A little red…

I wanted to write about this wine, though this is D‘s category, because I’m always the one drinking white or rose wine, while he prefers red so his review would’ve been biased. As I said, I usually prefer the white wines, until I’ve tasted this one. I guess you could say that Syrah by Nachbill was the eye-opener for me when it comes to red wines. Nachbill winery is situated in Beltiug, Satu-Mare and it’s the most northern winery in Romania. 

The first time I drank this wine was last summer when one evening I realized that we didn’t have any more white or rose in the house. At first look, it has a rich ruby-red colour that is not too pronounced for the variety, as D told me. I was very impressed by the rich and velvety taste, especially since all my other experiences with red wine were rather unpleasant (I always find them to be too edgy for me). 

Ever since my encounter with this wine, i’ve pledged (to D) to always give a chance to whatever type of red he recommends. In my totally non-professional opinion, this is a spicy wine that leaves behind a fruity aftertaste which I love. I like it especially because the spicy taste seems crispy to me, but turns velvety fast and doesn’t feel as overwhelming as other reds I’ve tried.

Just like any other good red wine, you should consume it at 15 degrees Celsius (yes, we have a special wine refrigerator) after you’ve let it breathe a little. Truly this is a great wine to consume with any type of steak, though I don’t want to focus on that as I do not master the art of combining food with wine and usually go for whatever the wine expert recommends.

If you’re usually not a red wine drinker, but you’d like to expand your wine horizons, than you should really give this one a try as it completely changed the way I used to view reds.

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