The mask!

Taking into consideration my stupid skin, of course I need two completely opposite face masks/treatments in order to keep my dryness and my oiliness under control (yayyy! More money spent on beauty products!). As a complimentary (quite the opposite, actually) product to my Glam Glow Moisturising mask, for the last few years I’ve been using CHANEL’s Purifying Cream Mask.


Yet again, a sample made me switch from my clay-powder and water combo which has been effective ever since I was 14. True, it was cheap, while this is actually far away from the term, but what made me do the switch was the texture and the way it left my skin afterwards. While the simple clay had a mattifying effect that lasted a few hours, this one lasts a few days and my pores are way less noticeable. It is a lot less drying and more comfortable as it doesn’t feel like a cast that cracks with every facial expression. However, although it feels less aggressive, this little mask does wonders for my adult pimples which I get from time to time and absorbs all excess oil. The biggest downside with this product, as with any CHANEL product is the price. However, it has a lot of lasting power as you only need to use a little bit. The tube I hold in the photos has been almost weekly used for the past year and a half and I’m nowhere near finishing it, or even reaching its half. So it will go a long way. Because of the price and the fact that it will stay on your bathroom shelf for a long period of time, you should start by requesting a sample just to be sure your skin is comfy with the treatment. 


D always makes fun of me whenever he sees me with any type of visible mask on, but this one is way better than my previous muddy-green mix. But most importantly, he actually notices the result this one leaves behind, and if a man sees a difference in complexion after a treatment, that in my book that treatment is a winner. Don’t think that D is the type that never notices anything, as he’s quite the opposite, especially when it comes to changes I make, but still seeing complexion improvements, that’s something, CHANEL nailed it with this one. In his defence, I will admit that I’m not exactly a looker while wearing it, but it does help me be a looker after 10 minutes, though I think these photos will stay online for quite a while, helping me always remember that in order to look a certain way, one must risk public humiliation to tell others little black-capped double ‘c’ secrets.

Let’s talk a bit about my experience with the texture of this great product. It’s quite creamy on application and when it dries (10-15 mins later) it doesn’t have that cast feeling most clay masks have. It’s very easy to rinse off which makes the entire process a lot more pleasant as I dreaded the moment I had to rinse off any other similar product I’ve tried. Since it’s not as drying, I can use it on my currently-dry skin and it’s great for pimples and for making my pores less visible.

I use it once a week during the spring-summer season and once every two weeks during the colder months as I don’t want to push my luck moisture-wise. Basically I do masks twice a week nowadays, the Glam Glow Moisturising Treatment and this little CHANEL wonder and this combo helps keep my skin balanced. 


In my opinion, it’s worth every penny and you won’t run out of it very soon plus, because being a tube package, you’ll be able to squeeze out every last drop of product without actually putting germs into it and therefore altering the product. 

I’m not going to insist on what CHANEL says it does, as you can find all that info here, and all I wanted to do is share my personal experience with it.



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