Come here, Weekend!

Since it’s Friday I feel it’s appropriate to talk about wine. This Davino wine is the one that took me from the dark-ages of drinking sweet wine to making me not able to ever drink bad wine again. D always drinks good wine, so those were exclusively my dark ages and he had nothing to do with it. On the contrary, he always tried to make me drink good wine, but I just wouldn’t have it (I can be very stubborn sometimes). All that until, one night, he took me to a very nice restaurant (I think we were celebrating something, but we never keep track) and of course they didn’t have the shitty wine I used to drink, so D recommend this one. That’s the exact moment when my relationship with wine changed forever. As you already know by now, I always prefer white wine although lately, I kinda surrendered to red a bit. This wine has the most perfect crystal clear white colour with a tint of green, and the smell, oh the smell…it’s fruity, intense and a floral note lingers in the end. The taste didn’t disappoint me either, on the contrary actually. That night was the first time a called a wine ‘crisp’ and made a crazy hand gesture (D told you about that in this post). Now, don’t get this the wrong way, I rarely ever use my hands to get my point across, but this wine is really special. 

Davino is located in the best wine region from Romania (in my humble and a bit more educated opinion), near Cluj. According to the wine experts, this wine is made from three different grape types, which gives it this complex aroma. It really blooms when you taste it. I personally prefer the one from 2013, but that one is almost impossible to find these days and judging by the taste, 2014 was a very good year as well. It’s recommended that you drink this wine alongside appetisers or fish, but I personally prefer to have it with cheese. That being my favourite food, you can ignore me as I’ll have cheese with anything. 


Overall, this is yet another great wine, that managed to get me out of the dark ages. As a side note, we are very picky with our wine, even though we are not experts, and the wines that you read about here are our favourite wines. Sure there are some wines that don’t match out taste, but this is not the place to write about them because we want to keep a positive note on drinking.


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