The three musketeers!

First thing’s first, as I’ve stated in my previous post (here), I’m not a fashion junkie, but BOOOY am I the biggest beauty product junkie ever?! I must have tried, throughout the years, almost every cream/serum/lotion I could get my hands on and deemed age and skin-appropriate for me on the market. Do not, under any circumstances, get me wrong, whenever I say beauty product I DO NOT mean make-up products, as I am still in the ‘baby-steps’ phase where that is concerned (foundation, bronzer and mascara is all I use). But, like I said, when it comes to skincare I’ve tried almost everything out there. That being said, it’s unnatural for me to stick to a beauty routine for more than three months (that’s as long as I’ll spend on a product until I decide if it’s working or not), but when it comes to these three serums fro CHANEL, I’ve been using them for almost three years now (two and a half to be more precise). Here’s my review after extensive and religious use…


What CHANEL claims they do?

Virtually miracles if you listen to them here, which for any beauty-junkie like myself, seems utopic to say the least.

What these three musketeers actually do?

Everything that CHANEL claims, and more…

To start with, I’d like to admit that my skin is literally stupid. And by stupid I mean the type of skin that is either on the oily side (with zits and a very shiny finish) or on the extremely dry side (with flakes, but not missing any zit opportunities), an NO, I do not have combination skin. When I started using this trio, I was going through a phase of idiotic adult acne, and I do not mean the kind where your face is filled with red pustules that you can extract, no, I mean the kind with some under-the-skin-annoying-AF zits that just won’t come out. True, they were hard to spot with the right foundation and they were located solely on my chin and apparently, as my dermatologist told me back then, it’s not unnatural for someone my age that is under a lot of stress (I was finishing my masters degree back) to develop this type of acne. But natural as it was, I still hated it. I mean, come on, being 27, getting that first wrinkle and also getting this idiotic type of acne is totally unacceptable. After reading hundreds (literally) of reviews on these serums I decided to splurge on them (they are under no circumstances on the ‘happy-bank-account’ side, just like any other CHANEL product) even though I didn’t want to get my hopes up based on the internet’s to-good-to-be-true reviews. 

After a few weeks, was I glad my bank account was crying!!! My skin almost completely cleared, and right now, my face resembles a baby’s ass, and not only because of my fatty cheeks! I am so hooked on them to the point that I always have a spare set in the house just in case CHANEL decides to discontinue them, which would be stupid of them if they don’t develop a better product (a very hard task).

I am currently topping Le Jour and La Nuit with Le Lift cream for normal skin types, but the pre-30s version of myself used to top them with the less expensive Hydra Beauty. Since Le Jour and La Nuit are serums you really need some sort of age/skin-type appropriate moisturizer on top of them.

Le Weekend is the only one you should use by itself, no make-up as well, and I’m currently using it one day per week because this winter my skin has been a bigger bitch than usual and turned extremely dry, and this third miracle works as a gentle peeling.

I’m not going to write about any scientific facts here, as you can find them on CHANEL‘s official site.

Thanks to this magic trio, I’m not a skincare-junkie anymore, but rather a CHANEL beauty-junkie. As detailed in the pics, everything that touches my face is CHANEL, because, to be honest, I’ve spent too much time looking for something as good as this miracle they created, and I’m not going to switch products anymore.

If you don’t want to spend the entire amount of cash on this trio yet, you can always buy the travel-sized version which is a fraction of the price.

There you go! My first beauty review-CHECK!



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