We jumped the fence…

Ever since we started this blog, suddenly we’re all fashionable and matchy-matchy! Kidding, my sarcasm sometimes gets too out of hand…most of the time we used to play match-up with our clothes in the past, but that wasn’t necessarily intentional. This time we put together our outfits starting with our wedding sneakers. Yes, as a side note, we wore sneakers after midnight on our wedding day, in spite of my mother’s protest, and trust me, there were some serious protests! She just couldn’t get her head around going from Louboutin sandals to Converse. But since we always enjoyed annoying people with our sense of style and since we always loved Converse shoes, we went ahead and did it. Our wedding theme was lemon-lime (yeah, shocker!) therefore we ended up with custom made Chucks in green and yellow. Getting them was a pain in the a** as Converse doesn’t ship their custom made shoes to Romania. As per usual, things have a certain way of sorting themselves out, and so it happens that during that specific year a close friend (also one of the bridesmaids) was getting her masters degree in New York and POWFF!!! I got the desired shoes with the date engraved on the back and everything… That was one lucky coincidence or maybe it was meant to be!

Back to the photos and off of nostalgia road… The pics were taken on our way back from the seaside last Saturday obviously on the highway. Because we just couldn’t miss the amazing dawn light. The funny thing was that at some point D told me to jump the fence into the wheat crops and I kept telling him that I’m way too short to be able to jump over that. In the end, I succumbed to his demands and before we knew it, we were trespassing, but in D‘s defence, he was right about the crisp green crops against the dawn sun. It would’ve been a pity to not capture that.


On me:

Blouse – ZARA

Pants – ZARA

Shoes – Converse

Blazer – H&M

Bag – Michael Kors

Bling – Swarovski

Green has always been my favourite colour as whenever I see green my mind instantly drifts off to the power of life (that was Captain Planet-ish of me! – 30 yo will understand the pun). I guess D‘s greatest weapon when conquering my heart were his intense green eyes. As you’ve probably noticed by now, this is not necessarily a fashion post (more like a monologue), as we’re by no means fashionable, rather comfy dressed. But since the photos turned out really nice and WordPress asks for some sort of category, here it is, among the other fashion posts. In all honesty, this blog starts to be more and more like a diary. 

The only piece of clothing new that I’m wearing in these pics and that you can actually find in stores are the pants, which, obviously are from ZARA. As for the rest of the outfit, since you’ve noticed that I’m the colour combo type, I have to say that I love the white-green pair as in my mind it’s crisp and fresh. D, on the other hand, wears a couple (literally) of pieces on that you can currently buy. The amazing G-Star RAW pants and the t-shirt from Paul Smith. Note how his top is white with green stripes – told you we match!


On D:

T-shirt – Paul Smith

Pants – G-Star RAW

Shoes – Converse

Watch – Casio Edifice Infinity Red Bull limited edition

Even though you might be under the impression that we intentionally try and match the setting of our shoots with our clothes, let me just remind you that we both work full time and we wouldn’t have time for that even if we wanted to. The way this goes is we get dressed for whatever activity we have planned, we like what the other one is wearing and conclude that we match so I decide that we should capture that moment and the perfect background just literally appears in our path. Just so you know, I’m not praying for this combo to be a winner for the summer as well as I’m still stuck on the yellow-blue one!

The thing I like most about these pants is the fact that they’re tailored neutrally enough to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. For example, when we finally got home, I only had about 5 mins to get ready to go out to dinner with friends and I needed to do was change the beloved Converse shoes with my Fifi nude Louboutin pumps and I was fancy enough for any restaurant. Basically all is needed is a creative combination of accessories and maybe switching the blouse for a graphic t-shirt for a complete makeover. Also loving the colour of these pants, as to me, it’s the perfectly balanced combination between yellow and green. Kudos to ZARA for designing these very affordable good-for-any-occasion pants. Of course i got them in beige as well and I’m thinking on getting them in another darker colour. But there’s no surprise there as I bet you’re starting to get used to my shopping habits!


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