Easy like Sunday morning…

D’s version of events:

I woke up on Sunday morning with the urge to try some extreme activities and because L was still sleeping I decided to cook her breakfast. To be completely honest, I was thinking about doing this ever since I found a nice pic on the internet with a forest fruit omelette a few days back.  So I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, drank my usual 500 ml of room temperature still water, put on some Sunday morning clothes (aka some sweatpants and a t-shirt) and went to our local store to buy some ingredients. Usually, because we want to avoid buying unnecessary stuff we always prepare a grocery list, however this time I didn’t, so when I got to the register I realised I bought ingredients for lunch and dinner for a couple of days plus a very nice bottle of wine which we will review later on our blog. After I payed for everything I went home, put on my CHEF attitude and started cooking. Of course, right when I was pouring milk over the mixed eggs, L walked into the kitchen only to find that I was not photographing the exact thing I was doing (‘What if we manage to cook something blog worthy?’ she said with an accusatory tone), and right she was because we ended up with quite an interesting breakfast. So I got busted trying to surprise her with breakfast but she was definitely surprised when she saw what I was doing and of course when she saw what I had planned for lunch, which will be covered on the blog in the days to come.


My version (the true version) of events:

I woke un Sunday morning to all sorts of suspicious sounds coming from the kitchen. Half asleep I made my way towards the source of my awakening and found D cooking and (as I later found out) taking pictures of mostly everything he did, because he knows that we need photos as proof just in case whatever comes out of our kitchen is blog-worthy good.


I love Sundays, because when we’re at home, there’s nothing more comforting than spending the day together and doing all sorts of plain activities like cooking or going out to have lunch, that just recharges us for the week to come. This time, after he teased me all week long with food pics (I’m on a healthy strict diet during the week), he decided to cook me something that would surprise me. At first I thought that he only used whatever ingredients we already had in the house but later I found out that a) he walked the dog and b) went to the supermarket and bought stuff to feed 10 people for a whole week. I guess that’s what happens when you go shopping for food on an empty stomach and without a very clear grocery list. Let’s get back to the plate of deliciousness…

What you’ll need in order to make two servings of this heaven-tasting pancake/omelette:

  • 3 eggs
  • 250 ml of whole milk (whole milk makes the eggs creamier)
  • 125 gr fresh raspberries 
  • 125 gr fresh blueberries (we try and steer clear of refrigerated fruits)
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon (D knows that I would put cinnamon in everything, sometimes I even put it in my coffee)
  • 10 gr of butter (divide it into half as you’ll need that for each pancake/omelette -panlette, let’s call it- for frying)

All those ingredients we normally have in our fridge, hence the confusion thinking that this was yet again a leftover breakfast. Honestly though, I think that you can use any type of fruit in the panlette, I’m even thinking of trying a combo with dark chocolate and bananas. Yes, this recipe contains absolutely no sugar nor flour and if you want to actually make it healthier you should use only the egg whites and toss the yolks aside.

The road from ingredients to a beautiful plate of panlette:

  1. After you wash and arrange all the ingredients for that winner photo, you batter the eggs as good as you can until they become almost creamy.
  2. Pour all the milk and batter some more.
  3. Walk into the kitchen and startle the cook (D in thins case).
  4. Add all the cinnamon to the mixture and when you realise that it doesn’t incorporate well, use the hand-blender to force all the cinnamon into the mix.
  5. From this point on, you have to do everything you’d normally do for a pancake.
  6. Put half of the butter into the pan, and then, using a ladle pour half of the composition, just like you would with any pancake mixture.
  7. This is where it gets tricky (or at least for unexperienced cooks like us), you have to turn the thing over on the other side. D was a genius in this department as he used the cover of the pan, turned it over and the skilfully slid the panlette back into the pan. 
  8. You add half of the blueberries and half of the raspberries and keep the other half for the second panlette.
  9. Basically that’s about it. You’ll also need to make a strawberry sauce but that’s easy, you just use the hand blender to turn them into a smoothie, but keep two strawberries to decorate the plate.




There you have it, a satisfying (very!) breakfast, that will keep you full until lunch. All the nutritional information is from my amazing UP app and it’s for two servings (you’ll have to divide it by two to find out the info for one serving).


In my opinion, this was the perfect Sunday breakfast and to be honest the best tasting ever, but I’m biased cos I love the cook. D, on the other hand, being the perfectionist that he can sometimes be, thinks that the panlette could use some improvement, but trust me, try it out like this at first!

As a side note, the whole house was left smelling like somebody had made forest fruit jam. I just love that smell so much… It reminds me of the time when I was a little girl and used to spend my summers at the countryside and my grandmother cooked all sorts of fruit-based goodies.



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