Inky Ink! part 2

Ever since I was a young kid I LOVED TATTOOS. I remember being, I think, 10 years old when I used to ask my sister to paint a skull on my right arm and a Superman sign on my left (yes I was and always will be a Bon Jovi fan). This is actually my third one and I am extremely excited to have it finished. The thing is, I got my first REAL tattoo at the age of 30, pretty old considering the fact that I wanted one ever since I can remember. 


The funny part about tattoos is, if you manage to convince yourself to get one, you want it done yesterday and with decent tattoo artists, that just isn’t possible. For my first one I had to wait almost one year (during which time I changed the design in my head a thousand times) to have it done, for my second one I think I waited three or four months and for my third one (this one) I had my appointment done at the beginning of November last year. What everyone who wants to get a tattoo, especially the first one, needs to understand is that research is very important. Even if you want a small tattoo it is very important to know what you want and find the right person to do it for you. For me, it will be very difficult to find another tattoo shop that matches my expectations. All my tattoos are made at Radical Ink and also L has three done here and the other three done in London.


When I woke up yesterday morning the only thing I was nervous about was the pain I had to endure on my inner arm (it is actually very relaxing not to think that the artist who will do the tattoo will screw things up). The only thing that kept me confident was the fact that I managed to have my whole lower left leg done (I will not do that on my other leg) but everyone around me was quite convinced that I wouldn’t  be able to finish it. Of course, you see the photos of the end result in this post, therefore I survived the pain and lived to tell the story of my third tattoo. However, in May I’m going to add one more detail into it, therefore there will be a part three to the ‘Inky Ink’ story, but overall the whole thing is finished. This last addition is something that I decided upon yesterday when I got to the tattoo studio, so you could argue that I have to endure some more solely because of my brain. But hey, it’s going to stay with me forever so it’s worth every minute of pain!

As I think L told you, we will probably do a post on all our tattoos later this year, but not before L gets her new one in May (I don’t know if I spoiled the surprise). Anyway my personal recommendation is never go cheap and always do your research especially when it comes to your first inking.



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