I’ve got a spring in my step!

Still on the Quartz Rose side, this post is more towards the ‘go-out-to-dinner-with-D’ style, than the last one. Hopefully, spring is here to stay and I will get to wear outfits like this one more often. I really missed stilettos! Like really, really, really missed them! I know, I can wear stilettos despite the cold weather, and there are some women out there (my mother included) that can endure extreme temps just to look a certain way. I’m definitely not one of those women! I hate being cold (true, it has to be really cold for me to be cold), therefore throughout the entire year, I’ve only worn my stilettos once I got in the office, or at home (yes, I am the type of person that wears stilettos in the house-my Instagram has proof of that- very often actually).


The outfit featured in this post is virtually one of my favorite combos for going out: jeans+stilettos. I usually try and choose the jeans according to the shoes i’ll be wearing. For these spiked Versace shoes, I chose the distressed jeans from Replay (again Replay because I’ve developed an obsession lately with their and Diesel’s jeans), but I would never pair these jeans with any patent leather stilettos. I feel this combo works because of the spikes. This pairing is not necessarily intentional, as it’s more based on the feeling I get when I look into the mirror before going out the door. Like I said, no fashion-junkie over here!

In my humble opinion, a silk blouse, jeans and a great pair of stilettos is the winning combo for a non-formal dinner with friends. Top it with a nice neutral coat (Zara pictured here) and you’re good to go. 

I actually started to like this shade of pale pink lately, as it’s kinda like a neutral shade for spring, you can combine it with almost any color. I think I’m going to start paying more attention to the other color of the year (pale blue) and see if I can incorporate it into an outfit in the near future (though I feel as that is a color more suited for summer).


Overall, the problem I always used to have with wearing pink is the fact that I often felt bimbo-ish because of my blonde tresses. Wearing this shade of pink changed that and I started to actually like the way it goes against my hair and eyes, so I’ll try to wear it more often.

Back to the outfit, I rarely ever match my bag to my shoes, as that would make my mother proud, and to be honest, her not being able to critique something about my outfit would make our daily interaction very boring, but I do try to keep things in the same color palette, hence the lilac mini bag I chose for the pale pink shoes.


Also, I’m usually not an accessory type of person, but I do love cocktail rings and almost always have one on. The bow accessory on my jacket is hand-made and you can have yours custom-made here. These bows look sweet and can make any neutral jacket work with whatever it is you are wearing underneath.

There you have it! My first spring-ish look, colors on trend and all that!



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One thought on “I’ve got a spring in my step!

  1. […] well. The blouse is from MANGO and yes, it’s identical to the pale pink one I’ve worn here. I do tend to buy stuff in multiple colours if I like it, and as it turns out, I do like this […]


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