Wine is always a good idea!


To start this category I wanted to introduce a wine that is not the best wine we have ever tasted but it’s one of the most meaningful and close to our hearts. I hope you will like it as much as we do.

It’s produced by Villa Vinea in the valley of Tarnave-Mures, area situated in Transylvania, Romania. This white wine is on the fruity side with a slight vanilla accent, making it a very balanced and full wine. It’s a very CRISP wine as L likes to call every good wine (she also waves her hand in a crazy way whenever she uses that word). The guys from the winery recommend that you drink this wine with various soups, pasta, fish or other types of white meat, but we like to enjoy it like any good wine as a post workout ‘shake’ on our terrace watching the sun go down. And, yes, we are currently denying any allegations saying that we are alcoholics as we are trying to keep it to one bottle per night (hey, it’s not our fault that, even after all these years spent together, we can talk for hours over a good glass of wine).

I hope you’ll enjoy this wine, and if not, I’ll have another one for you next week!



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2 thoughts on “Wine is always a good idea!

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