I got the blues…

…no I don’t! I’m actually really happy that winter is finally over! Anyway, I did it! I rocked pale blue…at the office, no less! And even my mani matches my outfit today! I’m feeling quite proud of myself! So much so, that now, after wearing both colours of the year, I can finally say that I’ve done my fashion part for the year, right?

I did go a little bit overboard with the blue, but it felt nice to not wear any neutral color as I’ve worn neutral all winter long (black mostly). It amazes me that I have sooooo many different clothes as I never seem to actually go shopping for them (damn you, online shopping! You’ve taken the workout part out of shopping). All the stuff I’m wearing is from a few seasons ago, but who’s keeping track?

The pants are ZARA from last year’s spring collection, but they have something very (VERY!) similar this year as well. The blouse is from MANGO and yes, it’s identical to the pale pink one I’ve worn here. I do tend to buy stuff in multiple colours if I like it, and as it turns out, I do like this blouse mainly because it doesn’t need ironing. Any blouse that needs ironing goest to the trash bin as I hate that activity. The jacket is also from MANGO and I think I’ve had it for over 8 years (their premium collection), from before I met D-like I said, I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes. I have no idea where the scarf is from as I usually cut the tags off scarfs, but I do know that I’ve had it since I was 16 or 17, so it’s basically vintage if you look at my ID card.

The shoes are Sophia Webster, the Portia in turquoise. I love Sophia Webster shoes (I think I have a dozen) because they are very comfortable. Aside from having stupid skin, I also have stupid feet. While they look nice (my feet), every type of shoes (aside from workout shoes) hurts them-yes, even flip-flops! That’s mainly the reason I love Sophia Webster (and Christian Louboutin) shoes! I feel absolutely no discomfort while wearing these and they have an eleven (11!) cm heel. I can spend up to 14 hours in these ones and that’s the reason I also got them in pink (told you, multiple colours for various loved items).

The bag is FURLA and yes, apparently I have a thing for FURLA bags. Of course I have a similar jelly one in pink! The thing that caught my attention about this model is that you can fit a weekend-worth of stuff and on a busy day at work, that’s the amount of stuff I carry around. The downside about it is that it doesn’t have a shoulder strap but it does work the biceps really good (girls know exactly what I’m talking about). So it’s a win-win, I’m both trendy and staying fit while wearing this bag.

As you’ve noticed, I love cocktail rings, any time of the day. The ring featured in the photographs is from Swarovski and I got it two years ago. And no, I don’t have it in any other colour.


The shades are Ray-Ban, the classic Wayfarers, and I got them from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam (gotta love duty free shopping) about 5 years ago. At first I thought it would be really complicated to wear them because of the pattern, but I always end up wearing them all spring and summer long. They just scream vacation and poolside cocktails!

The reason I had my hair in a low bun is because of the high shoulders of the jacket. I feel like R2D2 wearing this jacket with loose waves.

This concludes the fashion post for the second colour of the year. Again, I have no idea why 2016 is so special that it deserves two colours of the year, but I’m guessing that fashionistas out there know that answer. I just need to spend more time training to be one!

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