a different matter entirely). This year they’ve got four new amazing (really!) bronzing powders, and they are amazing both in the colour department as in the texture department as well, a full new range of milky lip glosses that feel and look incredible on, and some nice new nail polish sets, but since I have my manicure done professionally, I didn’t really pay attention to those. I focused all my attention on the powders and the lip glosses and after about 20 minutes of testing and doing colour swatches, I ended up with an arm fully bronzed and glossed, but also with the final decision of getting the new Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder in 001 – Fresh Tan and two Dior Addict Milky Tints in 126 – Milky Pure (which I’m using in today’s post) and 156 – Milky Pastel, but I have a strong feeling that I will be revisiting Dior for more goodies. In my book, where summer make-up lines are concerned, Dior is the clear winner this year.

Moving along to the first make-up post, which will also be probably my last one since everything I know about applying make-up is right here and to be honest, there’s not a really good chance of me learning new stuff, as it took me about 10 years to learn this much. This is actually my everyday, every occasion go-to make-up. As you’ve probably noticed from the featured image, there are only a few subtle changes and this is more one of those no-make-up make-up routines.

I recently discovered YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau and it’s simply stunning. I’ve not had a better foundation ever in my life, and D can confirm that I’ve had quite a few. It stays put for more than 12 hours, looks amazing in photos, feels like there’s nothing on and doesn’t clog the pores or dry the skin out. It’s perfection in a bottle. The only issues I have with it it’s that YSL only imports a few shades in Romania and I am already using their darkest shade, 60, and summer isn’t even here yet. I will however look for a darker shade for summer in the upcoming Madrid vacation. I normally use my fingers to spread the foundation on my face because for one, I don’t really have a lot of make-up gizmos (shocker!) except for my Beauty Blenders and two, because in my opinion fingertips give a more natural looking effect.

After the whole foundation phase, I use another miracle product which I’ve discovered last year. I’m talking about Chanel’s Soleil Tan Make-up base which is perfect for contouring my cheek-bones. I usually use my small Beauty Blender for this as it’s very precise and you can easily blend everything naturally. This product from Chanel is really amazing and a little goes a long way so you’ll be using this jar forever and ever. I also use Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Blush in no 20. This one is best used with the big Beauty Blender and I just dab it on my cheeks, temples and nose for a bronzy, glowy look. From time to time, when I look really tired and I hear my alarm clock on time, I highlight my brow bone with Benefit’s High Brow pencil, but again this step is way too often skipped. I finish everything with a swipe of Dior’s Extase mascara, also a new addition to my make-up bag that in my opinion is not as good as any Chanel mascara, but it will have to do for the time being. I contour my lips (again, a step for those mornings when I actually have time) with Chanel’s Precision LipDefiner in shade 93 – Beige Innocent, because it’s neutral and goes with any lip colour I choose to use. Today I’ll be using Dior’s new Milky Pure gloss, because as stated earlier, I am so in love with their new range! This feels like nothing but a moisturising water on and it does have some lasting colour considering it’s a lip gloss and the shades are just perfect for summer.



It might seem like there are quite a lot of steps to follow, but really it only takes me about 5-7 minutes to be done in the morning and not look like a hot mess anymore. D seems to be quite happy that there are not a lot of products to carry around whenever we go on vacation , but that’s really due to the fact that my make-up skills are very limited. I do admit, however, that from time to time I do use a liquid eye liner to do a flick on my eyes, but that usually takes me way too much time and way too many tries. Otherwise, it’s just about the basics I’ve just exposed in this post.

Until I learn new and exciting make-up tricks, which will probably be in 5 to 10 years from now, this will most likely be the only make-up post on this blog. I will however review new products I discover.


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