Shake, shake, shake your body right!

Yet another recipe coming your way! This doesn’t count as cooking, right? Because if it does, than I’ve reached the maximum amount of cooking for this year so far. This blog turns out to be more and more about food apparently, but this post is in a way related to yesterday’s post on fitness fashion.

Back to shake, shake, shake (tapping my foot on the ground to the imaginary music right now)! I just wanted to make you aware of the reason I’m always putting protein powder in most of my food, it’s because I can’t process animal protein the right, normal way (I’ve discovered this about a year and a half ago), so I have to get my protein from somewhere.

This protein shake is a lighter version, for those days when I don’t do a cross-train workout and a cycling class back-to-back (I’ll post that more nutritious shake later on), but for those days when I’m either cross-training or weight training. I usually have my shake two hours before going to the gym as I hate that full stomach feeling during my workout (I honestly don’t know who does).

What I used for this one:

  • two scoops of vanilla Slender Blend from Protein World (I found vanilla to be a better combo for fruit-shakes)
  • 1 tsp acai berry powder (I know, it feels like I’m putting acai powder into everything, but honestly it’s only in my breakfast bowl and this afternoon shake)
  • 200 ml almond milk (it gives the shake a better taste than cow’s milk)
  • 65 gr fresh blackberries (just to get my blue food for the day and because it gives the shake a fresh taste)
  • A super cool shaker (I’ve got this one from Protein World, but you can find lots of colors and prints in any supplement shop)

After I’ve added everything in my shaker, I just blend everything and enjoy this energy-packed goodness!

This shake is only about 250 kcal with 12 g of fiber, 19 g of protein (I’m usually taking just half a serving) and 4 g of unsaturated fat (the good type of fat), while giving you lots of energy, vitamins and antioxidants.Whenever I’m on the run I also use this shake as a meal replacement. 


I’ve noticed recently that D‘s eating habits are quite different from mine, especially during the week, and maybe, later, we’ll do a post on everything each of us eats in one day. Till then, give this shake a try!


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